Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 348


After seeing each other again, Silica and Rozen immediately talked about what happened yesterday.

Well, rather than talk, it was more like Silica kept asking Rozen questions, and Rozen answered them.

One of them was about Titan’s Hand.

Setting the rest of Orange Guilds aside, Rosalia, Titan’s Hand’s leader, escaped while Rozen was dealing with PoH yesterday.

However, in the end, Rosalia and the rest of Titan’s Hand’s members were arrested by the Clearers, who went to that Floor to aid Rozen.

To be frank, Orange Guilds such as Titan’s Hand only posed a threat to middle and low-level Players. They posed no threat at all to the Clearers.

However, since Rozen ordered the Clearers to neutralize all Orange Guilds, none of them could escape, especially with the help of Argo’s information network.

“The crime rate in SAO should go down drastically from now on. Even if some Orange Players managed to escape, all in all, the rest of the Players should be much safer now. However, there was no such thing as absolutely safe in this world, so be sure to ensure your own safety whenever you leave the Safe Zone.

Rozen explained and reminded Silica to mind her own safety. Silica was relieved and thankful to Rozen for that.

After all, the Clearers had no obligation to maintain order and protect other Players. Their purpose was simply to clear the game as fast as possible.

Even so, Rozen still led the Clearers to eliminate the threat from Orange and Red Guild, including Laughing Coffin.

Of course, it was partly because those Orange and Red Guilds might terrorize the middle and lower-level Players, which resulted in fewer Players joining the Clearers in the long run, but that was not all there was to it.

That was why, as both witness and a middle-level Player whose safety was guaranteed thanks to Rozen, Silica was thankful.

However, she was also worried at the same time.

“But I heard that you also forcibly disband Divine Dragon Alliance. Won’t that be a problem?”

Silica asked Rozen regarding her concern.

Because, even though their attitude was somewhat a problem, Divine Dragon Alliance was still a vital combat strength for the Clearers.

After Aincrad Liberation Squad disbanded, Divine Dragon Alliance actually had the most members among other Clearers Guild.

Now that the biggest Clearers Guild was forcefully disbanded, wouldn’t it be a problem considering the Boss Raid would be more and more difficult from now on?

Silica was somewhat worried that by disbanding Divine Dragon Alliance, the Clearers’ combat strength would plummet, possibly slowing down the Boss Raid or even cause casualties among the Clearers.

If that were the case, Rozen would definitely be held accountable for his decision.

However, Rozen didn’t seem to care about that.

“It is true that the Clearers’ current combat power has been greatly reduced, but it is only temporary.”

Rozen explained.

“In fact, there are many Players in this world who possess exceptional technique but lack equipment and items. The difference between them and the Clearers is not strength, but luck and knowledge.”

Some Players possessed exceptional technique, but they didn’t know the most efficient way to level up, nor did they know how to figure out a hidden quest from a clue that NPC provided.

Even most Players only had mediocre technique, but they were lucky to find one good piece of equipment after another. That was why it was harder to keep up with the Clearers as time went by.

There were actually a lot of such Players in Aincrad.

For example, Asuna, who knew nothing about the game at first. As a result, she only had default store-purchased weapons and equipment, which dragged her down.

Only after obtaining Wind Fleuret from Rozen that she became the way she was now, the vice-commander of Knights of Blood, that rivaled even Red Wings.

“Guilds like Divine Dragon Alliance are indeed very helpful to the Clearers, but because of their nature, they will remain a threat to the Clearers. Had Zahad succeed, I would’ve died, the operation yesterday would’ve failed, Clearers Guilds will fall apart, Boss Raid will be harder, and eventually, there will be more and more casualties.”

Rozen said indifferently.

“It’s impossible that Zahad didn’t know the result of his own action, and yet he still chooses that path for the mere title of the strongest guild. The Clearers are reluctant to kick them out because the Boss Raid will become harder as we get higher, and we already lack combat power as it is. But I figured that we might as well cut them off now and use their resource for the Players with the potential to fill the holes.

That was the long-term solution that Rozen had in mind.

“So, this loss is not enough to affect the Clearers. I have a plan; you don’t have to worry about it.”

Rozen smiled at Silica, and she was convinced. However, she also felt the distance between them deep down.

Seeing how Rozen easily disbanded a big guild such as Divine Dragon Alliance for the sake of clearing the game and freeing all Players, Silica realized they were a world apart when it came to what they were thinking.

Although it was a bit late, Silica realized that, compared to Rozen, she was just a popular middle-level Player who was not worth mentioning.


Silica felt a tingling sensation in her heart.

Even though Silica just met the boy in front of her yesterday, but he was the person she admired this whole time, and now when she thought she had the opportunity to get closer to him, she realized just how far the gap between them. It really was too much for a girl Silica’s age.

Rozen looked at Silica, who seemed somewhat reluctant to say what was in her mind. He didn’t realize what she was thinking and changed the topic.

Silica eventually cheered up a little and chatted with Rozen as if cherishing their last time together.

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