Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 70


“Elder Xiaotian, I finally found you! When I heard that the Demon Beast Tide has erupted, and I heard that you are out of town, I thought you would never come back!” A Golden Core 2nd Layer, a very obese cultivator, said worriedly.

Behind him was a disciple of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian appeared unharmed in the city, they relaxed.

Although these guys were not very convinced that Qin Xiaotian, a brat, was worthy of the Dao Academy Elder position, no one wanted him to be in trouble at this time. After all, they came from the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy together.

As Dao Academy Elder, if Qin Xiaotian came to Demon Beast Sea on the first day, and then die… Spreading this incident could damage the reputation of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

Qin Xiaotian was a little speechless.

Is this guy cursing me to die?

At this time, many cultivators focused their eyes on Qin Xiaotian.

“I must’ve not heard that right. This brat is the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Elder?”

“Isn’t the Elders from Immortal Spirit Dao Academy are all Nascent Soul powerhouses? Is this brat a Nascent Soul expert?”

“You must be kidding? If this brat is really Nascent Soul powerhouse, then I am a Dividing Spirit supreme expert!”

“Damn it! Do you guys still have time to joke around in this kind of situation?”

“I’ve heard that the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s this session of Newcomer Examination, found a thousand-year rare peerless genius. This person is called Qin Xiaotian. He’s only six years old and broke the record left by the Legendary Character of a Generation, Sword Immortal Chiyang, and then passed the examination for 4th Grade Alchemist. Because of his outstanding performance, he was promoted to Honorary Elder by the Dean of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. Could it be this little brat is the one…?”

“I’ve also heard about Qin Xiaotian. He’s said to have ranked 96th in the Heaven Peerless Supreme Talent Ranking of Heaven’s Secret Pavillion! He’s still six years old and entered the Top 100 category. Heavens! His innate talent is terrifying!”

Qin Xiaotian listened to everyone’s discussion and could not help but frowned.

“Big sis, do you know what this Peerless Supreme Talent Ranking is?” Qin Xiaotian asked Chu Yun, who was in a daze.

“Peerless Supreme Talent List is Heaven’s Secret Pavillion’s ranking for all the younger cultivators of the Nine States Continent. Only cultivators under the age of 50 and ranked in the top 500 can be on the list. Almost any cultivator on the list can be called supreme talent of a generation.” Chu Yun said with longing for it. Obviously, she was not on the list.

“Then why am I ranked 96th? Is this Young Master that inferior? Who’s ranked first?” Qin Xiaotian lost a few questions in a row and was very upset.

According to his own thinking, even if he can’t rank first, he should be at least in the top 10, right? Does Nine States Continent have that many awesome geniuses?

“This ranking is set by Heaven’s Secret Pavillion. Heaven’s Secret Pavillion has a transcendent status in the Nine States Continent. It is a very mysterious sect. Their disciples are really good at deduction. They know many secret things in the cultivation world. The ranking list set by Heaven’s Secret Pavillion is authoritative! Most of the cultivators on the continent recognized them. And currently, the ranked first on the Peerless Supreme Talent List is named Murong Bai. It is said that Murong Bai is born Innate Dao Body. He’s also from Myriad Swords Sect. Rumor has it that Murong Bai started cultivation at the age of three. His first day of cultivation triggered an amazing Heaven and Earth phenomenon! His cultivation base immediately passed the Qi Refining Stage and reached the Foundation Establishment 2nd Layer Realm! At the age of 14, he broke through the Golden Core Stage! He is the youngest Golden Core cultivator in the Nine States Continent for the first time in tens of thousands of years! Now only 26 years old, he’s already a Golden Core 9th Layer powerhouse, and he has also learned the Domain of Sword. His height of innate talent is rarest in the world. Of course, Lord Xiaotian is not worse than Murong Bai! The reason your ranking is lower maybe that Heaven’s Secret Pavillion doesn’t know enough about you!” Chu Yun’s tone was very respectful. She didn’t treat Qin Xiaotian as a child at all.

After witnessing Qin Xiaotian’s extraordinary strength, Qin Xiaotian was already a powerhouse in her mind. Treat the powerhouse with natural respect.

“Innate Dao Body?”

Qin Xiaotian also knew something about the Innate Dao Body.

It is said that such person was born for the purpose of cultivation, which is a rare occurrence in 10,000 years. Once such person was born with Innate Dao Body, they would have already surpassed countless starting lines at birth, all the painstaking cultivation for decades, and their body is compatible with the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. They don’t even need to cultivate; they can just automatically absorb Heaven and Earth’s Spiritual Qi. Cultivation base breakthrough is as simple as eating and drinking. Such a physique is what every cultivator dream of.

But if that’s just the case, Qin Xiaotian thought it was not that great.

“Forget it. You don’t have to compliment me. These are just names. This Eminence doesn’t care at all!” Qin Xiaotian turned around, with an arrogant expression on his face.

It seems that these so-called rankings are just ignorant opinions of the world. A senior expert like him is dismissive!

Many cultivators looked at Qin Xiaotian’s attitude as a little adult and found it very funny.

But now it seems that this was not the time to talk about these gossips. Of course, the identity of Qin Xiaotian as the Dao Academy Elder had only attracted the attention of a very small number of cultivators.

More cultivators were ready for battle.

And this time, the densely packed Devouring Metal Flying Ants, which swept Heaven and Earth, finally came to the city.

The atmosphere was depressing and suffocating! The air was full of murderous auras!

That dark shadows stained both Heaven and Earth black.

Hundred thousand cultivators, all frightened!

At this time, Desolate Sky City Lord yelled, “Set up the arrays!”

When his voice fell, a colorful light curtain rising into the sky, enveloping the entire Desolate Sky City.

Not only that, there were tens of thousands of great arrays in the city.

Countless spirit stones burned. As if at this moment, this ancient and towering city turned into a huge war machine. Among these arrays were not only defense arrays or attack arrays but also forbidden arrays!

No wonder those flying Demon Beasts could not ever cross the Ten Great Ancient Cities.

Qin Xiaotian focused his eyes

In a single moment, the Devouring Metal Flying Ants had already hit the city.

Densely packed, boundless.

It doesn’t seem that they will stop until they have completely torn all humans to shreds.

However, these Devouring Metal Flying Ants were blocked out of the seven-colored light barrier for the first time. They spat out formic acid, trying to erode the light barrier.

At this time, tens of thousands of cultivators each showed their Divine Abilities. Various sword qis, saber qis, flames, hurricanes, frosts, thunderbolts······ Countless attacks were thrown towards the ant tide!

As long as they have enough True Essence Power, various Divine Abilities can be kept thrown on and on.

Although most cultivators in the city had only a Foundation establishment stage.

How terrifying were the attacks that thousands of cultivators combined together? Unimaginable.

In an instant, Devouring Metal Flying Ant was killed and injured. However, this was just the beginning. The ant tide will not be afraid by a small number of their casualties.

The real battle had just begun!

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