Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 80


Jin Chenzi was extremely shocked but also secretly grateful!

Fortunately, his decision to unconventionally promoted Qin Xiaotian to Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Honorary Elder was very wise. In this way, no matter how awesome Qin Xiaotian is, he is a part of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. The more powerful he is, the more he proves that the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is awesome. It also shows that as the Dean, he is well-informed, eclectic, has good leadership, insightful, and resourceful…

Thinking of this, Jin Chenzi felt more and more correct that he had made that choice. Perhaps under Qin Xiaotian’s leadership, the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy will return to its peak like the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy was at 3.000 years ago. Maybe even more prosperous than 3.000 years ago!

Jin Chenzi was thinking wildly.

Meanwhile, the Desolate Sky City Lord limpid autumn water-like eyes also showed incomparable complexity.

She actually looked at Qin Xiaotian very highly.

For this operation to the Demon Beast Sea, she did not invite any Golden Core Stage cultivator in the entire Nine States Continent, except for Qin Xiaotian. This shows that in her eyes, Qin Xiaotian, a little child with only Golden Core 3rd Layer cultivation base, is actually no different from Nascent Soul powerhouse. However, even though she valued Qin Xiaotian so much, she did not expect that she was still underestimating him.

This little devil’s awesomeness already broke through the heaven! Even if you compared him with the legendary figures who have been famous for a long time, that is still won’t be enough

“Boom!” Another golden Divine Thunder fell.

The destructive aura made people shuddered.

In the Thunder Tribulation, a tiger-headed naive little silhouette, raised his head and chest- he was not afraid of anything!

Another Divine Thunder was sucked into his mouth!

“Cool! It’s so cool! Let the storm come even harder!” Qin Xiaotian looked up to the sky and roared.

When many cultivators heard this, their hands lost power, and their swords fell to the ground.

Millions of cultivators opened their mouths wide open, all stunned!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I believe it now! –these heavenly performances!”

“This is the first time I saw a human begging for lighting… what can I say? I give up!”

“What kind of monster is Qin Xiaotian?! Can he not die?!”

“This Purple Light Devil Child- could he be the Thunder God reincarnation? Not only is he not afraid of Heavenly Thunder, but he’s getting stronger?”

“He must have the legendary Body of Myriad Thunders; able to devour Power of Heavenly Thunder!”

Qin Xiaotian didn’t pay attention to these comments. He just felt that he was so cool.

After devouring a lot of golden thunders, his Indestructible Thunder Body once again entered the stage of rapid tempering.

Recovery in destruction, destruction in recovery. With each cycle, his physical body became stronger. He could feel that he was very close to the Indestructible Thunder Body 2nd Layer!

Once he succeeded in breaking through the 2nd Layer, he still didn’t know how powerful it was.

At least a Nascent Soul powerhouse can bully him anymore. Even with the Dividing Spirit Stage’s power, they won’t be able to kill him that easily!

Just at this critical moment, the billowing thunderclouds in the sky dissipated! The mighty Heavenly Thunder’s pressure gradually disappeared, and all cultivators were relieved.

However, Qin Xiaotian was angry.

“Why is it gone?… Hey, uncle! I haven’t gotten enough! Why are you suddenly gone?!”

No wonder Qin Xiaotian yelled at the sky when he’s only a little closer to the Indestructible Thunder Body 2nd Layer.

As long as one more Divine Thunder falls, he can break through.

But at this critical moment, suddenly there was a power outage!

This feeling is like a peerless beauty lying on the bed and posing to you all kinds of stunners. You take off your pants, only to find that the beauty in front of you is actually a demon!


It felt as uncomfortable as eating shit!

“There’s only two Thunder Tribulations?! This isn’t enough!”

Of course, what Qin Xiaotian didn’t know was that after the birth of 6th Grade Spirit Treasure, in fact, it only needs to go through one Thunder Tribulation. The Spirit Treasure that experienced two Thunder Tribulations is already of the highest quality among 6th Grade Spirit Treasures. If third Thunder Tribulation appears, it means that your Magical Artifact is a 7th Grade Dao Artifact.

Although Dao Artifacts and Spirit Artifacts are only a word difference, each of their power is different like between heaven and earth.

Dao Artifacts contains the Power of Heaven and Earth Law. Once born, it is estimated that the entire continental will be shaken by it. Desolate Sky Great Emperor did not know precisely how many Heaven and Earth rare treasures were collected in order to refine the 7th Grade Dao Artifact Heaven-Sealing Mark. Not to mention, it was created from the combination of the power of the entire continent’s cultivators that made it into a Dao Artifact. And this Dao Artifact has fully defended Space Worm-Hole for fifty thousand years, showing its power!

A real Dao Artifact is something to be stunned even for the Supreme big shot of the Integration Stage. Of course, even if it’s not Dao Artifact, just a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact is enough to make people go crazy!

Just at this time, Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier burst into a bright light again.

A young girl was exuding three-color flames all over herself, slowly condensing.

The young girl’s eyes looked quick-witted(?), and her appearance seemed to be that of a seven- or eight-year-old girl. There was an intense curiosity about the world in her eyes. Her body was a combination of virtuality and reality.

Qin Xiaotian instinctively felt close to her.

This sense of closeness was obviously the spiritual mark that Qin Xiaotian planted on the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, but now this spiritual mark appears on the flame girl in front of him.

“Mas… Master!” The flame girl uttered those words.

Qin Xiaotian was startled. Before he could be surprised, a group of Nascent Soul cultivators exploded.

“Unbelievable! An ‘Artifact Spirit Transformation’ turned the weapon from abstract into reality! This is only a 6th Rank Peak Spirit Artifact, yet its ‘True Body Artifact Spirit’ manifested!”

“It is rumored that after an Artifact Spirit Transformation, the magic treasure will be able to cultivate on its own and will have unlimited growth possibility! And not all 6th Rank Peak Spirit Artifacts can appear in this True Body Artifact Spirit. Only the growth-type magic treasure will manifest itself!”

“That is indeed a 6th Grade Spirit Treasure. But I always felt that this magic treasure looks a little familiar to me. It’s a bit similar to Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier in the hands of Daoist Lie Yang…?”

“After Daoist Lie Yang died in Metal-Devouring Ant Tide, his Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier is missing, right…?” A Nascent Soul cultivator said here, the meaning is self-evident.

Just then, a middle-aged man with a majestic aura stood up.

This person was about thirty years old, wearing a black daoist robe, very tall, and exuding the temperament of a superior person with each gesture.

Many Nascent Soul cultivators looked at this person with a trace of respect.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian… Daoist Lie Yang and I are close friends, and we have sworn brotherhood. Now that you have picked up his magic treasure, please return it. This Eminence will take care of it on your behalf. Once the Daoist Lie Yang’s descendants have cultivated enough, I will definitely return this Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier to his descendants…!” The middle-aged man spoke in a gentle tone. However, there was a trace of ‘no questions are allowed’ smell.

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