Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 199


While the battle outside heated up, Rozen, Mashu, and Jeanne raided the castle and encountered Jeanne Alter and Caster there.

After two days, they met again, and just like last time, they were hostile to each other.

Jeanne Alter still hated everything. Her whole body was like emitting dark aura full of hatred.

And as usual, Caster was with his insane look, he stared at Rozen with his twisted gaze.


Caster seemed to be talking to himself while thinking of Rozen.

“Give me back my saint. You take her away from me…! You…! Y, Y, you …! Who are you?” Caster shouted.

Mashu felt Caster might attack them at any time, and she quickly stood in front of Rozen while raising the shield in her hand.

The same as Mashu, Jeanne also stood in front of Rozen while holding the holy flag in her hand.

Perhaps because of that, the opponent’s Servants did not carelessly attack them. Instead, they turned their attention to Rozen.

Jeanne Alter was completely ignoring Rozen’s existence. She only took a quick glance at him before looking toward Jeanne.

“Still as naive as you used to, aren’t you? Saint-sama.”

Jeanne Alter said.

“You really can’t fight if it isn’t to protect somebody, can you? Even after being betrayed by humans, you still haven’t learned your lesson! Aren’t you afraid that guy over there will betray you as well?”

Jeanne Alter’s words were quite harsh.

It was because they were the same person that Jeanne Alter knew what to say to discourage Jeanne

However, Jeanne said confidently, “This human by my side is now my comrade, and of course, I have to protect him.”

With that said, Jeanne also glanced at Caster and said, “Even if you resent everything in this world, at least you should’ve remembered that a comrade deserves your protection?”

And the other way around applied too.

Because they were basically the same person, they knew what to say to each other.

Jeanne Alter then said in response.

“Are you willing to sacrifice your life again for that human?!?” Jeanne Alter asked.

And Caster was even more excited.

“Oh…!Oooh …!saint…! Don’t you forget that I am your most loyal follower…!? Only me…! Only me…! Even God turn his back Aaaaah on you…!”

Caster became crazier.

That crazy look was too scary for women that Mashu seemed reluctant to look at him.

Conversely, Rozen himself looked at Jeanne Alter and Caster respectively.

Under such circumstances, Jeanne only looked at those two with some sad expression, and she immediately said,

“Whoever it is, as long as they’re fighting for the glory of the Lord are my comrades.”

Jeanne responded to those two with such a statement.

“Jeanne…” Caster’s expression suddenly changed drastically, as if he returned to his former self, and he said with a smile, “You are still as kind as always.”

“Unfortunately…” Jeanne Alter said, “I don’t need that good side of mine.”

After that, Jeanne Alter approached Caster.

“To tell you the truth, you only remind me about how miserable you are by coming here.”

Jeanne Alter’s expression changed.

“France that you once fought for almost totally become the wyvern’s lair.”

“…the stupid people who protect this land almost perish at the hands of either the wyverns or my servants.”

“I even killed Charles VII. What France has left is nothing but a small area that can perish anytime soon.”

“And you’re claiming to save France again?”

“There’s a limit to how ridiculous you can be.”

Jeanne Alter said.

“Look! The things we have tried to protect for a lifetime are so fragile! This kind of thing… such a country… such people… if the Lord really protects them, they shouldn’t have perished so easily, right!?”

What Jeanne Alter wanted to say was clear.

“God does not exist at all!”

Jeanne Alter completely denied Jeanne, which meant she denied herself.

“You heard Lord’s voice, so you set foot on the battlefield?”

“That is nothing but a self-satisfaction!”

“No one wants you to save the country. You are just doing it for self-satisfaction, that’s all!”

Jeanne Alter’s words were full of hatred and resentment, and the entire hall began to shake.


“This is…!?”

Mashu and Jeanne were both shocked.

Rozen also almost fell to the ground, but he tried to control his balance, using the Spirit Vision and Heavenly Eye, he could see the surrounding area.

The report from Chaldea suddenly sounded.

“That is mana reading from super-large creatures!”

Roman’s loud voice quickly informed everyone there.

“This… this mana…! High demons…! No…! It’s close to Divine Beast!”

“Come out!” Jeanne Alter’s shouted.

“Incarnation of destruction and evil!”


When she shouted that name, the hall suddenly stopped shaking.



The dragon’s roar, like the one that came from the depths of hell, echoed throughout the land.


In the next second, the ground burst open.

They saw a huge creature like an evil incarnation.

Huge wings.

Huge body.

Huge limbs.

Huge head.

That was the pure-blood dragon species, the strongest of the Divine Beast.

Its eyes slowly looked down and stared at Rozen’s group.

The deadly atmosphere gradually filled the air.

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