Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 302


As this group of Players ran toward the place that Ducker pointed, they saw a vast flower field before them. However, it was not an ordinary flower field.

“Poisonous flower field?”

Kirito was surprised upon seeing the flower field in front of him. As the name suggested, the field was full of black and purple poisonous flowers exuding purple haze visible to the naked eye. It might seem beautiful at first glance, but once a Player got close enough, they’ll pick up the numbing smell.

“This must be the trap on this floor.”

Rozen said right after seeing the flower field.

There were all kinds of traps throughout Aincrad’s Floors, and this poisonous flower field was probably the trap in the 11th Floor, which could inflict poison to any Player who got close enough and reduce their hp overtime.

 “Why would the Rainbow Butterfly inhabit a poisonous flower field?”

Kirito slightly had his doubts since the Rainbow Butterfly looked so cute and beutiful that he thought it should reside in a normal flower field. It just didn’t seem like the type of creature that would inhabit this kind of place.

On the contrary, Rozen was not surprised at all.

“Rainbow flower butterfly had a variety of skills that inflicted various status effects. Therefore it should have high resistance and adaptability in a hazardous environment, including poison.”

If Rozen put it that way, it certainly wasn’t surprising that Rainbow Butterfly would inhabit this area that was supposed to be a trap.

 “No wonder no one has found it so far.”

Kirito was a bit surprised as Rozen’s argument made sense.

If the Rainbow Butterfly was really there, no wonder it was so hard to find it. After all, no one in their right mind would just walk into a trap full of poisonous flowers.

The reason why Moonlit Black Cats saw the Rainbow Butterfly in that poisonous flower field was because they accidentally fell into a trap in Outer Field somewhere else. It was a teleport trap. Once a Player activated this trap, they’d be instantly teleported to another area where high-level monsters were already waiting for them. Keita and his party happened to be teleported to this forest where they happened to see the Rainbow Butterfly flew into this poisonous flower field, but they were in no position to check the exact whereabout of the Rainbow Butterfly because they were surrounded by monsters. If Kirito didn’t see it and help them, they would no longer be in this world.

 “We did see the Rainbow Butterfly fly toward this flower field, but we didn’t know exactly where it is.”

Keita said apologetically.

But that was enough for Rozen.

“That’s more than enough.” Rozen patted Keita’s shoulder. Stay here; I’ll go by myself.”

Rozen obviously couldn’t let those Players come with him. A poisonous flower field was no laughing matter now that SAO was a death game. But it should be fine for Rozen since he was level 48, poison trap in 11th Floor shouldn’t be able to kill him. Even if things went south, Rozen had various Antidote, including Antidote Crystals, so there should be nothing to worry about.

Right after saying those words, Rozen was about to enter the poisonous flower field, but Kirito stopped him and dragged him to the side where Keita and the others couldn’t hear them.


“Are you really planning to tame the second Rainbow Butterfly?”

Rozen answered it briefly.

“Of course.”

That was a dumb question because during the past six months, there were so many benefits that the Rainbow Butterfly provided Rozen.

Putting aside its magnificent performance in Floor Boss Raid, thanks to the Rainbow Butterfly, Rozen could charge all by himself to a horde of monsters. After Rainbow Butterfly inflicted various status effects on the monsters and Rozen finished them off using Sword Skills one by one. Not to mention he could use Eye of the Mind that he kept honing to kill the monsters even faster, allowing him to earn a lot of Exp, Cor, and all kinds of rare drop items effectively. Meanwhile, other players had to form a party if they wanted to fight multiple monsters at once, and if they didn’t, there was no choice but to kill the Monster one at a time.

That was how Rozen was able to reach almost 10 levels higher than the clearers’ average level. Even Kirito, who was a hardcore gamer, was still 4 levels below Rozen, which explained how helpful Rainbow Butterfly was.

Of course, it was all because he devoted a lot of time to raise the Rainbow Butterfly, be it in terms of level or skill’s proficiency. But more than that, it was because he was so good at controlling the Rainbow Butterly.

If other Players were in Rozen’s shoes, even if they raised the Rainbow Butterfly as well as Rozen did, they wouldn’t be able to draw the Rainbow Butterfly’s maximum potential without commanding ability on par with Rozen’s. Therefore, no one would be able to control the Rainbow Butterfly as well as Rozen could.

Putting it in another way, let alone the rare Tamed Monster with only a total of 7 in the whole game, Rozen would be able to draw even the weakest Tamed Monster’s maximum potential.

Therefore, Rozen was so determined to tame the second Rainbow Butterfly.

“Although Saihou’s ability is indeed potent, but it still has limits when its skill is in cooldown. Just like Players, if I have the second Tamed Monster, I can switch them alternately and control the Floor Boss until it dies.”

That was the reason why Rozen rushed as fast as he could toward the 11th Floor once he heard the news that Kirito told him.

Not to mention, Akabane Clan’s techniques that he learned were optimally used in the group battle. Having additional Tamed Monster in his disposal would increase his efficiency in battle exponentially. Paired with SAO’s Outside System Skill, Switch, obtaining the second Rainbow Butterfly will be more crucial than obtaining, the third, fourth, and so on.

Although Kirito does not know too well, at least he knows how strong the Rozenzheng Group’s fighting ability is, and knows the importance of switching systems.

There was only one problem…

“How about the special conditions to tame the Rainbow Butterfly?”

Kirito asked this most important question.

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