Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 287


At the same time, the rest of the players also encountered new enemies.

Turns out, not only the weapon of first floor’s boss that has changed, Ruin Kobold Sentinel spawn mechanism has also changed. During the closed beta, 3 Ruin Kobold Sentinels would be spawned only when each Ilfang’s hp bar depleted. But this time, 4 Ruin Kobold Sentinels were spawned regularly after Ilfang switched its weapon to nodachi until Ilfang was slain.

While the normal players were helping Diavel, the rest of Rozen’s Raid Team was handling 4 Ruin Kobold Sentinels, that was just spawned.

Asuna was also among them.

However, at this moment, Asuna’s mind was no longer concerned with the enemy in front of her; her eyes were drawn toward another battle that took place.

It was an amazing battle between the Floor Boss and two players who were rushing straight at the Floor Boss itself.



Sword Skills light was radiated from both teenagers’ sword.


Ilfang that seemed to believe this was the perfect time to counterattack, it also used its Sword Skill.


Ilfang lowered its nodachi to its hip then rushed towards Rozen and Kirito at an astonishing speed.

This was a straight, long-range Katana skill, Whirlwind.

There was only one word to describe this technique, Iai (draw and slash).

After a short period of “charging”, Ilfang who was close enough to Kirito and Rozen, executed a diagonal slash from bottom-left to top-right that was too hard to follow with human eyes.

The one who rushed to repel this attack was Kirito. Thanks to his 1 STR and 2 AGI stat allocation, he was faster than Rozen. Like Ilfang, Kirito also came prepared with his basic Sword Skill, Rage Spike.

With his Anneal Blade +6 glowing in blue light, he leaped at Ilfang, closing the distance in a short amount of time and slashed upward.


The loud metal collision sounds echoed in the room.

As their weapon collided with each other midair, causing sparks due to the sheer momentum, they were both bounced back and unable to move due to the post-motion after using Sword Skill.

Kirito then immediately shouted.


Right after Kirito said that word, a figure rushed toward Ilfang. As Rozen stared at Ilfang who couldn’t move, he took a deep breath, and his consciousness sank into the depth of his heart, allowing him to sense any sort of sound.


This was the sound of a heartbeat that constantly became faster.


It sounded clearer.


The ripple became visible.


The ripple became chaotic.

Suddenly, what Rozen saw in front of his eyes completely changed

It was as if everything in front of him became a microscopic universe that was so vast.

Rozen managed to activate Eye of the Mind without any problem. Usually, it’d take a while for Rozen to concentrate before he could activate Eye of the Mind, but this time, due to adrenaline, it took him less than three seconds to activate it.

This allowed Rozen to see through everything.

Rozen’s hand followed the.visibly clear ripple in his eyes and swung his sword vertically. The strike was as fast as lightning, yet as heavy as a mountain.

It’d be impossible for Rozen to deliver a strike that fast and powerful if he was in the real world due to his weak physique.

But now, with the help of Eye of the Mind, Rozen used the basic One-Handed Sword Skill, Vertical, with the most natural and efficient movement.


Ilfang, who couldn’t move, was left with a diagonal virtual gash on its body.


Ilfang groaned painfully.

The damage that Anneal Blade+8 dealt with the aid of Eye of the Mind was overwhelming because it was a critical hit.

It’d take at least 4 players using Two-Handed Axe to reduce Ilfang’s hp by the same amount as Rozen’s attack just now.

Now, just a list of swords has brought such damage to the squad boss.

Ilfang that was no longer in a post-motion state, groaned painfully and rushed toward Rozen.

In response, Rozen shouted.


Almost instantly, Kirito, who has just recovered from the post-motion state, rushed toward Rozen and propelled himself by stepping on Rozen’s shoulder to intercept Ilfang, thay was rushing toward Rozen.

The light of Sword Skill was radiated from Kirito’s Anneal Blade +6. This time, Kirito used the Sword Skill, Horizontal.

As the name suggested, Horizontal was a simple Sword Skill slashing horizontally, whereas Vertical was a simple Sword Skill slashing vertically.

Although Kirito couldn’t use Eye of the Mind like Rozen earlier, he used the momentum when he jumped off Rozen’s shoulder earlier and his body weight to empower his Sword Skill.


Ilfang, who was about to attack Rozen, was suddenly hit by a diagonal strike from its waist, causing a virtual gash to appear on its body.

Paired with the virtual gash from Rozen’s attack earlier, Kirito’s attack just now formed a perfect cross mark on Ilfang’s body.

The two wounds are superimposed together to form a perfect cross trace.


The screams of Ilfang have disappeared.

And its hp is almost down to the bottom line.



Rozen and Kirito were simultaneously shouting and continued to attack the Iraqi side.

Those two teenagers actually left their opponent no chance to counterattack. They would switch alternately and suppressed Ilfang every single time.

The normal players could only watch this scene dumbfounded.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…?”

“Damn… they’re really something else…”

“Can we become as strong as them…?”

Even Asuna was shuddering.

Not because of fear, but because she was in awe.

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