Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 56


Qin Xiaotian only knew a little bit about the situation. So, he decided to go outside the city to find out.

Although his cultivation base only has the Foundation Establishment Stage, his true battle strength is not inferior to the Golden Core powerhouse.

In addition, he also has the life-saving Divine Ability such as Earth Escape Technique. If the situation ever goes wrong, he will immediately escape.

There are two Golden Core cultivators stationed at the city gate of Desolate Sky City all year round.

For more than ten consecutive days, fewer and fewer cultivators have been hunting Demon Beast out of town, and cultivators who could come back became less and less.

There were even a lot of Golden Core experts that never returned, which is really worrying.

They started to speculate.

“Lao Pang, what’s going on lately? How come the outside of the city suddenly became so dangerous?!”

“I don’t know. In my opinion, this is probably because the Demon Beasts have evolved!”


“Old Chen, think about it, cultivators from the Nine States Continent have gathered in the Demon Beast Sea all year round. While hunting the Demon Beasts to earn cultivation resources, it’s also equivalent to stopping the growing number of Demon Beasts. Although we, human cultivators, have fallen a lot because of this, we’ve also cleaned up Demon Beasts and preventing the large-scale Demon Beast Tide! This has been the case for thousands of years. It’s precisely because of this, every 50 years, we’ve kept the Demon Beast Tide from sweeping the Nine States Continent again. At that time, Desolate Sky Great Emperor ordered people to build Ten Great Ancient Cities, and the meaning is also true. Use war to train, use the inner core to cultivate. But now that the Demon Beasts have become extremely difficult to hunt, and the risk factor has suddenly doubled, in the long run, not only millions of cultivators in the Ten Great Ancient Cities will panic, but they will leave the front battlefield. After all, the bustling world is better than death. A Demon Beast Sea without benefits is not enough to attract so many cultivators to stay here all year round. If things go on like this, cultivators will just self-destruct. The Demon Beasts will gather together, break Ten Great Ancient Cities, once again wreak havoc on the Nine States Continent, and slaughter the hundreds of millions of people. Will there be a second Desolate Sky Great Emperor come into being covering the sky?”

“Lao Pang, your analysis is not unreasonable. If you think about it carefully, it feels kind of creepy. If Demon Beasts start using crafty plots and machinations, what should we do?”

“Who knows. This is something that Nascent Soul powerhouse and Dividing Spirit supreme expert should worry about. If we rely on a Golden Core cultivator, even if he seemed to be a master, in such battle, at best, he’ll just be a soy sauce. Besides, if these Demon Beasts start using overt plot, you can guess what they’re going to do. There’ll be nothing we can do! We can’t gather millions of cultivators to take the initiative to attack the endless Demon Beast Sea; this is something that even the Desolate Sky Great Emperor couldn’t do back then!”

“I heard that the Demon Beast Sea is a vast and massive island. Inside, there are countless heavenly materials and earthly treasures, and the island’s spiritual power is abundant, but it is occupied by the Demon Beasts. It is rumored that three hundred years ago, there was a powerful Nascent Soul who went deep and returned seriously injured, but he picked up a Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus. With this lotus, his cultivation base from Nascent Soul Stage Great Perfection broke through the Dividing Spirit Early Stage in one fell swoop. I don’t know whether this is true, though!”

“I’ve heard it before. The Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus… It is rumored that this lotus was born from the Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring. It took a thousand years to germinate, a thousand years to bloom, a thousand years to produce a lotus seed. A single seed can make a generation of cultivators improve their cultivation base for a hundred years ahead. Suppose twelve lotus seeds and the whole Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus are served together. In that case, they will create the strongest primordial soul, and one’s cultivation base can skyrocket for a thousand years!

“These Peerless Spirit Treasures have only been heard in legend. Even if there’s such a Spirit Treasure in the Demon Beast Sea, it’s not something we can get. For thousands of years, we’ve all been dreaming of going deep into the Demon Beast Sea. There were a lot of Soul cultivators, but I haven’t seen a few who have come back…”

Just when the two Golden Core cultivators stopped talking, their eyes caught a child with a lovely appearance, fair skin, and jade-like appearance.

With his hands on his back, he came over with a big swing. He did not follow any adults either. Judging from where he’s heading, he seems to be planning to leave the city!

The two Golden Core cultivators looked at each other. A little confused. Where did the child pop up from?

There has never been a child in this Desolate Sky City. However, looking at his face and demeanor, it seems that he was born very unusual!

Could it be that this child was brought over here by an almighty powerhouse? He’s lost because he ran away?

If you are just lost in this Desolate Sky City, you will probably be just fine. Even if most of the cultivators here are not good men, they won’t mess with a child.

But if a little kid leaves the city, maybe he will be eaten by the Demon Beast!

Out of kindness, the two Golden Core cultivators stopped Qin Xiaotian!

“Kid, are you lost? Uncle will take you to find your family, okay?”

Qin Xiaotian’s face was suddenly black! “Shoo, shoo! Don’t stop this Eminence from leveling!”

As soon as these words came out, the two Golden Core cultivators laughed immediately. “Hahahaha! This little kid is too funny! Also, ‘Eminence’? Did you imitate how grown-ups speak?”

“Let these uncles tell you; children can’t call themselves ‘this Eminence.’ It is usually to claim oneself as a powerful almighty person with a certain status. You are still young, it’s okay to call yourself ‘baby’ or just ‘me’!”

Qin Xiaotian was speechless.

These two are Golden Core cultivators; how come they have such bad eyesight? Can’t they see the strong pressure on him?

Qin Xiaotian was too lazy to explain.

His gaze fixed. And then, above that small body, a terrifying murderous aura suddenly exploded.

At this time, his soul power pressure with the strength of Dividing Spirit came out overwhelmingly. The two Golden Core experts seemed to have fallen into the mountain of corpses and sea of blood. Cold all over their body. Under the pressure of that terrifying soul, they felt the suffocating pressure.

At this moment, Qin Xiaotian’s small silhouette seemed to become extremely tall. An unequaled domineering of the superiors permeated him. Like a Hell’s Killing God, it makes people fear.

The two Golden Cultivators were immediately stunned! The shock in their heart has gone beyond that! As a powerful Colden Core, they were actually stunned by the aura of a kid!

They broke out in a cold sweat.

“This… is he really just a child…?”

“I don’t know! It’s too terrifying. His soul power pressure gives me the illusion of facing the Dividing Spirit Stage. What’s even more incredible is that this kid’s murderous weight is like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. How many people must be killed to have this murderous aura?”

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