Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 87


Soon, a large group of people rose into the air and flew towards the Demon Beast Sea fog.

Qin Xiaotian followed the crowd. He flew side by side with Jin Chenzi.

“Dean, how far can you see?:

“This fog is really strange. I’m using Nascent Soul’s normal sight, and right now, its visible range is only over 100 meters. Even if I use my Divine Sense scan, it would only reach about 800 or 900 meters!” Jin Chenzi said while frowning.

Under normal circumstances, the range of one’s Divine Sense scan is at least tens of kilometers. Some people who are good at this can even cover hundreds of kilometers.

But now, the distance that can be detected is only eight or nine hundred meters. I have to say that this fog has caused great inconvenience to everyone.

“I suspect that this fog is not fog at all, but instead, a large array of Heaven and Earth. Otherwise, the wind comes and goes, yet it’s still shrouded the Demon Beast Sea all year round. Moreover, to also have the effect of suppressing the Divine Sense scan…” Sima Wentian interjected suddenly.

“But if the fog is really just a large array, who could possibly set up the array? I heard that the range covered by this fog is more than billions of kilometers. You could say that it’s infinite!” Jin Chenzi said, more puzzled.

“This is really amazing! It seems that there are still many secrets in this Demon Beast Sea!”

“I heard that once there was a strong and powerful Nascent Soul who flew for several months in the Demon Beast Sea, but he didn’t find the end of the fog. Does a Nascent Soul’s flying speed terrible? Of course not! This mist has that wide of a range!”

The crowd chattered among themselves while flying.

And at this time, Qin Xiaotian released his Divine Sense scan. The moment his Divine Sense left his body, he felt a very strange pressure. This pressure was blocking the spread of his consciousness.

One kilometer… Two kilometers… Three kilometers… It seems that three kilometers were his limit.

Qin Xiaotian was not disappointed but somewhat satisfied.

A Nascent Soul was only able to reach eight to nine hundred meters, but he was able to reach three kilometers away, which was unexpected. This may be related to the strength of his Primordial Spirit.

Generally speaking, the Golden Core Stage does not have Primordial Spirit. However, he devoured the Green Robed Old Ancestor’s Primordial Spirit. Because of that, his spiritual strength had surpassed the Nascent Soul and even reached the Dividing Spirit Stage.

Even if it’s not the best, it seems that he has a natural advantage over others in the Demon Beast Sea! When faced with danger, he can make judgments ahead of others.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, I heard that Sima Fei, my son, seemed to have happened a little unpleasant first meeting with you?” Sima Wentian asked suddenly.

Qin Xiaotian’s eyes narrowed. I wonder why this guy suddenly mentioned this? Could it be to avenge his son?

“This is indeed the case. Do you have something to say?” Qin Xiaotian did not show respect to him.

He dared to offend even Yun Xiao. He didn’t mind doing it again to Sima Wentian.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian misunderstood. My arrogant child was spoiled by his mother from an early age. That’s why he’s ignorant of the world. Thank you for showing him the world.” What Sima Wentian said here was that he really appreciate Qin Xiaotian.

Qin Xiaotian himself was a little embarrassed.

“I hit your son and snatched all the Magical Artifacts from your son. Can you still be thankful?” Qin Xiaotian said with a troubled and embarrassed expression.

As soon as this remark came out, Sima Wentian suddenly showed an awkward look. He didn’t expect that Qin Xiaotian would dare to confess.

Qin Xiaotian’s embarrassment that was unlike of him, made the atmosphere very awkward.

Although you look like a child, everyone in the world already knows that you’re a powerful reincarnated person! Why are you acting embarrassed now?!

Of course, Sima Wentian was not angry.

Qin Xiaotian’s strength was evident to all. Even Cang Yun suffered a big loss under his hands. Although Sima Wentian was confident, he didn’t want to ask for trouble. His original intention was just to make friends with him. And along the way, to turn over Qin Xiaotian’s bad impression of Sima Fei.

Just then, a female Nascent Soul Early Stage cultivator’s chest suddenly burst open. A claw appeared out of nowhere. It tore off the back of the female Nascent Soul and grabbed her away. It ate her in one bite and then disappeared!

Everyone was shocked! There was no sign of danger.

How did a mighty and powerful Nascent Soul die so suddenly? The person herself didn’t even know how she dies from beginning to end.

“What’s going on?! How did Daoist Yuru die?!”

“It seems like a dark shadow is fleeting, and I can’t lock its location! It’s weird!”

“What the fuck is going on?!”

At this time, Qin Xiaotian, who was also bewildered at the same time, felt all the hair in his skin stand up.

A sharp claw, comparable to the sharpness of an artifact weapon, clung to his back.

He didn’t even know how the claws appeared. There was no sound.

By the time he could react, he had already been attacked.

But, this strange claw had chosen the wrong person.

ding” The claw collided with his Magical Artifact that was on his back, and a loud metal crash sound was produced.

A thunderbolt appeared from his back attacked the shadow. The horrifying Power of Thunder struck the shadow instantly.

The shadow made a terrible scream.

Under the violent thunder attack, the shadow made its appearance.

Everyone could see it now. It turned out that this creature was covered with scales, but it looked like a monkey. Its body is not large, and it is similar to the size of an adult orangutan.

“That’s… that’s a 4th Rank Demon Beast, the Shadow Demon Monkey?”

“Shadow Demon Monkey? I’ve never heard of it. Is it powerful?”

“The Shadow Demon Monkey is a terrible 4th Rank Demon Beast. This monster is not that powerful, but it’s very good at sneak attacks. Its talented supernatural power is stealth. Once it stealth itself, it seems to blend naturally with Heaven and Earth. It may become a drop of water under your feet, or it may be a tree around you! It gives you a fatal blow when you are least aware and least prepared! And its shadow claw is extremely sharp! Any normal defensive Magical Artifact can’t prevent it!”

“The Shadow Demon Monkey is a natural assassin. Even if you’re a Nascent Soul powerhouse, it can easily kill you! The most terrifying thing is that this Shadow Demon Monkey is a group-type Demon Beast!”

There was another scream from the crowd.

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