Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 59


Wild Thunder Leopard is a 3rd Rank High Level Demon Beast.

Its skin can not only defend against sword attacks but also has very good immunity to magic spell attacks. It is the best material for making third-class defense artifacts. A complete Wild Thunder Leopard’s skin is priced at around 200,000 low grade spirit stones.

For Foundation Establishment cultivator, this is definitely a massive sum of money. Even for the Golden Core powerhouse, it is still a lot of money.

Qin Xiaotian will not waste it!

At this moment, Chu Yun’s face showed a hint of anxiety. “Little brother, if you want to loot the inner core, do it quickly! Recently, the Demon Beast Sea is working strangely. If one Demon Beast dies, its smell will attract a large number of Demon Beasts in a short time. More High-level Demon Beasts can appear! It’s better to leave this place right now!”

“Is that true? The Demon Beasts have taken the initiative to come to my door. Then this Young Master is looking for it!” Qin Xiaotian grinned, showing little white teeth.

A naive innocence.

He then began to dissect the corpse.

Seeing this, Chu Yun didn’t know how to persuade him anymore.

Although this brat was a bit arrogant and conceited, no matter what, he saved her life just now. If she left Qin Xiaotian silently, maybe she can run away. But it doesn’t seem right!

“Forget it! Let me help you, it’ll be faster!”

After Chu Yun said that, she raised her long sword and swept it across the sky. Immediately, dozens of sword qis smashed the corpse.

Thunder Leopard’s corpse was cramped and skinned by her at an incredible speed.

Qin Xiaotian was stunned.

The woman in white looked soft and weak. Unexpectedly, when she peeled its skin, she looked like a skilled butcher. This skinning speed is at least at the level of being a butcher for fifty years!

Qin Xiaotian appreciates this craft!

Demon Beast was born with a strong fleshhy body. Especially, all High Level Demon Beasts are treasures.

Qin Xiaotian himself is not very proficient in collecting materials from Demon Beast. If there is a professional, it will save him a lot of trouble.

“Big Sister, if you follow me and deal with the corpse of the Demon Beast for me in the future, I promise I’ll make you very popular and godly hot*!” Qin Xiaotian proposed.

*TL note: 我保证能让你吃香的喝辣的 Wǒ bǎozhèng néng ràng nǐ chīxiāng de hē là de. This is the best I can translate.

“You… Don’t kid me!”

“If you don’t like it, we can split it two to eight. You take 20%, and I take 80%. I’ll be the one doing the killing, and you’ll be responsible for skinning!”

As soon as he said that, Chu Yun fell silent.

Although the person in front of her looks like a child, his strength is beyond doubt. Even 3rd Rank High Level Demon Beasts like Wild Thunder Leopard died fighting him.

If I follow this little kid, maybe I can really make a lot of money!

“If you keep being silent, I’ll take that as a yes. Okay, you’ll be an employee under the name Qin Xiaotian from now on. If someone bullies you in the future, just say that you’re the person under the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s Elder Qin. I believe it won’t be long until my name, Qin Xiaotian, shocks the entire Demon Beast Sea!”

Chu Yun was speechless.

She had never seen a child with such thick skin. How high of a level of narcissism to be able to say such things without blushing and stuttering? But the strong self-confidence in him makes people feel inexplicably convinced.

Chu Yun dare not really regard Qin Xiaotian as a young and ignorant kid. And he also mentioned Immortal Spirit Dao Academy just now. Is the little kid’s status from the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is not low? She is only an average cultivator. If Immortal Spirit Dao Academy can shelter her, it won’t do her any harm.

And at this moment, something abnormal occurred suddenly.

Several powerful and bloodthirsty auras rushed towards the direction where Qin Xiaotian and Chu Yun were.

The ground began to tremble. The air was filled with powerful bloodthirsty killing intent.

On the horizon, a huge bird-shaped Demon Beast with a wingspan of 20 meters crossed the sky. Within that huge body, there was an extremely powerful pressure.

At this moment, it seems the time stopped.

Chu Yun felt from hell to heaven before and from heaven to hell now.

After finally surviving from the Wild Thunder Leopard, and now there are several more ruthless Demon Beasts.

“Is this really it?”

At this time, Qin Xiaotian expanded his Divine Scan.

One monster after another appeared in his mind.

Netherworld Bird: Peak 3rd Rank Demon Beast. It can spit Fire of Netherworld. This fire is extremely overbearing, it burns soul, and any cultivator below or on Golden Core stage is touched, they can die or injured.

Earth Devil Tiger: Peak 3rd Rank Demon Beast. It has an inborn Gravity Control Divine Ability. Once its Gravity Domain is cast, it will made the Demon Beast overbearing and invincible at its domain.

Human Faced Ghost Spider: 3rd Rank High Level Demon Beast. It has the face of a human, but its body is a giant spider. Its spider silk is tenacious, invisible, and colorless. It has terrifying toxicity. It can kill Nascent Soul cultivator by poison and is extremely good at sneak attacks.

Blood Slaughter Ice Python: 3rd Rank High Level Demon Beast. Possesses a trace of Flood Dragon bloodline and can evolve into a dragon after a thousand years of cultivation.

One after another 3rd Rank Demon Beast. All are extremely powerful. Usually, a single encounter will numb a Golden Core cultivator’s scalp.

At this moment, they all besieged towards Qin Xiaotian.

It seems that Above the Heaven and Below the Earth surrounded him!

Facing such a terrifying monster, even if the cultivator is a Golden Core 9th Layer, most likely his/her legs will be weak.

But Qin Xiaotian still looked calm and composed.

As if the sky had fallen, he was also unmovable like a mountain. His body is straight, like a long spear, with unparalleled confidence and sharpness.

“I knew it would be like this… It was exactly the same situation as last time. Our hunting squad composed of 20 cultivators only hunted down a few 2nd Rank Demon Beasts, which attracted the Leopard. That’s why we were wiped out. I was the only one who survived, and now… it’s like this…” Chu Yun’s tone sounded a horrified feeling. It’s like remembering some embarrassing past!

But it’s different this time. The atmosphere was depressing and suffocating. Even the air is filled with despair!

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