Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 198


Probably no one noticed Marie and d’Eon’s encounter on the battlefield, one smiled and the other one was very excited.

Looking at the familiar knight in front of her, Marie asked him curiously, “How do you know that I am here?”

He answered her with a surprising answer.

“Because I know that you hate war.”

D’Eon answered Marie’s question truthfully.

“You don’t like war and conflict, yet you can’t ignore the people who are suffering. It’s you we’re talking about, after all, I know that I won’t find you on the frontline. You will not show yourself unless you’re backed against the wall.”

“I see, as expected of my knight, you see through me.”

Marie didn’t feel discouraged because she was seen through by her habit. Instead, she was so happy that someone knew her that well.

“I thought you would use your Noble Phantasm to counter Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm.”

Those words proved that Marie also knew d’Eon well enough.

“I don’t know for sure where you are after all, on the off chance that you’re on the frontline with Amadeus, even if I use my Noble Phantasm, it will be pointless before you, right?” d’Eon answered.

Generally speaking, in the battle between servants, those who knew their enemy’s true name will be on an advantage, because they will know their enemy’s Noble Phantasm as well and prepared a countermeasure beforehand.

And both of them knew each other’s Noble Phantasm.

While deceiving many people, d’Eon continued to accomplish their goal. That way of life was what earned him his Noble Phantasm.

This sword dance brings to surface the symbol of French royalty, a fully-bloomed lily. It was bewitching the enemies. All affected targets had their Strength, Endurance, and Agility parameters decreased. Once the activation was successful, the opponent will be unable to move, it was the same type of Noble Phantasm as Amadeus, but it couldn’t harm people.

It was a C+ Rank Noble Phantasm, and its category was Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. If he used it on the frontline, it would nullify the effect of Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm.

That was the very reason why, during the skirmish in the camp, d’Eon planned to use his Noble Phantasm to cancel out Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm.

Unfortunately, last time, d’Eon did not have the opportunity to use his Noble Phantasm and even if he did use it, it wouldn’t have any effect.

That was because Marie, whose Noble Phantasm could easily cancel out his Noble Phantasm, happened to be his enemy this time.

Guillotine Breaker: Glory to the Crown of Lilies.

That was the name of Marie’s Noble Phantasm.

It took the form of a beautiful horse made of glass and imprinted with lilies, the royal symbol of the Crown. By unleashing its true name, Marie can call forth this horse, dashing through the battlefield while sending radiant particles of light swirling all about, dealing damage to her enemies. At the same time, it canceled out negative statuses on allies and recovered their health and mana.

The reason why d’Eon didn’t want to use his noble phantasm in Marie’s presence was because Marie’s Noble Phantasm could dispel the negative buff that d’Eon provided.

Marie’s Noble Phantasm was A+ level Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, its level was far above d’Eon’s Noble Phantasm.

“If I want to use it, I’ll have to knock you down first and use it later.”

d’Eon took his sword.

“Then, I will also offer a song for everyone.”

Marie was not afraid, the smile on her face didn’t fade away.

Even without summoning her ride, Marie still had something up her sleeve.

That was Marie’s Skill — Alluring Nightingale.

A Mesmerizing-kind of Skill possessed by those with a beautiful natural voice; it was also a declaration of the exercise of power by the royalty. It worked like a charm magecraft-like effect towards those of the user’s opposite sex, but evasion was possible by means of a Magic Resistance Skill. Even without Magic Resistance, one could abate it to some extent so long he or she maintained a will to resist. For Marie, who has materialized as a symbolic existence, she could guide magical damage towards the opponents of the royalty with just a single singing voice.

In other words, Marie, like Amadeus, used music as a medium to attack with their magic.

On the frontline, the France Army, together with the wolf familiars rushed to the wyvern legion, which were already weakened by Amadeus’ Noble Phantasm, they fiercely those wyverns.

But of course, the battle between servants was undoubtedly the most brutal one.

Vlad III rushed to Kiyohime, he attacked her with his Noble Phantasm, and disappeared into the shadow, then emerged from a group of bats and attacked again, the variety of his attack pattern, showing his amazing battle prowess.

In that regard, Kiyohime was able to adapt to it at first, and then she gradually got cornered. In the end, she could only use her Noble Phantasm and turned into a big snake that spewed flames.

And it was as if Elizabeth and Carmilla refused to be outdone by them.

They engaged fiercely in melee combat using their respective weapon.

Looking at the situation, Amadeus just played the song with all his heart and gave the best of his Noble Phantasm’s power to the limit.

In the distance, the battle between Marie and d’Eon also entered the best part.

At that moment, Orleans has undoubtedly become the most dangerous battlefield in the world.

But where was Rozen?

The answer was very obvious.

Since the army was against the army, the commander was against the commander. Then naturally, the king was against the king.

“I’ve been expecting you.”

When Rozen arrived at the hall in the Orleans Castle, undoubtedly, the biggest enemy waited there for him.

“…Although you shouldn’t have come in the first place.”

In the hall, Jeanne Alter stood in front of the throne and said to him.

Of course, neither of them was alone.

On the Rozen’s side, he had Mashu and Jeanne with him.

And on Jeanne Alter’s side was Caster.

“Saint…” Caster looked toward Jeanne.

“Dragon Witch…” Mashu was staring at Jeanne Alter cautiously.

Jeanne looked at Caster without saying anything.

In her hand, the flag of France was fluttering in the wind.

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