Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 2


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 2 Neverwinter Nights

The New Federation of China, a behemoth formed after World War III, where the Celestial Empire united several surrounding Asian countries under its wings. To confront the USA and the EU.

The state of this world had become very severe after World War III as the countries were secretly stabbing each other’s backs. Technology development and the cultivation of powerful Espers between countries became a hot topic. But none of this mattered to Lucius.


Lucius walked out of his small house, built on top of a shabby house, in the slum area of the New Federation of China’s Wenhan City. As a vampire, he had to hide here as the Church ruled by the Exorcist targeted him to be captured and killed.

How much did the Church offer for his head? 700.000 New Federation Dollars. Even the nation’s most vicious criminals’ prices were much less beneath his price. He knew exactly what the Church did to vampires caught by the Exorcists. All this time, he had no power and could only cower as he watched his innocent sister was burned at stake by the Church. But now, he had no more reason to hide…

Lucius glanced at the crimson liquid in the vial in his hand. His scarlet eyes glowed in the dark night. I had the power of revenge…

“Cold.” Lucius looked at the night city scenery at a distance from the rooftop. He exhaled a white breath against the cold air. Amidst the cold late-winter night, Lucius wore nothing but a white shirt and jeans and went straight out.

Not that he was weak, but as a vampire, Lucius had no body temperature in the first place. His blood was frozen with no body heat.

After being strengthened by the system, Lucius felt that his body had reached an ordinary vampire level. His strength and agility were 3x more than a human.

Lucius lowered his head to look at the three-story high residential house and jumped straight down without any hesitation.

A sickening crack sound was heard on the road where Lucius just landed. The crack centered around Lucius’s body.

“Nice power.” Lucius felt his strengthened body. “This way, even a D-rank Exorcist can’t handle me, right?”

Let’s put aside his vengeance with the Church to the side for now. Destroying the world and getting despair points was his goal now.

Lucius looked at the contrast between the brightly light city in the distance and the gloomy slums and slightly recalled the city’s structure.

The city was built alongside a river, and there was a dam upstream that provided water for the entire city. The dam was their main water reservoir. And this dam was just within his reach.

He could’ve just poured the virus into the dam, and soon, this city would become a hell on earth!

Lucius headed towards the dam.

In this dark slum, anything and everything could happen. On this cold winter night, there weren’t many passersby seen on the four-way street. The road was silent. So no one noticed Lucius’ previous act, even if they did, they wouldn’t dare to make a fuss over it.

On this kind of night, passersby didn’t see many, and only in the middle of the four-way street, the road seemed a bit silent.

He walked into a dark alley that didn’t even have a street lamp and witnessed a delightful scene. A few suspicious young men with short knives in their hands were surrounding a young woman. She dressed like an office worker, she probably had terrible luck and bumped into those guys on her way home.

A robbery? No, that didn’t seem like it as she was almost undressed. Lucius glanced at the exposed skin from the woman’s disheveled clothes. A strange desire suddenly rose up in Lucius’s mind.

“What are you looking at? If you don’t want to die, get lost!.” One of the tall bald heads holding a shaky knife shook it at Lucius, who was standing there. Gesturing, telling him to leave.

Lucius was going to leave, but he heard the guy shouting. Lowering his head in silence, he walked towards the dark alley.

“Hey, hey, are you telling me you want to save this girl? What era is this? Why do such things, kid?”

Seeing Lucius was looking for death as he walked towards the alley, the tall young men scoffed and took their knives and pointed them at Lucius.

“I’ll stab you! Ha… I’ll give you a lesson to not play a hero.”

“Sorry about that.” Lucius raised his head, and the luster in his scarlet eyes stunned the young men, “I hate heroic stuff!”



As they were startled, an intense pain spread through their abdomens. Lucius, relying on his body strength about three times stronger than an ordinary human, kicked each of them hard in the stomach. The tremendous force slammed the man into the wall behind them.

“You kid had a gut!” The tallest bald man that Lucius hadn’t taken care of yet, immediately reacted after pulling out his knife and stabbed Lucius’s head.

“And…” Lucius cracked his mouth open, revealing a series of shark-like teeth in a scary manner, “I hate being bleeding!”

He immediately kicked the tall bald guy to the wall, never to get up again. It looked like his lower half was utterly destroyed.

After finishing his business, Lucius walked to the disheveled woman who was terrified, sitting down against the wall. Although fear instilled on her face, indeed, she was a pretty lady. But under the pale moonlight, she was stunned after seeing Lucius’ face. Apart from his pale skin, his physical appearance was indeed a temptation for a human female.

“Thank you for… saving me.” The woman seemed to feel that she was safe now, and she straightened her clothes and stood up shakily, “If… if you need anything in return…”

“Of course, I need it.”

An eerie shriek rang out in the alley.

Lucius’ eyes frightened the woman. He was even more terrifying than those young men.

Lucius stretched out his hand and strangled the woman’s neck. Showing his sharp teeth, and bit down without mercy under her fearful gaze. Then the woman’s fearful screams were heard throughout the alley. It gradually grew weaker, her eyes began to dilate, and her resistance grew faint.

Blood flowed from her body, spilling out and splattering everywhere. The bone-chilling sound of blood-sucking sound silently echoed throughout the alley.

“Tch..!” After sucking, Lucius threw the woman’s body aside, spit out a mouthful of blood. He wiped the corners of his mouth. “How bland her blood was, is she not a virgin?”

Vampires had a fondness of a young girl’s blood, Lucius was no exception.

Looking at the fallen human under the pale moonlight, Lucius showed an indifferent expression and continued walking towards the reservoir.

[Gain 1 Despair Point.]

At this time, the system’s prompt rang out inside Lucius’s ear.

Only 1? How is it possible? Lucius sniffed the air, there wasn’t any life left here. Those weak young men were kicked to death by Lucius. But why did he only earn 1 despair point?

Is that because….

Lucius saw the expression of the fallen men, and then at the woman’s expression. Tears and never-ending fear spread across her face. Her eyes stared widely as if she was still in disbelief, why all of this happened to her.

So that’s how it is?

This so-called ‘despair points’…

Lucius finally understood the meaning of the despair points. If all humans died in despair, then he would become an Elder, right?

No, he would become even stronger.

With high anticipation, Lucius walked towards the dam.  

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