Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 282



Ilfang’s roar echoed throughout the spacious room




As if responding to Ilfang’s roar, the three Ruin Kobold Sentinel also let out a screeching cry and raised the halberd in their hands.


The players rushed toward Ilfang the Kobold Lord and its minions in droves.

The one who led in the front was Kirito.

“Come on!”

Kirito drew his Anneal Blade +6 and stared at Ilfang with eyes burning with fighting spirit.


Ilfang roared and used Sword Skill toward Kirito. Likewise, Kirito was also in the middle of a Sword Skill’s pre-motion.



The loud sound of The Floor Boss’ bone axe and Kirito’s Anneal Blade +6 along with the dazzling light of their Sword Skills marked the beginning of the First Floor Boss Raid.

At the same time, a dozen players holding their weapons and shields rushed from behind Kirito and surrounded Ilfang.

They were Rozen’s Raid Team, which was the second and the third party led by Kirito and Agil respectively.

The two parties followed Kirito and attacked the encircled Floor Boss.

However, as if only seeing Kirito, Ilfang raised his bone axe to chop Kirito, who couldn’t move because he has just used a Sword Skill.

That was because Kirito’s Sword Skill earlier draw Ilfang’s aggro on him, causing Ilfang to focus on the player who dealt the highest damage.


“Over here!”

Achille yelled and raised a huge shield in his hand. That was the type of shield that granted the highest defense in SAO, the rectangle shield.

Not only it was tough, but it also covered a bigger area compared to other types of shield. It was almost on par with Mashu’s shield, but it was really heavy. Players with low weight limit or strength wouldn’t be able to equip this shield.

Agil used shield instead of his Two-Handed Axe like Rozen suggested earlier. At this moment, the shield shone like the Sword Skill’s light.


Ilfang the Kobold Lord stopped moving, and suddenly turned its red eyes toward Agil.

That was the effect of tank’s special skills called Intimidation, which could forcefully draw the monster’s aggro toward them.

It went smoothly as Ilfang shifted its attention toward Agil and attacked Agil who was prepared behind his shield.


The powerful blow caused spark as Ilfang’s bone axe caused sparks when it collided with Agil’s shield.


Agil was surprised by the powerful feedback he received, and his hp was slightly decreased.

Despite using the type of shield that granted the highest defense, Agil’s hp was reduced, albeit only slightly. That showed just how powerful Ilfang was..


“It works!”

At the rear, Rozen smiled and exclaimed.

“Tanks, take turns using Intimidation to draw the Boss’ aggro. Keep an eye on its axe and be sure to block it with your shield, don’t let the boss hit you directly even though you have good armor. Damage dealers, don’t use Sword Skills unless the boss was unable to move because of using its Sword Skill! it’ll draw too much aggro.”

Hearing the instruction from Rozen, the second and third party became vibrant, after yelling loudly in response, they immediately executed Rozen’s order.

Suddenly, Ilfang was forced to attack the tanks whom used Intimidation on it. Meanwhile, its backs were completely exposed which was swarmed by Kirito’s party. They managed to deal quite an amount of damage to Ilfang as its hp was gradually decreasing.

“Is it just me, or the boss’ hp was barely reduced?”

Argo was stunned when he saw this scene.

“No, it’s not just your imagination.”

Rozen shook his head and said so.

That was because there were only six damage dealers, and most of them weren’t using the heavy weapon like Two-Handed Axe and Hammer to prevent them from dealing too much damage. After all, it’d be troublesome if they dealt too much damage that the Tanks’ Intimidation wouldn’t have any effect.

Kirito, who was also aware of this, refrained from using Sword Skill and aimed for Ilfang’s weakness to avoid drawing too much aggro because his weapon could deal quite a lot of damage.

As long as the Raid Teams stuck to this method, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, at least until Ilfang’s hp was reduced to its last one-third, changing its attack pattern.

And even then, the fourth party consisted of the players with long reach weapons were on standby, ready to slow down the boss once its attack pattern changed.

Therefore, Rozen was more concerned with the guerilla party who was in charge of dealing with the Ruin Kobold Sentinel.

But in the next second, Rozen saw it.

He saw a meteor streaking across the battlefield


A shimmering rapier glowed and thrusted toward a Ruin Kobold Sentinel’s chest that was covered by armor.



The Ruin Kobold Sentinel let out a cry as it was blown away by the meteor-like speed rapier.

“Take this!”

Asuna rushed toward the Ruin Kobold Sentinel that was blown away with her fluttering hood, and once she caught up with the Ruin Kobold Sentinel, pink light enveloped Asuna’s rapier and pierced through the monster’s throat.


Asuna’s Linear, enhanced with +3 accuracy on her Wind Fleuret, instantly finished off the Ruin Kobold Sentinel


The first Ruin Kobold Sentinel was defeated within only one minute after the Raid began.

As the countless polygon shards in front of Asuna disappeared, all male players were baffled by what she just did.

Only Rozen, who saw that scene and smiled slightly.

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