Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 67


“Young Master, although that little thing is very likely to be bluffing, his identity is still probably not simple. Ordinary cultivator at that age would not have such cultivation skills!”

“I agree. Young Master, I also feel that this is strange. As a child, he dared to walk in the Demon Beast Sea and killed many 3rd Rank Demon Beasts. Even if he’s not a Dividing Spirit powerhouse, he still can’t be underestimated!”

“Based on my many years of experience, there are generally three cases in which someone can have such strength at the age of six: First, he’s an almighty cultivator, but he used the Shapeshifting Technique, so he only looked like a small child. He did it to play the pig to eat the tiger. Second, this little thing is possessed by the Primordial Spirit body of almighty cultivator, that’s why this weird phenomenon occurred. Third, that little thing was originally a reincarnated spirit child, with a high level past life’s cultivation base. After he reincarnated, his cultivation base made rapid progress. Therefore, it’s possible for him to break through the Golden Core Realm and also have a strong Primordial Spirit at the age of six. No matter which one of the three cases, it still means that that little thing is not easy to deal with. If the Young Master really wants to deal with him, I’m afraid Young Master needs to think long-term. Against such being, either completely destroy both his body and soul, or there will be endless troubles. Either things will settle down itself, or just bad luck, or give gifts to make it up, or apologize sincerely, or maybe he won’t care too much!”

“Apologize? Impossible! Only this Young Master can bully someone else! That little bastard robbed me of my Five Elements Spiritual Pearl and my Space Ring! Apologize to him? Which side are you on?!”

When several Golden Core cultivators heard Sima Fei’s words, they shook their heads involuntarily.

In fact, Sima Fei was not that stupid. But sometimes he’s too self-inflated.

He always feels that having two Nascent Soul powerhouses behind him means he can be reckless regardless of the law and of natural morality.

Everyone knows that this cultivation world is so great that there are countless generations of advanced cultivation. There will still be many people above you. Even his father, Sima Wentian, has to maintain a calm and respectful attitude at all times, but Sima Fei?

“Well, let’s find out the details of that little bastard. Then, let’s make a plan!” Sima Fei said suddenly.

“Young Master is wise. Know yourself, and you will win all battles. We have a lot of eyes and ears in Ten Great Ancient Cities. I believe that the ins and outs of that little devil will soon be clear!” The old man of Golden Core 9th Layer said with satisfaction.

At least for once, this Sima Fei didn’t blindly act!

Just at this time, Sima Fei, who was feeling good at first, suddenly turned pale, and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth unconsciously.

“Young Master, what happened?! When did you get hurt?”

“No, this Young Master was not injured. It was that little bastard! He erased the spiritual mark on my Space Ring and my Five Elements Spiritual Pearl! Damn it! I can’t feel its connections anymore! All my spirit stones, the magic treasure secret books that I’ve been collecting for many years… gone because of that little bastard! Pu!” Sima Fei was furious and even spat out old blood!


At this point, Qin Xiaotian had already opened the Space Ring and was re-imprinting the recognition system.

The moment his consciousness entered the Space Ring, he was shocked by Sima Fei’s wealth!

First of all, the Space Ring was very large, and its space had at least five hundred squares. Secondly, there were many spirit stones in it. There were low-grade spirit stones, more than one million middle grade spirit stones, 200,000 high-grade spirit stones, and more than a thousand top grade spirit stones.

One middle grade spirit stone is equivalent to ten low grade spirit stones.
One high grade spirit stone is equivalent to ten middle grade spirit stones.
One top grade spirit stone is equivalent to ten high grade spirit stones.

Of course, this is only normal.

In fact, the currency exchange of the cultivation world is different from the modern world. You can use one middle grade spirit stone to get ten low grade spirit stones, but using ten low grade spirit stones does not necessarily equal one middle grade spirit stone. In particular, top grade spirit stone plays a crucial role in cultivation, array formation, artifact refining, and pill refining.

In Sima Fei’s Space Ring, based on the low-grade spirit stones, there were are at least more than 30 million. He was absolutely a super-rich second generation.

Most likely that even the Golden Core 9th Layer cultivators are not as rich as him.

Not only that, there were more than ten 3rd Grade Magical Artifacts, countless various medicine pills, Demon Beast inner cores, and heavenly materials and earthly treasures. There were also many magic spells/essences and Divine Ability ancient books!

“No wonder when I snatched his space ring, the expression on that brat’s face was as uncomfortable as eating shit. Even I can feel his pain.” This super second-generation was even richer than Qin Xiaotian imagined.

Qin Xiaotian suddenly became a nouveau riche.

He felt his waist was no longer sore, his legs don’t hurt anymore, and he began to walk very lightly.

Sure enough, murdering and arson* golden belt are all rich people! Cool!

*TL note: 杀人放火 shā rén fàng huǒ=to kill and burn (idiom); murder and arson

After a simple packing up, Qin Xiaotian decided to return to Desolate Sky City.

And just then, a mutation happened again.

He saw the distant east, the endless dark clouds covering the entire sky and the earth, and swept towards the opposite direction of Qin Xiaotian.

“After I go through a Thunder Tribulation, a new one appears now?”

“A Thunder Tribulation is not this frequent, right?”

“No, wait. That… is that Devouring Metal Flying Ant?”

Qin Xiaotian’s eyes glared at the clouds, and a terrifying existence appeared in his mind.

That’s right, Devouring Metal Flying Ant. In simple terms, Developing Metal Flying Ant is just a 1st Rank Demon Beast. In terms of their individual strength, they are weaker than ordinary 1st Rank Demon Beasts. It looks like an ant with wings, can fly very fast, and is about the same size as a baby’s fist.

However, this weakest 1st Rank Demon Beast is enough to make the Nascent Soul powerhouse and even the Dividing Spirit supreme expert frightened. Because once Devouring Metal Flying Ant appears, they will cover the sky and overwhelm the earth.

Their quantity cannot be calculated at all. It may be hundreds of millions, it may be several tens of billions, or even tens of billions.

In the face of such numbers, even if you are the Dividing Spirit Stage cultivator and dare to act tough with Devouring Metal Flying Ant, they will consume you alive!

Devouring Metal Flying Ant’s biting force is extremely terrifying. They can devour even gold and iron. Normal Magical Artifact simply cannot carry it.

Everywhere they go, no grass will grow!

If they meet people, they kill the people. If they meet Buddhas, they kill the Buddhas.**

**TL note: “If you meet the Buddha, kill him.” this famous quote is attributed to Linji Yixuan (also spelled Lin-chi I-hsuan, d. 866), one of the most prominent masters of Zen history. “Kill the Buddha” often is considered a koan, one of those bits of dialogue or brief anecdotes unique to Zen Buddhism.

Regardless of whether you are a Demon Beast or Human, as long as you are surrounded by Devouring Metal Flying Ant, in the next second, not even skeletons will exist!

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