Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 101


“The rules of this world?” Lucius sat on the roof of this church, watching the view of the village.

His slightly long black hair stuck to his forehead; his hand rested on his chin as he stared at the village, shrouded in the rain. 


Even though the rain fell heavily, the villagers left their houses and walked to the village square.

The ‘outsiders’ who rushed into this village did not cause any panic to these villagers. The golden mark on the knight’s armor represented their identity.

“Isn’t that Muccia?”

“Why is she…there?” 

Apparently, she didn’t have that much contact with the villagers. Only older people know her.

She was tied tightly to a tower in the center of the village. She lowered her head. Rain-soaked her clothes and long hair, she waited patiently for her fate. 

In heavy armor, the Commander Knight stepped onto the high platform, pointing his fingers to Muccia, proclaimed loudly.

“Muccia Dodran! A Saint who committed a taboo! Going against the order of this world and escaping to the earth realm with your own selfish desire! Trying to recreate the bloodshed tragedy of decades ago. From this moment on, she’s no longer a Saint who maintains the order of this world. But a Fallen One who selfishly does whatever she wants!” 

“That…” The villagers couldn’t believe it. The legendary existence comparable to a God had appeared in front of them. But… 

Hearing the title ‘Fallen One,’ they couldn’t help but shivered. 

It was everyone’s nightmare. The bloodshed decades ago had spread the flames of war across the continent.

They barely had enough space to bury the dead. The corpses were rotting as they piled up. 

Everyone who had grown up experienced those bitter and unforgettable days…

“This is the will of the Dragon God!” With the shout that cut through the rain, the sky shrouded in dark clouds suddenly cleared up, in azure light.

“Behold! The Dragon God’s punishment for sinners!” 

They believed noble creatures like Dragons were a divine being from the moment they opened their eyes.

They believed the Dragon’s blood ran through their veins. The belief is rooted deeply in their hearts. 

Seeing the ‘miracle’ in the sky, all of them fell on their knees in the pouring rain, chanting the name of their Gods. 

This was the reason why this world could be united. 

Lucius quietly gazed at the scene, recalling the day he fell into despair. Of the day where he lost his sister.

The people who used their pious faith to cover up their filthy sins and killed his sister in the name of ‘justice.’

The voices they shouted, their fanatical eyes towards their ‘God,’ Lucius remembered it all. The scum that had done evil things in the garb of justice. 

But… no one can define right or wrong.

He’s the one who can make his own judgment. 

Lucius’s fingers danced in rhythm, a drop of blood flowed through the rainwater and slipped into the church below.

“The color of the rain, I hate it… “Lucius looked at the sky, “A transparent, powerless color. It’s more beautiful if it’s dyed in scarlet! It’s time to look yourself in the eye and abandon your fears…monster.”

Don’t be a coward like me.

Lucius closed his eyes.


Naiya struggled with all her might, but Muccia’s binding was too powerful. Naiya couldn’t break free.

Damn… damn it! Naiya listened to the sound of rain pouring outside the building and was distracted. 

She hated rainy days because she couldn’t feel the sunlight and the shrouding darkness…

She also hated being alone… 

As she tried her best to break free from the restraint given to her by Muccia, a drop of blood suddenly dripped onto her brow.

The icy touch spread throughout her body. For a moment, Naiya felt that she had regained control of her limbs.

Instead of pondering why she immediately ran to the window.

I forbid you to leave me alone…

Naiya stood by the window, looking out over the center of the village. Her hand clenched the edge of the window, her whole body stiffened.

“The Fallen One! Kill her!”

“The filth must disappear from this world!”

“In the name of God!”

The villagers who knew Muccia were gathering against her, shouting harsh words as if they were possessed.

Muccia was tied to a stake, powerless amidst the wind and rain, but no one there took pity on her.

Damn! Naiya’s strength was so great that she nearly crushed the edge of the window.

Her violet eyes showed a tint of scarlet hue, a dagger appeared in her hand, and she was about to go through the rain curtain to save the foolish woman…

Naiya locked her gaze with a pair of peaceful eyes.

It was Muccia’s…

Through the curtain of rain, she saw Naiya standing at the church window.

I’ll be right there to rescue you!

But then, Muccia shook her head.


Are you stupid? A violent rage erupted in Naiya’s heart, and her eyes were gradually taken over by scarlet.

From a distance, Muccia gazed at Naiya. Her lips moved, uttering her final sentence, she smiled her last smile at Naiya. ‘No killing, no violence…’

Just like what she said every day. 

Naiya’s dagger clattered to the ground. Her anger would dissipate every time she saw the stupid woman’s smile.

By the time Naiya realized her dagger had fallen to the ground, she had realized that she had lost her chance to save her. 

The divine punishment had finally arrived!

The azure light gathered above the dark clouds in the sky tore through the clouds and descended upon the world. Allowing the mortal to witness the power of ‘Gods.’

An azure light pierced through Muccia’s heart in front of Naiya. Blood blossomed in her chest. Raindrops carried the red hue.

The ground blossomed with scarlet. The fire began to spread on the ground, Muccia’s weak body fell to the ground, powerless. Engulfed in the fire. 

However, the crowds cheered, thrilled that they had witnessed the glory of the Gods.

Celebrating the death of the sinful Fallen One. The cheering voices overpowered the rain. None of them cared about the flame engulfed body.


Naiya sat down on the ground, helplessly. Staring with empty eyes at the rain and the raging fire that looked like nothing could extinguish it. She sat still with blank eyes…

‘Why are you hesitating, half-wit?’

A familiar voice sounded inside her mind.

‘Even so, you can still show mercy to humans?’

Naiya didn’t answer the voice. She just sat still on the ground, like a puppet whose string was cut off.

Suddenly, there was the sound of organized steps at the doorway. The door was violently opened by two knights in silvery-white armor.

The knights stepped into the room, and on their blades, there were still traces of blood that had not yet dried…

“I can’t believe there’s another one left alone.”

The knights showed no mercy and walked to Naiya, who was sitting on the floor. Grabbed her by her long black hair. The pain made her almost spill her tears.

‘How pathetic.’

The voice whispered, mocking her.

“Whoah, her hair is pretty long.”

“Stop talking. We have to kill everything involved with the Fallen One. According to the kids we’ve dealt with, she’s the only one left.” 


‘You’re all grown up now. You don’t need me anymore. So stay here and take care of the kids for me, will you?’

Muccia’s last wish echoed in her head. 

Light returned from Naiya’s blank eyes, and she looked at the knight’s sword in his hand. It was soaked with blood. Obviously, it hadn’t parted with its owner for long. 

The blood scent permeated her nose.

Tch… I’m so done with killing helpless kids in their sleep. When will we finally be able to fight real monsters?” 

“Shut up and do your job! Quickly! I had a bad feeling about this.” 

“What bad feeling? You’re just-” The soldier’s words came to an abrupt stop because an arm pierced his abdomen!

The fair skin was stained with a beautiful scarlet hue after running through the human body. 

A pair of scarlet eyes forever imprinted in the last moment of his life. 

The real monster has come!

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