Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 8


“There is such a thing?”

“This bear kid has eaten Xuanbingzhu. Not only is he okay, but it also seems that his aura is getting stronger and stronger?”

“Doesn’t it make him a god-like monster beast? Otherwise, how can a human withstand such a terrifying cold force?”

“No, that kid doesn’t have any Demon Qi, and he doesn’t look like a demon beast.”

At this moment, Zhao Lingfeng himself was the most bitter.

He wanted to freeze the little bastard with the power of the Profound Ice Pearl.

Whoever, this little bastard is simply an undead monster! Not to mention eating Profound Ice Pearl in one bite… he wasn’t even dead. Instead, getting even stronger!

Losing Profound Ice Pearl made the opponent stronger and stronger.

This feeling… It’s better to die than to be alive!

Unlike Zhao Lingfeng and others’ emotions like eating shit, Qin Xiaotian had a delighted expression.

That happy smile seems to be so refreshing! He even had a full hiccup.

I’m not done yet!

When Zhao Lingfeng saw the look of Qin Xiaotian’s incomparable enjoyment, he was so angry that the three corpses jumped and his internal organs were burned!

True Essence (Zhenyuan) reversed, almost cultivation deviation!

“Little ~ brat’s ~ life! This Eminence is not with you… die… No… Hugh!”

Zhao Lingfeng uttered a word and roared.

The power of True Essence exploded wildly, revealing an attack to kill Qin Xiaotian!

The corner of Qin Xiaotian’s mouth raised slightly, revealing a scornful smile.

If it was him before he swallowed Profound Ice Pearl, this Zhao Lingfeng might still pose a threat to Qin Xiaotian. But now, even if ten Zhao Lingfeng are added together, this master will be able to flatten anyone until you start to doubt life!

“Peng Peng Peng!” Three muffled sounds.

The Zhao Family’s three Foundation Establishment experts were kicked from the sky by Qin Xiaotian.

It bombarded the ground like a cannonball and abruptly smashed a two-meter deep hole.

With such speed and power, even the Experts of Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer could not respond.

The power of this little devil is so terrifying~!

On the other hand, the three masters of the Zhao family were all in ragged clothes, blood spurting everywhere, and their breaths became rough. -Almost killed by this little devil!

Everyone is shocked!

Their inner tremor can no longer be described in words.

“Too crazy!”

“Dignified Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer powerhouse, one of the Tiandiu City Seven Aristocratic Families, was beaten by a 5-6 years old kid to vomit blood and severely wounded. I don’t know what to say! “

“Who just said that this kid is doomed to die? Come out and say it again! I see that a Tianjiao of this generation has come into being!”

“What kind of person is it that gave birth to such a shameless little devil?”

Ignoring the spectating masses whose eyeballs are about to pop out, Qin Xiaotian just waved his hand, and hundreds of ice spikes in the air instantly.

These ice spikes carry a terrifying meaning of ice-cold, and they are also mixed with an extremely sharp aura.

It’s better than the aura on the ordinary flying sword!

The ice spikes descended from the sky like a rain of arrows, and the target was directed at the Zhao family trio in the pit.

The grudges between Qin Xiaotian and Zhao Lingfeng can be said to have risen to the situation of irreconcilable until death.

There is absolutely no possibility of shaking hands and making peace now.

Naturally, he will not be merciful.

Zhao Lingfeng, who was severely injured, no longer had the strength to fight back. Seeing the dense ice spikes, he had already thought of the tragic end of being pierced by ten thousand spikes in the next second.

The dignified Zhao Family’s current patriarch has fallen into the situation of being tortured and killed by a little brat. Even in death, he is an embarrassment.

But even with all kinds of humiliation in his heart, he can only be slaughtered!

In front of such a perverted bear child, how powerless it is!

Everyone hushed.

Before all of this ever happened, no one would have thought that even the Zhao family’s patriarch would be reduced to such a situation. He is not just a little kid anymore; he is really a little devil in the world!


When Zhao Lingfeng was about to die, a terrifying coercion descended from the sky.

Space paused.

The dense ice spikes were strangely frozen in the air.

In the next second, everything disappeared.

A colorful glow broke through the clouds and enveloped the earth.

In the clouds, an old man wearing a white daoist robe, white hair, and youthful face came from the cloud, as if he was from the Immortal Land!

This old man carried his hands on his back, Immortal Qi was shining everywhere, making people dare not look straight!

A powerful force shook everyone’s minds!

“Is this? Lord Jin····· Lord Jin Dan is here? My God!”

“Isn’t this Senior Zhao Hedong, the ancestor of the Zhao family Jindan?! It is said that he traveled all over the world 50 years ago, but I did not expect him to come back!”

“That little child is in great trouble. The ancestor of the Zhao family Jindan came down. He has three heads and six arms, and I am afraid that he cannot escape!”

At this point, Zhao Lingfeng almost cried.

The feeling of life and death in an instant is exhilarating!

It irritates him that he never wants to experience it again.

At this moment, seeing the advent of his ancestor, he burst into tears.

“Old ancestors, this great-great-grandson’s incompetence has humiliated the Zhao family. Many disciples died tragically at the hands of this little beast. You must avenge them!” Zhao Lingfeng forcibly endured the severely injured body, got up from the pit, and fell to his knees In front of the old man, knocking his head with an infinite grievance.

However, Zhao Hedong didn’t look at him at all. Instead, he bowed to Qin Xiaotian with a smile.

“It’s this old man’s fault. This old man has no way of disciplining his descendant, which caused some scums to exist in my family and then run into you, little friend. This is really the fault of my Zhao family. This old man is willing to apologize to the little friend and ask you, little friend to look at this old face and be forgiving. Please… be forgiving!”

As soon as the Zhao family ancestors said this, everyone was collectively confused!

Even Qin Xiaotian was a little confused. He really didn’t expect that the ancestor of the Zhao family, who appeared in such an awesome way, would actually apologize to him!

The peerless boss of Jin Dan apologized to a five or six-year-old kid???


Zhao Lingfeng also showed an incredible expression. He never imagined that his ancestor would apologize to this damn little bastard!

“Old ancestors, absolutely must not apologize. This little beast is ferocious, and killed more than forty disciples of the Zhao family!”

“Shut up, isn’t that embarrassing enough? Go back and think about it for a hundred years!” Zhao Hedong’s eyes flashed a cold light.

Under this look, blood starts to spurt out again.

A look in the eyes can actually hurt people, and it is worthy of being a big brother of Jin Danqi, awesome!

Thought Qin Xiaotian.

This old fellow doesn’t seem to be a good man either. Yet, when His descendants were killed, instead of avenging his family, he ignored his great-grandchild. And treated his enemy courteously, which is not normal behavior!

There is only one possibility for this abnormal behavior.

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