Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 88


This time, the unlucky one was a middle-aged man with a Nascent Soul Middle Stage cultivation base.

Even though he was already wearing Top Grade armor and turned on a body protecting divine light, under Shadow Devil Monkey’s sharp devil claws, this Top Grade armor and body-protecting divine light seemed to be as fragile as a piece of paper. It broke with a poke!

Devil Monkey excels at killing with one hit. His devil claw sneak attack is the key. The moment his claw penetrates one’s body, it immediately catches your Nascent Soul.

No matter how many methods you have, it would be too late.

The moment you face death, you won’t even believe that you just died like this.

After a single blow, Shadow Devil Monkey disappeared again. It came quietly and crept without taking away a cloud.

You cannot perceive them at all. This abnormal fog seemed to have become their natural cover.

Shadow Devil Monkey is already good at assassinations, but they became even more bizarre under the mist. In this environment, it is impossible to guard against them!

If Qin Xiaotian had not been physically strong, he might have died already.

But Shadow Devil Monkey is extremely powerful in one aspect, but they are extremely weak in another aspect.

Except for sneak attacks, their frontal combat ability is almost a complete mess. Not even stronger than a 3rd Rank Demon Beast!

And at this time, who ate Qin Xiaotian’s Wild Thunder Whip was hit hard instantly. The raging Power of Thunder crackled on him.

Not only did it finally show its body shape, but it was also scorched by electricity!

Who can blame this bastard for having poor eyesight? If they’re so good at sneak attacks, why did they try to sneak attack on Qin Xiaotian?

Could it be that he is young and has the weakest aura, so they picked on soft persimmons?

“Don’t you know that this Young Master is as tough as the real iron plate?”

Qin Xiaotian didn’t stay still and whipped his Wild Thunder Whip. Under two slashes, this 4th Rank Demon Beast was electrocuted by Qin Xiaotian.

5th Grade Spirit Artifact Wild Thunder Whip’s power was not inferior to the Nascent Soul Late Stage powerhouse at all.

After killing the Devil Monkey, Qin Xiaotian directly took out the inner core of Devil Monkey within its body and became excited.

It was the special kind of Shadow Devil Monkey’s inner core. However, before he had time to eat the inner core, he felt dozens of strong killing intents.

Qin Xiaotian’s action seemed to have completely angered the Devil Monkey Race hidden in the dark.

4th Rank Demon Beast possesses a high level of intelligence. Highly intelligent creatures are usually vengeful, and they are easier to hold revenge against.

Qin Xiaotian’s horrible act of killing monkeys and taking the inner core is a thing that the entire Devil Monkey Race cannot tolerate.

He had just taken away the inner core, and another Shadow Demon caught Qin Xiaotian from an incredible angle. The speed blow’s speed is incredible, so fast that even the Nascent Soul powerhouse can’t react.

As if the Devil Monkey is a peerless expert who has reached the highest realm of martial arts in the world, the fastest Highest Realm.

Qin Xiaotian was indeed a little overwhelmed.

I don’t know how to avoid this kind of attack that just appears out of nowhere. Anyway, I will stand still and let you come. I will count you, Whip, to kill!

The moment the Shadow Devil Monkey attacked, it was the moment they exposed the weak spot.

Because once you attack, their body is bound to be exposed. No matter how good their stealth, it is useless.

“Dangdang!” There was a metallic crash again.

When Qin Xiaotian was attacked, a lightning bolt of purple erupted from him.

The Power of Thunder swept across in an instant.

Another Shadow Devil Monkey was electrocuted to the point of being unable to move. Qin Xiaotian’s Wild Thunder Whip slashed, and it exploded in an instant, completing the second kill!

“Haha! Not bad! Another 4th Rank Demon Beast inner core!” Qin Xiaotian laughed.

When all the Nascent Soul powerhouses showed tense expressions, a child gave out a silver bell-like laugh.

“Heavens, please drop down a Divine Thunder and kill this abominable little devil! He’s so annoying!” A female cultivator cursed secretly in her heart.

Two Nascent Soul cultivators have just died in the team. This guy doesn’t need to express his grief, but he still laughs…?

All around is in peril, but a little child is still disturbing everyone’s minds. Simply outrageous!

And it is at this time, Yun Xiao, who had been quiet, suddenly made a loud noise.

“Naughty animal, before this Lord, dare to be presumptuous?” Yun Xiao made a pun, and nobody knows if it was to Qin Xiaotian or those Demon Beasts.*

*TL note: I have no clue. It must be the “naughty animal” part. I can’t find it in the internet.
niè chù=evil creature (multipurpose curse); evil domestic animal

As soon as his voice fell, a terrifying coercion swept away in an instant.

He stretched out his fat hand to the void. A Shadow Devil Monkey hidden in the dark was suddenly blasted by the volley and instantly turned into a blood mist. Then he volleyed several times again.

“Peng peng peng······”

One after another, blood mists exploded.

Instantly, a dozen Devil Monkeys were shot to death.

To Dividing Spirit big shot, killing these 4th Rank Demon Beasts was just like playing.

Every Shadow Devil Monkey is almost equivalent to a Nascent Soul Early Stage cultivator, which also means that Yun Xiao has the terrifying ability to kill dozens of Nascent Soul at hand.

Everyone looked towards Yun Xiao more respectfully!

With a Dividing Spirit Stage big shot overseeing them, the situation changed.

A big shot can always suppress everything at a critical moment, giving people an inexplicable sense of security.

Only in Qin Xiaotian’s opinion, this Yun Xiao was a little deliberately showing himself off.

This guy obviously has the strength to suppress Shadow Devil Monkeys, but has to wait for the death of two people to take action. How is that not showing off?

It’s not that Qin Xiaotian insists on wearing colored glasses to see people. It’s not because of his previous bout with Cang Yun. It’s just Yun Xiao, who looks like a senior expert, open-minded, and is bent on acting for righteousness, feels deliberately contrived. Qin Xiaotian always thinks what kind of horrible ideas is behind this guy! If Qin Xiaotian is correct, then Yun Xiao’s plan is very big.

Qin Xiaotian was cynical on the surface, but he was secretly wary in his heart.

At the same time, when people were not paying attention, Qin Xiaotian secretly ate two 4th Rank Demon Beast Shadow Devil Monkey inner cores.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV25!”
“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has broken through the Golden Core 5th Layer!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Hidden Kill Technique!”

【Hidden Kill Technique: high level assassination type divine ability. Can hide the host’s body shape in Void, fusing together with all things of Heaven and Earth, shielding one’s aura, giving the enemy a fatal blow.
Reminder: This technique does not work for powerhouses above Dividing Spirit Middle Stage. The Hidden Kill Technique can be upgraded to Void Hidden Kill Technique. The host needs to understand enough Space Rule to hide the host’s figure in the Space Overlapping Dimension. The Void Hidden Kill Technique can ignore the cultivator’s induction below the Crossing Tribulation Stage!】

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