Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 79


“Heavenly Thunder! Come and hit me already!”

It’s like the thunder clouds heard Qin Xiaotian’s provocation; thus, they rolled in.

Aura of destruction that seemed to be able to destroy the world- it carried thousands of Power of Thunder Rules.

Constantly rolling and rumbling. The black thunder cloud changes from black to purple, from purple to red, and then from red to gold.

The moment the golden thunderbolt appeared, all Nascent Soul cultivators felt a tingling scalp. The Spirit Artifact in their hands trembled unconsciously.

“That’s… Is that the Immeasurable Golden Thunder?”

“It is rumored that Immeasurable Golden Thunder will only bring down these Thunder Tribulations if Spirit Artifact above 6th Rank high level is born. This Immeasurable Golden Thunder contains the power to destroy souls, penetrate all magic treasure barriers, and strike directly at the Artifact Spirit’s origin! Any defense or invisibility method will not affect this Thunder Tribulation!”

“I heard that ten thousand years ago, there was a big shot of a person Dividing Spirit Stage. To protect his 6th Grade Spirit Artifact, he successfully survived through the Thunder Tribulation. As a result, he was hacked alive by Immeasurable Golden Thunder and lost his body and soul! Even the Primordial Spirit couldn’t escape it!”

“Damn it! I’m obviously far away from the Thunder Tribulation, so why is my Spirit Artifact still in fear? Is this Immeasurable Golden Thunder’s deterrent power too great?”

“I don’t care how abnormal Qin Xiaotian is! A terrifying Thunder Tribulation has been formed above the Desolate Sky City! This 10,000-year-old city might be destroyed under this Thunder Tribulation!”

The moment the Immeasurable Golden Thunder appeared, these Nascent Soul powerhouses don’t care about Qin Xiaotian’s Supreme 6th Grade Spirit Treasure anymore.

Run as far as you can. You have to run at least 10 kilometers away for safety! If the Immeasurable Golden Thunder hits you, you won’t even have a chance to cry.

All the cultivators in the city all fled like crazy, like a group of victims fleeing.

Everyone rose their swords, rushing towards the area beyond the tribulation cloud. Just kidding. Even those Nascent Soul big shots slipped while trying to run away. They knew how terrifying this Thunder Tribulation is.

Now that Nascent Soul powerhouses retreated ten kilometers, let’s retreat twenty kilometers instead, so that way, we don’t get struck by the Thunder Tribulation.

For a moment, the original bustling Desolate Sky City turned into a ghost town. Within 20 kilometers from Qin Xiaotian, it became empty in a very short time!

Although there was no one inside the Thunder Tribulation except Qin Xiaotian, it was a vast crowd outside the Thunder Tribulation. Not only the hundred thousand cultivators were watching, but also the cultivators of Nine Great Ancient Cities came to watch.

‘6th Grade Spirit Treasure is here! Hundreds of Nascent Soul gather! Immeasurable Golden Thunder is down! Supreme Artifact King is born!’

If you never witness these eternal wonders with your own eyes, what will you even brag to your disciples and grandchildren in the future?

Not long later, the millions of cultivators gathered. The Thunder Tribulation had been brewing for a long time.

Just when Qin Xiaotian was starting to get impatient… A Destruction Golden Thunder fell. It trembled everyone’s soul.


The terrifying Golden Thunder dyed the entire Heaven and Earth into gold. Space solidified.

The loud thunder was deafening. Swept Heaven and Earth.

Even the onlookers that had fled twenty kilometers away felt a shock in their souls, and their faces were pale.

Some cultivators with weaker cultivation base felt sweet in their chests. A trace of blood overflowed from the corners of their mouths.

Is this Immeasurable Golden Thunder so terrifying?

Just its thunderous sound alone could shock Foundation Establishment cultivators’ souls twenty kilometers away.

So terrifying!

Is such a world-destroying thunder really needed?

Everyone was skeptical. Qin Xiaotian is just a Golden Core cultivator. Can he withstand such thunder?

The Immeasurable Golden Thunder will be enough to wipe him out with just a little rubbing!

The first generation of Peerless Supreme Talent died on this.

Some cultivators even started to sigh!

The instant Immeasurable Golden Thunder fell, a lightning bolt split towards the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier and Qin Xiaotian.

Facing the desperate golden Divine Thunder, Qin Xiaotian’s eyes did not show the slightest fear.

On top of his small and exquisite body, a spirit of bravery against the sky erupted.

At the moment when Golden Thunder fell, he only physically blocked the front of Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, then took a small bite of Immeasurable Golden Thunder.


Qin Xiaotian hiccupped and patted his belly

This moment- the Desolate Sky City Lord was frightened! Sima Wentian was scared!  Seven Kills Holy Lord was shocked! Millions of cultivators were frightened!

Everyone was stiff, suffocated, petrified!

One by one looked stupidly at the little devil eating the Immeasurable Golden Thunder.

After they came back to their senses, they couldn’t stop trembling! The atmosphere was depressing and suffocating! The whole audience was silent!

“Eat… He just ate it! He ate the- the- the Immeasurable Golden Thunder! How could that be possible?”

“Impossible! That must be an illusion! It must have been because the Immeasurable Golden Thunder stunned my soul! Yes, it must be why!”

“Fellow Daoist, that’s not an illusion! I see it too!”

“That’s insane!”

“He can eat Thunder Tribulation… wait. That’s the IMMEASURABLE Thunder Tribulation…?”

At this moment, Qin Xiaotian’s action was so powerful that it could not be described in words!

In addition to shock, they were shocked!

Even if five hundred years pass, these onlookers will not forget this shocking scene.


A heaven overflowing giant wave set off in Jin Chenzi’s heart.

When Qin Xiaotian walked into the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy for the first time, Jin Chenzi knows Qin Xiaotian best.

Although it has been established long ago that he is a reincarnated cultivator, he didn’t seem that great, right?

When he went to the Demon Beast Sea, his cultivation base was obviously only the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer. Although his innate talent is amazing and can be called ancient sparkling gold, he was only talented after all, and it is not linked to the powerhouse.

But how long has he been in this Demon Beast Sea? Less than a month.

He is so awesome to be able to swallow the Thunder Tribulation. He also gained the reputation of Purple Light Devil Child. Refined a 6th Grade Spirit Treasure.

Is this really what a reincarnated Dividing Spirit Stage cultivator can do

Impossible. That’s absolutely impossible. Not even a reincarnated Integration Stage cultivator can do it.

Unless Qin Xiaotian is a Supreme Expert Reincarnation of the Crossing Tribulation Stage.

He has the power of destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth in his previous life. Able to reverse the Rule of Heaven and Earth without fear of Thunder Tribulation. Only this Universe Supreme Expert can have such a magical good fortune.

The thought that he might be the Universe reincarnation of Crossing Tribulation Stage, Jin Chenzi almost knelt down to Qin Xiaotian!


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