Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 60


Qin Xiaotian did not choose to act tough! After all, his cultivation base is only in Foundation Establishment 10th Layer, and even he used many tricks, he has not yet reached the point where he can kill a group of Peak 3rd Rank Demon Beasts alone.

Besides, there is also a woman who is a person Foundation Establishment 9th Layer behind him. Even if he chooses to fight, he cannot guarantee Chu Yun’s safety.

In order to avoid unnecessary sacrifices, a strategic retreat is necessary.

Qin Xiaotian does not need any more persuasion.

Qin Xiaotian is not a reckless man. He knows how and when to pin and pull*.

*TL note: It’s a football strategy analogy, I presume.

If you disagree, he will make you do it. Or else, it will be miserable next time!

Qin Xiaotian grabbed Chu Yun’s white and tender jade hand.

An earth-yellow barrier suddenly appeared on his body. The halo quickly wrapped both of them. Soon the two fell into the ground.

Earth Escape technique. One of the most wretched Divine Ability of Five Elements Divine Ability. Once you escape a hundred meters underground, whether you are 3rd Rank Demon Beast or 4th Rank Demon Beast, try hitting and eat shit!

When Chu Yun found himself wrapped in an earth-colored light barrier and could shuttle freely under the ground, her eyes were filled with horror and surprise.

“This… is this the legendary Earth Escape technique? One of the most difficult escaping techniques in Five Elements Divine Ability to cultivate? It is said that the cultivation of this technique requires not only the Innate Earth Spirit Body but also the absolute best innate talent perception. Even a Nascent Soul powerhouse might not be able to learn such Divine Ability!”

“Hehe! Look at this, it turns out Little Missy is a bit insightful. The Earth Escape technique is only a small skill that this Eminence has mastered! This Eminence still has many more!” Qin Xiaotian said proudly.

Finally avoiding a catastrophe made Chu Yun felt ecstatic. She also became more and more curious about Qin Xiaotian.

This is definitely not just an average kid. Could it be this is a Senior Expert using a Shapeshifting technique? Which kind of Shapeshifting technique is this?

Since Qin Xiaotian can perform even high level Divine Ability such as Earth Escape Technique, there is nothing weird about having mastered Shapeshifting Technique and other low grade Divine Ability!

For a moment, her eyes turned respectful to Qin Xiaotian.

“Boom boom boom!” The ground trembled.

A group of powerful monsters found that Qin Xiaotian and Chu Yun had escaped under their noses, and they became furious. Carpeted bombardment started against the ground! Various powerful skills bombarded the ground.

For a while, the wind raged, and the mountain shook. Plants within a 10-kilometer radius instantly turn into powder.

The ground turned into one huge pothole after another, especially the place where Qin Xiaotian disappeared.

A huge pit with five hundred meters in diameter and seven-eighty meters deep was blasted out.

Even so, Qin Xiaotian was still unscathed, shuttling freely inside the ground.

He still did not leave. It seemed that he had some plans.

Feeling the huge shock above her head, Chu Yun couldn’t help but worry. “Lord Xiaotian, shall we… not leave this place right away?” Chu Yun couldn’t understand Qin Xiaotian’s operation at all!

Since there are so many powerful Demon Beasts above this ground, fleeing this place is the right way. Qin Xiaotian has the Earth Escape Divine Ability, so it should be easy to escape from here! But this guy had no intention of leaving. You said you can’t beat the enemy, but you also don’t want to escape. What’s the point of spending time in this area? If a more fierce Demon Beast is attracted to here, the Earth Escape technique might not work anymore!

At this time, after those Demon Beasts vented their anger. It seemed that they understood that they couldn’t get to the two humans at all, and these two human cultivators might have escaped here. They can only give it up!

At this time, they began to prey on the corpse of Wild Thunder Leopard.

As 3rd Rank High Level Demon Beast, Wild Thunder Leopard contains powerful spirit power essence in its flesh. Even without the inner core, devouring flesh is no small benefit to them.

The Demon Beasts were fierce. Attacking each other and devouring each other are common things. If they were not controlled by higher-level Demon Beasts, these different kinds of High Level Demon Beasts would have fought each other from the start! There is absolutely no reason to live together peacefully!

At this time, Qin Xiaotian spread his Divine Sense and observed them secretly from an unknown angle.

When these Demon Beasts started to eat Wild Thunder Leopard corpse, his innocent little face showed a sneer of cunningness!

“Even though this Young Master has eaten it, you still dare to eat it. Don’t you know how to write the word ‘damned’?”

After the Wild Thunder Leopard corpse was eaten, the Demon Beasts that swallowed the corpse began to cry in pain; even foaming in the mouth. The extremely powerful aura also began to weaken quickly.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian brought Chu Yun to the ground again.

Chu Yun looked at the 3rd Rank Demon Beasts that fell to the ground. Immediately stunned!

These Demon Beasts showed apparent signs of being poisoned!

3rd Rank Demon Beasts are inherently powerful, and mere poisons do not affect them. So, what kind of terrifying poison is it that can kill 3rd Rank Demon Beasts?

She looked at Xiaotian next to her again. Immediately sweating!

It must be this little kid who poisoned the corpse! It’s too sinister! What kind of poison would work on 3rd Rank Demon Beasts?

Chu Yun shuddered at the thought.

There are four 3rd Rank Demon Beasts. Every one of them is not inferior to the Wild Thunder Leopard. Their strength is infinitely close to the powerhouse of Golden Core 8th Layer or Golden Core 9th Layer.

However, at this moment, effortlessly, they were knocked over by the kid in front of her!

When did hunting 3rd Rank Demon Beasts become this easy?

For a time, Chu Yun looked at Qin Xiaotian’s eyes as if she was looking at a wily old fox’s peerless old schemer!

Qin Xiaotian was obviously very satisfied with his masterpiece. As a 4th Grade Alchemist, he learned the existence of Myriad Poisons Destroying Soul Palm. Poisoning became really simple for him!

It is undoubtedly very difficult for an ordinary cultivator to poison Demon Beast. Because first of all, you have to face the risk of being chased by them. Once locked by High Level Demon Beast, you can’t escape, so how can you even think about poisoning?

But Qin Xiaotian is abnormal.

He is not afraid of being hunted down by Demon Beast, and he has enough patience.

Once Qin Xiaotian and Chu Yun escaped underground and shielded their aura, those Demon Beasts could not perceive their existence at all and naturally relaxed their vigilance.

Now that these Demon Beasts have bit the bait, it was Qin Xiaotian’s turn to show off his power!

Killing while the enemy is sick is Qin Xiaotian’s motto. A fair duel is something foolish.

The moment Qin Xiaotian emerged from the ground, he used a thunder skill.

“Berserk Thunder Technique!”
“Imperial Water Technique!”
“Profound Ice Technique!”
“Myriad Poisons Destroying Soul Palm!”
“Fiery Flame Burning the Heaven Technique!”

Qin Xiaotian threw various Divine Ability magic spells towards the four High Level Demon Beast.

“Boom boom boom boom!” Instantly exploded.

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