Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 9


On the surface, Qin Xiaotian was an innocent kid. But his thinking is of a normal adult.

After a little thought, he already guessed the other party’s concerns. Qin Xiaotian became even more arrogant. Even when facing the Golden Core Stage’s big shot, his face still had a fearless expression.

While everyone was still immersed in the Golden Core powerhouse’s exaggerated act of apologizing to a 5-6 years old brat, Qin Xiaotian spoke calmly.

“Hehe! Apologize? Are you sure you’re not just bullshiting? As a Zhao Family Old Ancestor, you let the disciples of the clan act indiscriminately. So, you have to let this little master discipline you.  Shouldn’t you······ you understand?” Qin Xiaotian said this.

Mu Qianqian is frightened! Lan Shuang was shocked!

All onlooker cultivators were shocked!

A five or six-year-old little kid actually uttered a lesson to a Golden Core big shot, and it seemed to take the opportunity to ‘extort’!

This arrogance is so breathtaking!

What kind of courage is this?

“He did… he really did it. Even he tried to extort a big shot of Jin Dan. What else isn’t the kid afraid to do?”

“Why is my palm-sweating, more nervous than the person involved?”

“Is the little kid really not afraid of death? No matter how awesome he is, he can’t be the opponent of Jin Dan!”

“You said that he was a little devil. Whatever you were, Prince Charming, people come wherever they want! “

When everyone thought that the Golden Core big shot would be furious, Zhao Hedong showed a friendly smile.

As if he was a temperament expert. He didn’t care about Qin Xiaotian’s unreasonable arrogance!

“What the little friend said is a good one, but it’s a long-lost one. I have a hundred middle-grade spirit stones, plus a thousand low-grade spirit stones. All of them are for apologizing to the little friend. I still don’t know what the little friend likes, though.”

As soon as Zhao Hedong said this, many onlookers screamed in exclamation!

It seems that the people were not only surprised that Zhao Hedong would really be extorted by a little kid, but also surprised that the other party was so generous!

Qin Xiaotian understood from watching the audience’s reactions that this one hundred middle-grade spirit stones plus a thousand low-grade spirit stones should be quite a wealth!

He will accept it as soon as he sees it.

“That being the case, this Young Master is not a person who fusses over minor matters. So I’ll let this matter go!” Qin Xiaotian waved his hand and raised his small head proudly, looking like an adult!

Zhao Hedong bowed his hand again, leaving the spirit stone behind, and left with Zhao Lingfeng and others. From start to finish, it ended with peace.

Qin Xiaotian patted the Universe Bag on his waist happily, feeling that he’s very rich now.

I don’t know if this spirit stone can be eaten! But it should look delicious!

At this moment, among the onlookers, a young man dressed in blue shook his head with a smile on his face. But the attendants behind him showed doubtful gazes.

“Young Master, I still don’t understand why the ancestors of the Zhao family act like this. As a strong Jindan, do you need to calm down a little child? Is he really out of his depth and unwilling to fight a child?”

“Hehe! You, Daoxing, are still too shallow. This Zhao Hedong wily old fox established Zhao Family in one hand and became one of the Tiandiu city Seven Great Cultivation Aristocratic Families. I don’t know how many bloody storms he has experienced. But, do you think he is that kind of talker?” The monk in blue asked rhetorically.

“If this is the case, then I don’t understand it even more.” The attendant became even more puzzled.

“This is the cleverness of this old fellow! You don’t need to understand. Prepare a generous gift. We will visit the boy tomorrow…” The blue-clothed cultivator did not explain but instead changed the subject.

In the hall of Zhao’s mansion, Zhao Hedong sat in the position of Patriarch, without a trace of emotional fluctuations on his face, but Zhao Lingfeng and the others knelt on the ground with a look of grief.

“Old ancestor, please forgive this great-grandson of yours for being rude… this great-grandson really does not know why Old ancestor did not settle the little devil today? This little devil had killed more than forty elite disciples in the Zhao family; even my Songer…… also died in the hands of this beast. I understand if you did not take revenge for us, but why did you not settle the score with that little devil? You are a Jin Dan. Could it be, are you afraid of fighting a little kid?


When Zhao Hedong heard this, a trace of anger appeared on the old face of calm and composed.

An extreme pressure erupted from him. Everyone in the Zhao family squatted on the ground under this powerful pressure.

“A bunch of shameful idiots! Do you really think you can be lawless after sitting on this seat? This world is so big that the almighty powerhouse is innumerable, and Tiandu City is just a drop in the ocean. It is just a small city on the southwest border, far less than the prosperous area of Zhongzhou(Central State)! Do you think Jin Danqi’s cultivation base is really an amazing realm? How vast are this heaven and earth? How boundless is the universe? Even if you cultivate like me, I would still just be an ant in this vast world, and at best, I would just be a bigger ant! Let me ask you again, how old is the child? What about his cultivation base?” Zhao Hedong asked disappointedly.

“Back to old ancestor, although I don’t know the exact age of that little bastard, he should only be about five or six years old. As for his cultivation base, it is probably under Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer, but that bastard’s fleshy body is extremely powerful, almost reaching unbelievable level, even the cultivator of the Foundation Establishment 5th Layer may not be able to hurt him!” Zhao Lingfeng answered truthfully.

“Hmph! At the age of five or six, his cultivation base has reached Foundation Establishment Realm. His fleshly body is comparable to a Foundation Establishment 9th Layer, and his mastery of magic spell is even more perfect. I will ask you again, what kind of person managed to cultivate a child to become something like that?”

“That······” Zhao Lingfeng paused, and a trace of fear gradually appeared in his eyes.

“I’m telling you that the Jin Dan cultivation base cannot be cultivated. Even the cultivator that possesses the great power of the Yuan Ying(Nascent Soul) cannot cultivate it!”

Zhao Lingfeng, hearing this, was instantly scared. He slumped, and a look of despair flowed into his eyes.

In his eyes, the Golden Core cultivation base is already an extremely powerful realm, and even more so, Nascent Soul supreme expert exists as a celestial being.

Something more potent than Nascent Soul supreme expert······ this revelation has exceeded his understanding!

Think carefully!

“Old ancestor, this great-grandson finally know what was wrong, and almost brought the Zhao family into a state of utter danger. Great-grandson asked to resign from Patriarch seat and is willing to take any punishment!” Zhao Lingfeng knelt on the ground with a pale face and said in a somber tone.

“Good!” Zhao Hedong nodded.

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