Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 1


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 1 Agent of Doomsday

It was a dark room, illuminated by the faint glow from the computer. A figure in the dark stood up. His hand pressed slightly on top of the mouse, and the light from the computer illuminated his face.

Scarlet eyes, mouth slightly parted, showing his shark-like sharp teeth, raven hair. His face looked around 20 years old, pale white skin that only reminded people of a vampire.

The owner of this room was Lucius F. Alucard, an odd name that wasn’t chosen by both of his parents.

“I’m a little hungry.” His fangs brushed among his parted lips, making sharp noises.

The owner of this room was a vampire—a vampire who had survived amidst this 22nd century.

“This world…” Lucius’s finger tapped on top of the computer screen. Some information from the world’s dark side kept surfacing on it ‘Nuclear Weapons Development’, ‘Environmental destruction’, ‘racism’, ‘war’, and… ‘massacre”.

“Let’s just destroy it!”

As the last of the vampires, Lucius was constantly being ostracized in the human world and had to hide all the time. Naturally, he didn’t want to be crucified and burned to pieces by the flames. His own sister was killed by these humans in this way.

Shouting lines such as ‘kill that monster’, they mercilessly took the life of Lucius’s sister. The raging flames, the blood, the helpless grief of the young girl, but no one would take pity on a monster.

Her sister had never harmed a human before. Yet she was brutally torched to death by these guys in the name of a ‘monster’! Humans are afraid of strange things they don’t know.

When Lucius witnessed this scene with his own eyes, he already hated humanity with a vengeance. Lucius wanted revenge, but as a lowly vampire, Lucius had no power in a world that had been polluted by human industry. Humans have ruled the world, and Lucius had no power to fight back against that.

That’s it.

Until today…

[Do you want to…destroy the world?]

A message popped up on Lucius’ computer screen.

Destroy…the world?

[Do you want to bring this filthy world to an end? I can give you this power.]

A message full of temptation and malice.

Lucius’s throat choked. He instinctively clenched his sharp-like teeth together after a long time, not having blood for dinner.

Is it really possible? Destroy the world and all that…oh hey, this isn’t April Fool’s Day joke, right?

Wait, isn’t that what I wanted?

Lucius’s hand moved, and the mouse clicked on ‘OK’ among the options that popped up on the computer.

But after that…nothing happened.

Was it really an April Fool’s Day joke? Lucius rubbed his forehead and looked down at the time, it’s about 8 PM.

At this rate, I’ll starve to death…

But at the next moment, the hunger in his stomach disappeared. Lucius’ pupils turned bloody scarlet, a symbol of the vampire blood restoration in his body!

What’s going on?

A power that Lucius didn’t even dare to imagine suddenly emerged inside his body.

[Welcome, you’re the first person to experience the World Extinction Game.]

World Extinction Game? Lucius covered his forehead as a strange voice and prompt suddenly appeared in his head.

[Detecting  the host’s abilities.] [Race: Inferior vampire, inferior nocturnal species, the bloodline can be strengthened.] [Physical Strength Points: 2, raised to 3 after initial system strengthening.] [Inner Negativity Points: exceeds 107. 3 times more than a normal person. Initial analysis: detecting destructive tendencies, had the requirements to become a qualified world-destroyer.]

A series of suggestions came inside Lucius’s mind. Lucius was puzzled. He took a dazed step back, stumbled on top of the bed in this small room.

“What…exactly are you?”

Not only humans harbored a fear of unknown things. Vampires were also the same.

[I’m the system of the World Extinction Game. The host may get my assistance to participate in this game.]


So it’s a game to destroy the world?

When Lucius returned to his senses, he suddenly covered his face and couldn’t help but laughed.

Funny… Ah, how happiness came too suddenly for me to react!

“About that! What can I do with an extinction system?” In the darkness, Lucius’ eyes emitted a scarlet glow. “It’s not like you can only operate inside me, right?”

[The power to bring disaster to the world will be enhanced according to the current level of destruction of the host’s world. The collection of human Despair Points strengthens each ability.] [Initial analysis:  A low-level human civilization ruled the world, and the progress of destruction has reached 30%.]

The progress of destruction had reached 30%? The humans did all that by themselves.

[Because the host is a novice, the system currently has two ways to provide the host with the ability to complete world extinction and then enter the next stage.]

“You mean I have other things I can do more than just world destruction?”

[The host will gradually become powerful. You must continue to fulfill the rules of this game. Start with low-level destruction and continue on higher levels.]

So that means he would become the Demon King of Destruction.

