Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 83


A three-color flame gushed out. A single spark started the fire.

After the three-color flame fell to the ground, it spread at an incredible speed.

In just an instant, the inside of the Suppressing Devil Cauldron turned into a boundless fire sea.

The fire was like a melting glacier, causing a world tsunami. Flooded the entire Heaven and Earth.

Ten kilometers······ Twenty kilometers······ Fifty kilometers······ One hundred kilometers······

The fire spread over a hundred kilometers away, squeaking the entire space!

Even so, this space seemed to have no end at all.

Qin Xiaotian was still suppressed in this space, and the pressure kept getting bigger and bigger. There seemed to be no way to go out!

The inside of the Suppressing Devil Cauldron is very strange. There is no way to heaven, no way to earth. The pressure is extremely high, with corrosive air currents. This slowly eroded anyone in it. Not many cultivators can handle it.

Qin Xiaotian felt a little uncomfortable.

He felt being pounded by a thousand-ton ball of cotton repeatedly(?). As if no one is allowed to be powerful.

Just then, this space made a majestic laugh.

“Worthy of being called 6th Grade Spirit Treasure. It is indeed powerful. It can even form the True Samadhi Fire. But it’s a pity that even if Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier’s formidable power is great, it won’t have much effect in this Suppressing Devil Space. You have a mighty power but useless!” (Cang Yun)

“You’re really proud of yourself, huh? You’ll cry soon enough!” Qin Xiaotian said indifferently.

“Haha! Why do you think this Eminence dare to let you in? Do you think that a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact can break a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact? Different Magical Artifact has different powers. In a specific situation, a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact can restrain a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact. Unfortunately, your cultivation base is on the Golden Core Stage. A 6th Grade Spirit Treasure is a violent thing, and you can’t exert its maximum power at all. Rest assured, after I destroy both your body and soul, this Eminence will take care of your artifacts. I heard that you also have a 5th Grade Spirit Treasure Wild Thunder Whip in addition to the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. Able to collect the Power of Heavenly Thunder. It’s a good artifact!” Cang Yun ridiculed Qin Xiaotian.

In his eyes, Qin Xiaotian was already a grasshopper, but it doesn’t mean he could jump forever!

Qin Xiaotian thought something and put away the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. Since Power of Flame does not affect the Suppressing Devil Space, he didn’t want to waste any power.

He found a huge weak spot.

The Suppressing Devil Space is endless, all directions are empty, but the ground alone is real.

The ground is forged from the extremely hard Nine Heavens Profound Iron. It looks indestructible. But the more it seems impossible, then the more likely it is…?

Is the Nine Heavens Profound Iron very hard? In front of Qin Xiaotian, nothing hard exist!

When Cang Yun felt that Qin Xiaotian has calmed down, Cang Yun laid down relaxedly. But then, Cang Yun found Qin Xiaotian made an incredible move.

Like a mouse, he was biting on the extremely hard Nine Heavens Profound Iron.

“Ka beng! Ka beng! Yes, yes, a bit chewy!” Qin Xiaotian nodded with satisfaction.

“Fuck you, little bastard! What are you doing?! Stop it quickly! No! Just stop!” Cang Yun panicked.

He did not expect that this bastard could even break the hardest Nine Heavens Profound Iron of Nine States Continent.

This bastard is not human at all! What human has such a mouth!

He could not hide his panicking at all.

After Qin Xiaotian gnawed a one-meter deep hole in the ground, a dark gray thing came into view.

“Ooh! Could it be… is this a Void Abyss Stone?” The moment Qin Xiaotian recognized the thing, he was excited and jumped up!

The Void Abyss Stone! The legendary Void Abyss Stone!

Void Abyss Stone is a very rare kind of special stone. It has the characteristics of being a space carrier, and it is the main material for refining Space Ring, including other space-related Magical Artifacts! A fist-sized Void Abyss Stone is worth almost no less than a 4th Grade Spirit Artifact.

And the Void Abyss Stone here… It almost covered the entire ground!

“Fuck me! How much is this worth?”

…You can buy two 6th Grade Spirit Artifacts.

Such a waste! What a waste!

This Suppressing Devil Cauldron was completely piled up with Void Abyss Stones.

No wonder this space is so bizarre, self-contained, and has Power of Space Suppression!

Qin Xiaotian had a flash of inspiration.

His original dark and swarthy eyes suddenly burst into green light. It was as if a thief who had initially planned to steal only a few hundred dollars suddenly encountered hundreds of millions of assets.

This feeling cannot be described in words!

Qin Xiaotian turned into a hamster, gnawing everything. Wherever he went, it became a mess.

All Void Abyss Stone, as long as he still sees one, will never let it go one bit of it!

The more he devoured, the more excited he was.

“Hahahaha!” The Cheerful laughter rang through the entire space.

On the other side, Cang Yun was so angry. “Stop it, you bastard! Stop it… It’s over, my Heaven Encompassing Sect heirloom for fifty thousand years…!”

The moment Qin Xiaotian devoured all the Void Abyss Stones, “Boom!”

Heaven Encompassing Sect heirloom, which has been passed down for fifty thousand years, was blown to pieces!

Initially, all the cultivators present thought Qin Xiaotian was in trouble. Someone was even silently mourned Qin Xiaotian in their heart! Who knew at a critical moment, Suppressing Devil Cauldron suddenly exploded.

Qin Xiaotian flew out of it safe and sound.

He also sorted his hair on the way and was standing upside down!

Desolate Sky City Lord was shocked. Jin Chenzi was shocked. All Nascent Soul powerhouses were shocked! Hundreds of thousands of cultivators were shocked!

The atmosphere became depressing and suffocating! The audience was silent.

You could even hear a needle dropped on the ground. It took a long time for them to come back to their senses.

“The Suppressing Devil Cauldron… exploded?”

“A 5th Grade Peak Spirit Artifact, formerly a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact, the Heaven Encompassing Sect heirloom, inherited for fifty thousand years… just like that?”

“I don’t understand! Even if Suppressing Devil Cauldron can’t suppress Qin Xiaotian, there’s no way it can be destroyed that easily! Is this Suppressing Devil Cauldron fake?”

“It can’t be fake! Everyone just saw the power of Suppressing Devil Cauldron! You dare say that fake magic treasure had such power?”


In an instant, countless cultivator talked with amazement on their faces.

Qin Xiaotian’s gaze had already locked onto Cang Yun’s pale face.

“Sect Master Cang Yun, where are you going?!”

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