Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 61


When the poisoned four 3rd Rank Demon Beasts saw the two human cultivators suddenly appear, they instinctively felt huge danger.

They wanted to flee for their lives. However, Qin Xiaotian was faster than them. The moment he appeared from the ground, the violent thunder in Qin Xiaotian’s hands had struck the four Demon Beasts.

They were already poisoned, yet they were struck by thunder, completely losing their ability to move. Only Qin Xiaotian can unleash storms arbitrarily.

The Demon Beasts felt frustrated. If it was during their normal conditions, even ten brats could be torn to pieces by them with no difficulty. But at this time, they could only be beaten. They lost the ability to fight back.

They roar and growled frantically. But to no avail. In the end, Qin Xiaotian tortured them to death!

3rd Rank Demon Beast is worthy of its name. Even when they were heavily poisoned, Qin Xiaotian took a lot of effort to complete the four kills successfully!

Four more Demon Beast corpses.

One of the four Demon Beasts was a huge python with a length of 50 meters, covered with black and red scales. A small horn has grown from the shadow of the python’s head, which shows that they have similarities to a flood dragon.

Another one was a bird-shaped Demon Beast, with a dark red body and a wingspan of 20 meters. It can spit out Fire of Netherworld. Right now, the whole body is charred, like a large roast chicken.

The Earth Devil Tiger looks like a Siberian tiger but has two wings on its back, and its body is twice as big as an elephant.

The last one was Human Faced Ghost Spider. Qin Xiaotian beheaded and killed this Demon Beast with the greatest effort. It’s not that the Human Faced Ghost Spider is more powerful than other Demon Beasts, but that the spider itself is highly toxic and inherently immune to toxicity, which caused a little trouble for Qin Xiaotian.

At this moment, Chu Yun was shocked!

This Earth Demon Tiger, Human Face Ghost Spider, Blood Slaughter Ice Python, and Nether Bird are all famous Tier 3 monsters.

Ten days ago, it was said that a hunting squad consisting of a hundred people cultivator was almost completely destroyed by the army of these Demon Beasts. In that team, there were eight Golden Core powerhouses overseeing, but they were still bloody slaughtered. In the end, only two cultivators escaped.

But at this moment, these terrifying Demon Beasts were tortured to death by a kid.

Obviously, his cultivation base doesn’t seem to be very high, he is abnormally outrageous. I wonder where did this little devil come from?

“Miss, don’t just stand there! Let’s clean up the battlefield!” Qin Xiaotian smiled slightly, showing white teeth with an innocent look.

The appearance of harmless to humans and animals cannot really associate him with the insidious cunning old schemer. So deceptive!

“Ok- Understood, Lord Xiaotian!” Chu Yun replied respectfully. She immediately began to deal with the corpses.

Qin Xiaotian’s mood was extremely good.

Four 3rd Rank Demon Beasts… These Demon Beast materials can be sold for a lot of money. There were also four inner cores. Maybe it can make him break through the Golden Core Realm in one fell swoop.

With the Golden Core Stage’s cultivation base and then encountering more 3rd Rank Demon Beasts, I’ll become stronger!

Just as Qin Xiaotian began to have a beautiful fantasy, not far away, suddenly a group of cultivators came from the sky.

Several auras in this group of cultivators are very powerful. One person has even reached the Golden Core 9th Layer. Among the remaining four cultivators, one Golden Core 8th Layer and two Golden Core 7th Layers. The last one seemed to be the youngest, only Foundation Establishment 9th Layer.

What is strange is that the four Golden Core powerhouses seem to follow the Foundation Establishment 9th Layer cultivator. Vague dominance from the young man.

Chu Yun obviously also noticed the group of cultivators who had appeared from the sky.

When she saw the appearance of the seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy, her face suddenly changed.

“Not good! It’s Sima Fei! This is bad!”

“Who’s Sima Fei?” Qin Xiaotian asked casually.

“It’s a long story. Sima Fei is the only son of Sima Wentian, and Sima Wentian is one of the famous Nascent Soul Powerhouse in the Demon Beast Sea. He has reached the realm of Nascent Soul Great Perfection. He also created the Hunters Union. He not only has a high cultivation base but also has many subordinates. His influence has monopolized one-third of the inner core material trading market in the entire Demon Beast Sea. Even if we get the Demon Beast’s inner core, we can only rely upon the Sima Family to exchange for spirit stones.”

“So what?” Qin Xiaotian asked nonchalantly.

“Because of this, this Sima Fei is domineering in the Demon Beast Sea. He often robs others’ hunting results, and everyone is afraid to be angry and to act! He also has a very short-tempered mother, which is said to be the power of a Nascent Soul Late Stage. Once a Golden Core 9th Layer cultivator offended Sima Fei, and he was chased by his mother, Nangong Xue, for 100,000 miles, and finally, he exploded and died! Both of his parents are Nascent Soul supreme experts, with a huge influence in the back, which also developed Sima Fei’s arrogant temperament. He often has several Golden Core experts around him to protect him. Usually, when cultivators meet this guy, they all take detours!”

Just as Chu Yun introduced the other party’s background, they flew directly in the direction where Qin Xiaotian and the other two were.

“Young Master, what do you think?”

“Fuck! How come there are so many Demon Beasts corpses?”

“Earth Devil Tiger, Human Faced Ghost Spider, Blood Slaughter Ice Python, Netherworld Bird, are all 3rd Rank Demon Beasts that are extremely difficult to hunt and kill. They seem to have just died. Maybe their inner cores are still there!”

“Could it be that Young Master is so lucky today that he can meet such good things when he goes out?”

“Old Liu, hurry up and see if the Demon Beast inner cores are still there. By the way, collect those Demon Beast materials. These 3rd Rank Demon Beasts are treasures, and it can be worth a lot of money!” Sima Fei said excitedly.

“Young Master, this seems to be a monster hunted by others. If we do this, it seems rude, right?”

“Cutaneous! Stupid! Look at it. There’s a female cultivator with the Foundation Establishment 9th Layer, plus a little kid. Does this look like someone who can kill so many 3rd Rank Demon Beasts? It’s probably the same as us, by chance, when I went to take a leak. These heavenly materials and earthly treasures have always been owned by strong people. When did it become important to ‘first come, first served’?”

“The Young Master is absolutely right!”

“Hey! That woman is a bit slender, with a graceful temperament, a slender figure, a front convex and back curled, and her skin is as white as snow. She might be the candidate lover for me.”

“Young Master, the Demon Beast Sea has not been peaceful recently. After we take the Demon Beast Materials, we will go back. It is not the time to want more!”

“All right, all right, just hurry up!”

The five cultivators approached the corpses, and they didn’t even glance at Qin Xiaotian.

Qin Xiaotian’s face suddenly went dark.

It was already his kindness for him to not immediately punch their faces!

Now, there are still people who dare to headbutt against my head?

They dared to snatch Qin Xiaotian’s things. Why shouldn’t Qin Xiaotian be mad?

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