Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 71


Devouring Metal Flying Ant’s first wave of attacks did not work.

Many deaths of their own kind did not make them give up; instead, it made these flying ants more bloodthirsty and crazier.

And it was at this time, among the front row of flying ants, the golden light flying ants rushed up fiercely!

These Golden Light Flying Ants are lightning-fast, and their physical body is extremely tough.

Many Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators started to attack them, but the ants couldn’t be eliminated in one fell swoop, unlike the first time they easily eliminated the first wave.

“What the hell is this thing?! Why can’t I kill it!”

“Even with my Foundation Establishment 5th Layer’s cultivation base, I can’t kill an ant?! This is too ridiculous!”

“Not good! These mutated Golden Light Flying Ants are 2nd Rank Demon Beast!”

“Strike with all your might! Don’t hold back anymore!”

Above the city, countless cultivators roared desperately. Although they were protected by an array, these Golden Light Flying Ants’ appearance gave them a strange kind of fear.

Suddenly, the first Golden Light Flying Ant approached the city. This flying ant hit the seven-colored light barrier without fear of death.

Something unexpected happened!

“Boom!” The first Golden Light Flying Ant that managed to reach the seven-colored light barrier blew up. A blaze of fire, mixed with extremely powerful shock waves, rippling away…

Qin Xiaotian clicked his tongue.

Even if this Golden Light Flying Ant is the size of a fist, its formidable power after self-detonation is equivalent to a ground-to-air missile. If tens of millions of Golden Light Flying Ant collective suicide bombed themselves, would it not be equivalent to tens of millions of ground-to-air missiles collectively exploding?

What the fuck??

Even the City Protecting Great Formation won’t be able to keep up. The entire city can be blown up pretty easily!

Soon, more and more Golden Light Flying Ants hit the light of the moat.

“Boom boom boom boom·····” Hundreds of thousands of explosions had made the originally indestructible city protecting light cover appeared to be unstable.

Devouring Metal Flying Ants’ suicide attacks was too crazy!

These incidents made many cultivators guarding the city show timidity. Most cultivators were willing to defend the city because the city was protected by the City Protecting Great Formation. They could attack Demon Beasts, but the Demon Beasts could not attack them.

But if the City Protecting Great Formation is broken, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

When the shadow of death looms over them, the human cultivators can no longer be brave in front of the Devouring Metal Flying Ants!

“Don’t be afraid! These bastards can’t break the City Protecting Great Formation! As long as we attack with all our strength, we will certainly be able to repel this group of ants!”

As soon as a cultivator just finished saying this-

“Boom!” The city protecting light cover in front of him was finally blown out after a dozen explosive strikes.

A densely packed Devouring Metal Flying Ant immediately surged in from the gap.

They bite anyone they see.

Several Foundation Establishment cultivators killed them immediately! Although these flying ants were quickly eliminated, the gap in the City Protecting Great Formation made everyone scared!

“Boom boom boom!” The City Protecting Great Formation was blown out one after another.

More and more Devouring Metal Flying Ants were pouring into the city. After some Golden Light Flying Ant surged into the gap, they even carried out the suicide bombing inside the city.

Many Foundation Establishment cultivators suffered casualties. Compared to the number of cultivators in the city, this casualty may be less than 1%. But panic had begun to spread!

Demon Beasts are not terrible. What’s terrible is that you lose the courage to fight.

Finally, a cultivator started to run away from the city!

Once one person flees, a chain reaction will occur, and more people will flee.

Just at the time of the crucial moment, the Desolate Sky City Lord, wearing Golden Armored War Clothes, rushed out of the City Protecting Great Formation.

He held God-Destroying Spear, and his body glowed with an immortal and invincible golden glow.

With the momentum of thousands of people going forward. He killed into the billions of ant tide.

He shot his spear horizontally. The golden glow pierced the sky, like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, the dark sky caused by flying ants turned to a big hole.

All ants near Desolate Sky City Lord 100 meters were all shredded by a golden glow. Even the Golden Light Flying Ants were no exception. Desolate Sky City Lord was like an incarnation of Hell’s Killing God, and countless flying ants were wiped out wherever he went.

The Golden Light Flying Ants flocked and attacked him. They wanted to siege Desolate Sky City Lord within the ant colony barrier, just like with Lie Yang.

But they were killed by the Desolate Sky City Lord!

That boundless edge was not something that the ant colony barrier can resist.

He was worthy of the Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse. He blocked the siege of Desolate Sky City by 1 billion flying ants with his own strength.

But he doesn’t seem to have enough manpower. Can the Desolate Sky City Lord really kill all tens of billions of Devouring Metal Flying Ant? Obviously, it is impossible. All he can do is try to delay the offensive as far as possible so that the City Protecting Great Formation can be repaired in time.

The ant tide came too suddenly, and there were not many Nascent Soul powerhouses in the city.

There were probably no more than twenty of all the powerful Nascent Souls in the Ten Great Ancient Cities. With the power of Desolate Sky City Lord, only Sima Wentian, the president of Hunter Union, was the biggest bet to winning this war!

In Qin Xiaotian’s opinion, Desolate Sky City Lord was so powerful that even if the Metal Devouring Ant Tide really destroyed the Ten Great Ancient Cities, he could just safely walk away. But now, in order to defend the Desolate Sky City, regardless of his life, he blocked the ant tide attack on his own. If his True Essence Power runs out, however, he won’t be able to escape anymore!

Perhaps the majority of cultivators in the world are selfish. There are only a few cultivators who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the world. But you can’t deny that such people don’t exist. It is precisely because of this; that it is precious and moving!

Qin Xiaotian was not a great benevolent, nor does he ever had the idea of saving the world.

Just watching the Desolate Sky City Lord fight alone in countless ant tide, a trace of blood was also produced in his body.

“Forget it. This Young Master hasn’t done any real awesome thing in my life. Since I am the Dao Academy Elder, I should also have the responsibility to defend the city. That’s all! …City Lord, Mo Qin, this Qin Xiaotian will help you!” Once Qin Xiaotian yelled, his little body rushed out of the City Protecting Great Formation and flew towards the endless ant tide.

Thousands of cultivators were stunned while floating above the city. They could not believe that a person who looked like a child even dare to rush out of the City Protecting Great Formation. Even the Golden Core powerhouses dare not charge ahead. Yet, a little child, going to fight just to die?

Just when all cultivators thought that Qin Xiaotian would die, his performance shocked everyone’s attention. Qin Xiaotian was standing with his hands behind his back and standing proudly in the air, facing the endless Devouring Metal Flying Ant. He just took out a long purple whip.

Above that little body, a fierce fighting spirit erupted.

At the same time as flying ants filling the sky, he just waved his long whip gently. Immediately, a terrifying Power of Thunder burst out.

With Qin Xiaotian as the center, within two 1000 meters of the circle, it instantly becomes a terrifying purple thunder domain.

Countless lightning crackled. It’s like the Thunder God himself was here!

Within a second, all the Devouring Metal Flying Ants in the thunder domain turned into ashes!

A little brat’s single hit is so terrifying???

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