Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 66


The ninth Thunder Tribulation was brewing for a long time. It hesitated to fall for a long time.

In the sky, black clouds covering a radius of tens of kilometers continued to growl.

It’s getting darker and purple. The aura of violent destruction makes people tremble!

Basic common sense of the cultivation world.

The longer Thunder Tribulation is brewing, the more terrifying its power!

If each Thunder Tribulation’s power is geometrically multiplied, then the formidable power of the ninth Thunder Tribulation would be equal to the sum of the previous eight Thunder Tribulations.

At this moment, a World-Destroying Thunder Dragon descended from the sky.

Space was shaking. The sound of a dragon’s roar resounded throughout Heaven and Earth.

“Boom!” The giant Thunder Dragon bombarded Qin Xiaotian.

Like a nuclear bomb, a huge mushroom cloud instantly rose from the ground to a hundred meters high, exuding terrifying light and heat.

The shockwave of destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth; swept thousands of meters away. Hundreds of thousands, millions of purple lightning shrouded a radius of five kilometers.

Space was boiling!

Although Chu Yun had already hidden away from ten thousand meters, she was kicked away by the terrifying shockwave. Her chest felt hot, and a trace of blood overflowed involuntarily from the corner of her mouth.

The formidable power of the ninth Thunder Tribulation is this terrifying…?

She was a cultivator of Foundation Establishment 9th Layer, and she was already injured by the aftermath of Purple Night Divine Thunder ten thousand meters away.

What kind of impact did the Crossing Tribulation cultivators at the center of Thunder Tribulation have to endure? Even a Nascent Soul supreme expert must have died under such implications, right?

When the aftermath of Purple Night Divine Thunder dissipates… At the center of the aftermath of the Thunder Tribulation, a small body of one meter was standing proudly.

There was purple lightning all over him. Like a Thunder God has descended into the world!

At this moment, a purple thunder leopard silhouette gradually turned into an entity after absorbing countless Power of Thunder.

This thunder leopard had a length of about ten meters and looked similar to Wild Thunder Leopard. But its aura was a hundred times more terrifying than a real violent thunderstorm.

Especially above the head of Thunder Leopard, it seemed that there was a one-meter-long multicolored unicorn, which is dazzling.

“That’s… That’s a sign of the birth of Artifact Spirit Manifestation, the 5th Grade Spirit Artifact?!” At this moment, Chu Yun was shivering beyond control. Even began to doubt life!

Qin Xiaotian was artifact refining during Crossing Tribulation, but instead of dying, he actually refined a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact!

This is the 5th Grade Spirit Artifact! Even the Artifact Refining Grandmaster does not know how much time and energy it takes to refine such a peerless Spirit Artifact.

Many Nascent Soul powerhouses may not have such treasure.

But Qin Xiaotian refined it in a rather ridiculous way!

“Is this some sort of unique secret art to refine artifact in Heavenly Thunder? But it sounds so ridiculous! I’ve never heard of any Artifact Refining Master who dare to refine in Thunder Tribulation unless he really wants to die!”

At this time, Qin Xiaotian waved his hand.

The ten meters long purple leopard quickly shrank at speed visible to the naked eye. It turned into purple lightning in the blink of an eye.

Then it turned into a purple thunder whip about two meters long.

“Let’s call you ‘Wild Thunder Whip’!” Qin Xiaotian held the purple whip and said with a faint smile.

Feeling its own name, there was a faint hint of elation on Wild Thunder Whip.

The Magical Artifact is Spirit Artifact, which has spirit!

The formidable power of Spirit Artifact goes far beyond Magical Artifact. Not only its formidable power is more powerful, but also out of the ordinary. It can also attack on its own under its Master’s will. And over time, with its Master’s warmth and caring, the formidable power of Spirit Artifact will become more and more powerful, and its intelligence will become higher and higher!

An Artifact Refiner capable of refining 4th Grade Spirit Artifact is called an Artifact Refining Master. An Artifact Refining Master capable of refining 5th Grade Spirit Artifact is called Artifact Refining Grandmaster. The Artifact Refining Master capable of refining 6th Grade Spirit Artifact is called Artifact King!

Whether it is the 4th Grade Spirit Artifact, 5th Grade Spirit Artifact, or 6th Grade Spirit Artifact, they are all invaluable in the cultivation world. They are rare Supreme Treasures in the hands of every cultivator!

Although relying on the power of Purple Night Divine Thunder and sacrificing Five Elements Spiritual Pear to temper a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact, it was all worth it.

With a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact Weapon, Qin Xiaotian’s hidden combat capability would increase more than ten times.

He was quite satisfied with his masterpiece.

The only pity is… even the ninth Purple Night Divine Thunder failed to make his Indestructible Thunder Body successfully break through the 2nd Layer realm.

This Indestructible Thunder Body is hailed as one of the ten strongest divine bodies in the universe, and it seems that every time it breaks through a layer, a qualitative change will occur.

Qin Xiaotian only just learned Indestructible Thunder Body First Layer, but his physical body was already ten times more powerful than before.

If he breaks through the 2nd Layer, it would definitely be a qualitative leap.

He had no idea what kind of realm his strength had reached now.

On the surface, his cultivation base was only Golden Core 1st Layer.

But his real strength was that of Nascent Soul powerhouse, and he felt that it was truly worthwhile!


Sima Fei and the others have just left.

The more he thought, the more he felt something was wrong.

It stands to reason that on the Nine States Continent, those above the Dividing Spirit Stage are all peerless big shots. Such a person cannot be an unknown person! Even such a person tries to hide his/her identity; it’s not like there would be no trace to follow at all! But he has never heard of him. Is there such figure like Qin Xiaotian?

If the little devil is really a hidden-level Dividing Spirit Stage big shot, he can only bow down to him and think of himself as unlucky. After all, this is a powerhouse that even his parents Sima Wentian and Nangong Xue, can’t afford to offend.

But what if this brat was just bluffing?

Although his murderous aura was extremely terrifying, Sima Fei always felt a sense of pretentiousness.

Although his soul power pressure is strong, it only has a strong appearance but weak in reality, which is far less magnificent than the real Dividing Spirit supreme expert!

Come to think about it, the more you think, the more you feel wrong.

Maybe this little devil just has a magic treasure that can enhance the pressure of aura. It’s just a bluff! Actually, this brat must not have been able to withstand a single blow.

As soon as this thought came up, it occupied Sima Fei’s entire mind like a weed. He got so angry that he almost vomited blood.

If the Dividing Spirit supreme expert ransacked him, maybe it would be better that way. After all, it is not shameful to bow to a big shot.

But if he were really frightened by a bluffing little brat, he would be ashamed!

He can’t bear it!

Since when Qin Xiaotian is the Demon Beast Sea Little Overlord?

Initially, he thought about returning immediately to snatch back all his magic treasures.

But then, suddenly, they encountered a group of 3rd Rank Demon Beasts. After a hard battle, they fled back to Peerless City.

Peerless City is also one of the Demon Beast Sea Ten Great Ancient Cities and the home base of the Sima Family.

“Young Master, in the direction we are returning, there are black clouds rolling. Its Spiritual Qi is abnormal. It seems that someone is currently Crossing Tribulation? Looking at it, it is very likely that it is Golden Core Thunder Tribulation!”

“Damn it! It must be that little devil! He’s not a Dividing Spirit supreme expert at all! It’s just a little bastard that just broke through the Golden Core Stage! Like I thought, how could there be such a small Dividing Spirit supreme expert!”

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