What an interesting game.

This game was…surprisingly interesting.

“So tell me. What kind of assistance can you offer to destroy the human world?”

That was the key. This world had been taken over by humans. Everything was owned by the humans, the rules were set by them, the order was set by them. It wasn’t an easy task to shatter human rules all over the world.

[The host currently possesses 1.000 despair points, which can be exchanged for a copy of the ‘Biochemical Type Virus’. The virus is extremely infectious, and the infected humans will turn into corpses that only know how to starve, constantly hunting other humans to turn them into their own kind.”

Isn’t this the zombie apocalypse? As good as it sounded, the monster figurine in Lucius’s room weren’t useless. They were his hobby. Maybe because he was lonely, Lucius was interested in those monsters. Zombies were among his favorite creatures. There were movies where human civilization was destroyed by a zombie virus.

But Lucius was patient. He continued listening to the system’s advice.

[The second way is to spend all of your despair points to tear through the connection to the nearest Zerg Swarm, they are a species of an aggressive giant insect. But with your current ability, the portal will only allow a single lowest-class worker insect to enter this world.]

Insects? As a vampire, he couldn’t go out often, so he naturally understood the horrors of this race because he stayed in the house all day long. Sure, it would be great to see the humans despairing as insects they always trampled suddenly ravaged them back. But if it was just a worker insect, it would take a long time before destruction begins. Lucius wanted to see the desperate faces of those humans as soon as possible! So, zombie, it is.

Without mentioning other aspects, humans had a predominantly large number spread across the world. Chain infection was the fastest way to bring down their social system.

“System…give me that virus.” Lucius’s eyes reflected a strange luster, “This world… it’s time to cleanse this world.”

[For the first time items exchange, the price is reduced 10x. It only costs 100 despair points for a copy of the most basic ‘T Virus. The infected humans would only turn into ordinary zombies. Consuming 1000 despair points for a copy of the advanced ‘Black Light Virus’, after the infected human dies, they could evolve towards a stronger life form.]

So that means the original prices were 1.000 and 10.000 points. That was expensive. Was zombie evolution the only thing that differed from both viruses?

The T-virus comes from the famous movie Resident Evil. This zombie virus infects zombies with low evolution ability. Only after special stimulation can they progress to more powerful zombies, such as Lickers, Tyrants, and so on.

The Black Light Virus, on the other hand, comes from a game called ‘Prototype’, which is also a copy of a virus that can turn people into zombies. But life-forms infected with the Blacklight Virus were even more destructive and aggressive than those infected with the T-Virus! Stronger, and evolving faster! The protagonist of this game, Alex Mercer, killed the viral organism, Mother, an immortal life form.

It’s not easy to mess with the humans in this world. As a vampire, Lucius knew they didn’t just have firearms, but also ‘Exorcists’ and ‘Espers’. They specialized in dealing with monsters like Lucius. They were the reason Lucius had been hiding in this small room, not daring to go out.

After a moment of contemplation, Lucius chose to exchange all of his current Despair Points for a copy of the Advanced Black Light Virus in a desperate attempt.

A crimson liquid swayed as the cold metal vial was shaken. Lucius felt the weight of it and held it tightly in his hand.

This is the capital of my revenge!

Instead of rushing out and releasing this virus, Lucius began to continue studying this system inside his head.

“What are the Despair Points? What can it do for me?”

[Despair points are the power that can be absorbed after a life form falls into despair and dies. It is the basic of the host’s extinction program. Also, the system will occasionally issue missions to allow the host to gain additional despair points. These points can strengthen the host’s body, improve the host’s abilities, or even exchange items that can be used to extinguish the world. Most of the exchange items came from the host’s imagination.]

So that means, despair points was the despair that followed by a human death?

In order to understand mankind, Lucius usually reads the fantasy works of mankind, such as Hellsing, Resident Evil, Saya no Uta, Elfen Lied, and other horror works, as well as some other anime games and movies. In short, Lucius’s mind has enough imagination to destroy the world.

And he can evolve himself? That means he could even become the true ancestor of vampires! Reaching the level of Cain.

Heh, Lucius covered his mouth, a wide smile spread his ear to ear.

Oh shit, he’s getting excited.

It’s bad, really bad…

“I don’t know who created this system…” Lucius’ scarlet eyes gradually turned into beast-like vertical pupils, “But if I ever meet the creator, I’ll make friends with him! Alright, let’s give it a try to bring despair to mankind.”

Lucius rose from his bed, pushed the door open, and stepped out into the cold night.  

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