Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 90 Yama


The miasma still covered the entire forest causing the night to become darker.

Rozen and the other walked into the direction of the shrine at the center of the forbidden area.

And along the way, they were so friendly to each other.

“Why are you following me?!”

“Following you?! Of course not.”

“Then you can go the other way!”

“But this is the only road to the shrine. Should we create a new road?!”

“I don’t care! Anyway, you are not allowed to follow me!”


Raishin and Kamo Subaru walked in the forefront of the others. He didn’t care, one was so angry that his face was so red.

Another example …

“Miss, don’t go there, grandmother will get angry, let me escort you out first.”

“No, I won’t go out if you two are still here.”

“Miss …”

“Would you let me go with you?”

“But … “

“As long as you two are still here, I won’t go out. “

Domon Hinowa and Yuge Mutsura walked behind and making such a conversation. They were so scared before, but Domon Hinowa did not want to leave that place by herself.

As for Rozen …

“You guys … can’t you walk  slower?” Rozen was panting like he could die anytime soon.

“Unexpectedly, your magical power is so powerful, but your physical strength is so weak.”

“It turned out that the prodigy of the Akabane Clan is nothing.”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura despised Rozen.

And Raishin was the one who dealt with the finishing touch.

“I used to ask you not to stay cooped up in your room the whole time, and go outside to walk around for a change, but when I see you now. Shame on you.” Raishin patted Rozen’s shoulder while saying that.

“Well! Don’t treat me as a barbarian like you! People like me … we use our heads!” Rozen complained.

Rozen didn’t want to see Domon Hinowa’s eyes, even though he knew Domon Hinowa wouldn’t treat him like those three, but he felt ashamed.

“Is the shrine still far from here?” Rozen complained.

Rozen activated his Heavenly Eye along the way, and he noticed there were many shikigami nearby.

There were wild animals possessed by low-level spirits, such as monkeys, rabbits, wolfs, and etc.

Even Rozen encountered a colorful, palm-sized butterfly.

“It’s a heavenly butterfly. Unlike those low-level shikigami, this butterfly only appears in hell. It can possess anything just by touching it.” Domon Hinowa explained it.

“Those shikigami have various special abilities? That’s already an intermediate shikigami level.”

And they kept encountering more types of shikigami along the way, but Rozen reminded them to avoid those tricky shikigami.

Fortunately, they didn’t encounter powerful shikigami on their way.

But that didn’t last long.

In the end, Rozen and the others encountered the high-level shikigami right in front of the shrine.

“… Is this some kind of joke?” Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura looked stiff.

“… Do you have that kind of thing here?” Rashin sweated a lot.

They were hiding in the grass.

That shikigami sat in front of the shrine which meant it knew Rozen and the other’s location but chose to wait for them to come at him.

“Whoo …”

That was the sound of the howling wind. Came out from the smoke shikigami.

In front of the shrine, there was a strange smoke floating.

And within that smoke, something would appear from time to time.

That was its face.

Everyone trembled in fear while looking at that smoke shikigami.

“Yama …” Domon Hinowa murmured.


It was a monster in the smoke, it could transform into various shapes, and it could also take the shape of the human’s face. In Japanese legend, it was a monster that often appeared from the stove, bonfire and other places of the farmhouse. It was the image of hell.

That shikigami was guarding the shrine entrance.

“Yama has no physical body!”

“It doesn’t need to possess other creatures!”

Domon Hinowa and Yuge Mutsura murmured.

That was right.

Yama was a formless shikigami and didn’t have to rely on the physical body.

In other words …

“That’s not the natural shikigami born from this forbidden area.” Domon Hinowa said.

And Rozen guessed…

“80% that shikigami was deliberately summoned by Izanagi Clan.” The reason was so simple.

It was more than just a test.

“Isn’t it going too far? Asshole!” Raishin cursed.

Slipping through the defensive line to get the token?

One word.


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