Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 303


Kirito didn’t forget the three conditions for the Player who wanted to tame the Rainbow Butterfly. First, the Player wasn’t allowed to kill any insect monster. Second, the Player may not equip a weapon, and lastly, the Player must be able to subdue the Rainbow Butterfly without killing it and destroy the collar on its neck.

Back when Rozen managed to tame the first Rainbow Butterfly, he didn’t have any weapon on him, and in order to subdue the Rainbow Butterfly without killing it, he deliberately headed to the location while he was still at level 1 and had no additional stat, he also refrained from increasing his Sword Skills level.

But that was no longer the case this time…

“I’ve never seen anyone above your level; you also have been allocating 2 STR and 1 AGI each time you level up. Not to mention your Blade Throwing Skill should be at level 500 right now if I remember correctly.”

“Even if you haven’t killed any insect monster so far, you’ve changed weapons several times by now, right? Doesn’t that mean you didn’t meet the second condition?

To sum it up, although Kirito knew the second Rainbow Butterfly was very important for Rozen and he did notify him, he didn’t think Rozen could tame it. However, when he saw Rozen came all the way here, he thought Rozen might have a solution.

“And you think I wouldn’t notice that?”

It turned out Kirito’s hunch was right.

“Just sit tight, and I will return with the second Rainbow Butterfly.”

Rozen said briefly without further explanation.


Kirito then nodded, and both of them went back toward the Moonlit Black Cats’ members.

“Is there anything we can help you with?”

When Keita saw those two returned, he asked that question because he thought those two might have a problem.

“Nah, I just had some question, that’s all.” Rozen just said: “Then I will go alone, Kirito will stay here to look after you, so you don’t have to worry about being attacked by monsters.”

“Thanks… Sorry for the trouble…” Keita was a little embarrassed, and other Moonlit Black Cats members behind him were relieved.

Although Keita and his party didn’t know Kirito’s level, and Kirito told them that he was just a supporting member in Red Wings, but they believed Kirito’s level should be at least higher than them since he was still a Red Wings’ member at the end of the day. Not to mention Kirito did help them earlier, and they were convinced that having Kirito there should be enough, although Kirito himself barely broke a sweat when he helped them earlier.

Sachi, in particular, seemed more relieved than the rest, and upon seeing it, Rozen realized something.

(This girl named Sachi must’ve been afraid to fight, no.. she’s afraid of dying.)

The only time she looked more relaxed was when she knew she was safe.

(Most probably, when they first discovered the Rainbow Butterfly, Ducker, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru must’ve been eager to tame it, but  Keita and Sachi objected.)

However, Keita objected because he was thinking about his friend’s safety, while Sachi was just afraid of dying.

That would explain the guilt reflected in Sachi’s eyes when the rest of her friends said that they didn’t mind giving up to tame the Rainbow Butterfly to help the clearers in the long run. Because Sachi didn’t care about the clearers at all, she objected to tame the Rainbow Butterfly simply because she was afraid of dying.

Of course, that was normal, especially since she was just a normal girl. Not every girl could stand up to adversities as Mashu, Marie, Jeanne, and other servants.

That was why Rozen reminded Kirito.

“You have to protect these people, i can’t let something terrible happen to those who help me, especially girls.”

Rozen said so profoundly.

“Wh…what…?” Kirito was a little confused, but he still nodded and said: “Do not worry, I will protect everyone.”

“Alright then, look forward to my return!”

Upon hearing Kirito’s response, Rozen smiled and rushed into the poisonous flower field like a gust of wind.

Everyone watched as Rozen slowly disappeared from their sight.

“Is it really alright to let him go by himself?”

Kai is somewhat worried.

“He said it himself; there should be no problem.”

Kirito said convincingly.

“He is a high-leveled Player among the clearers after all.”

“The poison in this floor shouldn’t have any effect on him, right?”


Ducker, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru said one after another.

Even the quiet Sachi also partook in this conversation.

“I wish i can be like him, not afraid of dying.”

Upon hearing Sachi’s words, Kirito was startled at first, but then he immediately understood why Rozen to stay behind and protect them, especially girls, which he meant to be Sachi.

“Do not worry.” Kirito said to Sachi: “I will not let you die.”

Sachi’s eyes were drawn toward Kirito in an instant. Looking at the boy who was probably younger than her yet looking reliable, she finally smiled, erasing the gloomy look on her face so far.

“Thank you.”

Sachi expressed her gratitude with a beautiful voice of her.

“D… Don’t mention it…”

Kirito scratched his head in embarrassment.



As soon as Rozen entered the poisonous flower field, he noticed that his hp bar kept flashing and decreased over time, which meant he was affected by poisoning.


“My hp is barely reducing, this is probably a level 3 toxin, huh?”

Level 3 toxin could be dangerous to players around level 20, but it was no problem for Rozen, who was almost at level 50, and he should be unaffected by level 2 toxin.

“At this rate, it might take about an hour before my hp becomes yellow, about an hour and a half before becoming red and 2 hours before all my hp depleted.”

Rozen estimated that he could stay there for up to two hours.

However, this was only the case if his hp didn’t regenerate at all.

Upon closer inspection, Rozen’s hp increased a little bit even when he was being poisoned. That was thanks to a certain Skill called battle healing, which restored the Player’s hp over time even during combat based on the level of the Skill.

“With my Battle Healing’s level, I can probably regenerate more than half hp that i lost from the poison, so maybe i can last around six hours if I don’t use any recovery items.

After finishing his calculation, Rozen rushed into the depth of the poisonous flower field.

“Six hours should be more than enough.”

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