Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 82


As a sect master, I was slapped in the face repeatedly. Even my face has become swollen!

How should a normal person act in front of the Daoist Cang Yun? How should a normal person act in front of tens of thousands of Heaven Encompassing Sect disciples? How should a normal person act in front of Master Daoist Yun Xiao?

If he loses here, most likely that not only will Cang Yun be ridiculed by the world, but the entire Heaven Encompassing Sect will lose face too.

Some humiliation must be washed away with blood.

The majesty of Heaven Encompassing Sect will never allow a child to trample them!

Just when all the cultivators stared blankly, Cang Yun, which was originally slapped down by Qin Xiaotian, broke out completely.

A violent tremor on the ground… Like magnitude 12 Earthquake.

The radius of 10,000 meters ground collapsed instantly. Countless hard granite stones were instantly turned into powders.

Cang Yun was filled with immortal invincible divine glow. He turned into a bright glow flying into the sky.

The moment he rushed out of the ground, he took out an ancient bronze cauldron of ‘vicissitudes of life’.

For a while, Heaven and Earth changed color, the wind was surging, and terrifying waves of Spiritual Qi fluctuated, sweeping Heaven and Earth, and even space seemed to make waves of ripples after wave and after wave.

Qin Xiaotian was like a flatboat in the waves of tsunami. He felt he could be destroyed at any time.

The desolate and heavy aura shocked all the cultivators who were watching.

“Is that the Heaven Encompassing Sect’s Protecting Treasure’ Suppressing Devil Cauldron’?”

“It’s rumored that the Suppressing Devil Cauldron is the personal artifact of the Heaven Encompassing Reverend, Heaven Encompassing Sect Founding Ancestor. It was originally a 6th Grade Spirit Treasure. However, 50,000 years ago, Heaven Encompassing Reverend followed Desolate Sky Great Emperor and participated in the epic battle between Human Race and Demon Beast. In the battle, the Suppressing Devil Cauldron was seriously damaged, and even its spirit was destroyed, so it fell into the 5th Grade Spirit Artifact level. But even still, the power of Suppressing Devil Cauldron is far superior to other 5th Grade Spirit Artifact!”

“This is a Magical Artifact that shocked the world 50,000 years ago. Heaven Encompassing Reverend regarded it as the Sect Protecting Treasure Heaven Encompassing Sect. And it is also the heirloom of every Heaven Encompassing Sect Master!”

“Daoist Cang Yun took out this magic treasure- he’s not messing around anymore!”

As soon as Suppressing Devil Cauldron came out, the audience was all terrified.

And right then, Desolate Sky City Lord, who had initially been watching the battle, flickered. That beautiful shadow stood in front of the Suppressing Devil Cauldron like a fixed sea needle.

“Fellow Daoist Cang Yun, Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, please calm down for the time being. The Demon Beast Sea is acting up, and the Nine States Continent is in danger. Both of you are the most outstanding cultivators among the human race. Why the infighting in this critical moment?” Desolate Sky City Lord understood the situation and moved with affection.

However, Daoist Cang Yun, who was already angry, couldn’t listen at all.

He had been slapped, and a peacemaker immediately asked him to shake hands with the person who just slapped him. How can the anger in your heart be subsided?

Not kicking the Desolate Sky City Lord was already being respectable.

“Desolate Sky City Lord, this matter has nothing to do with you! Please don’t intervene! My Heaven Encompassing Sect’s reputation cannot be tainted! This little bastard has deceived us all! If this Eminence doesn’t vent his anger today, it’ll be hard to hold back my hatred any more than this!” Cang Yun’s aura was raging, with killing intent exuding all over his body.

Under the persuasion of Desolate Sky City Lord, not only did his anger not subside, but it grew worse!

“Hehe! Who’s deceiving who? You want to take the treasure, but you also need to find some grand-sounding excuses. As a faction of Sect Master, you do some shameless things, huh? You even want to steal from children. How can you even have a face when you’re just trash? You have a Dividing Spirit Stage backing you; that’s why you think everyone will be afraid of you? I’m telling you; I don’t careeee… Just let go of your Dividing Spirit master. I’ll teach ya how to be a man today!” Qin Xiaotian put his hands on his back. Proudly standing in midair.

On that small and exquisite body, he was exuding a firm and unyielding will.

No matter who he is, nothing can’t make him yield. Not even the Dividing Spirit big shot!

That arrogance made people moved.

“Do you see it now? A little bastard on the Golden Core Stage is already so arrogant! When he reached higher cultivation base, he will be ignorant of the law and of natural morality! If this Eminence doesn’t get rid of this scourge today, won’t the Nine States Continent’s sky and earth turn upside down by this little bastard?”

Once Cang Yun’s voice fell, a mysterious magic hit the Suppressing Devil Cauldron. The Suppressing Devil Cauldron became even larger instantly. The mysterious aura circulated in the air.

At this moment, the space is frozen!

Only Qin Xiaotian felt ten thousand mountains pressing over him. It made his body unable to move.

Even Teleportation’s Space Divine Ability seemed to be completely ineffective at the moment.

It seems that this space was suppressed by the Suppressing Devil Cauldron. That’s why no Divine Ability and secret arts could be used!

This was the first time Qin Xiaotian encountered such a strange magical artifact.

“Take this!” Cang Yun’s finger moved, and a huge suction suddenly came from the Suppressing Devil Cauldron.

Under everyone’s eyes, Qin Xiaotian was taken into the Suppressing Devil Cauldron.

“Has Qin Xiaotian finally been suppressed?”

“Supposedly. Suppressing Devil Cauldron has immense power. Although Qin Xiaotian is a heaven-defying cultivator, his cultivation base is still only in the Golden Core Stage. Now that he’s sucked into the Suppressing Devil Cauldron. I’m afraid that it would be bode ill rather than well.”

“If he can turn around the situation, then I have nothing more to say!”

“Actually, I don’t think the Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian has committed any crimes. Heaven Encompassing Sect is acting too overbearing!”

“Hush! Keep your voice down! Who do you think his master is?! The Dividing Spirit big shot is overseeing us all. Have a common sense!”

At this moment, countless onlookers sighed.

From their perspective, Qin Xiaotian has created all kinds of miracles at such a young age. If he is given a few hundred years to cultivate, there would be no one in the world that can beat him! It’s his own fault for not being respectful. Everyone must know to restrain breeze is still, waves are quiet at certain times. Take a step back; the sea and sky are vast.*

*TL note: 风平浪静 fēng píng làng jìng=literary breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment; all is quiet; a dead calm (at sea).
海阔天空 hǎi kuò tiān kōng=wide sea and sky (idiom); boundless open vistas; the whole wide world; chatting about everything under the sun.

If you are blindly strong, you are bound to die easily.

What’s the point of being strong if you die? Who can stay alive forever?

The moment Qin Xiaotian was taken into the Suppressing Devil Cauldron, he felt that he had entered a space filled with gray air currents, which were extremely corrosive.

Even the Nascent Soul powerhouse cannot resist this corrosive air current.

At the same time, this space carried an intense suppression pressure. Qin Xiaotian felt a big mountain pressed against his body all the time. Not to mention, he still could not use the Divine Ability magic spell.

However, even in such a situation, his eyes were still calm!

“Is this the inside of Suppressing Devil Cauldron? It’s indeed a bit mysterious!”

Qin Xiaotian took out the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier.

It stands to reason that Suppressing Devil Cauldron is a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact, and the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier is a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact.

So… There is no reason why a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact cannot do what a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact can!

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