Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 102


Naiya pulled out the arm she used to pierce the knight’s abdomen. Drenched in blood and shredded flesh, before instantly pierced it through the knight’s heart!

“Uh… uh…” The sudden attack surprised him. He had no time to react. After losing its most important organ, the human body collapsed to the ground.

“Shit!” The other knight drew his sword and tried to attack. He swung the sword to cut down the blood-soaked girl, no… monster! 

Naiya didn’t dodge the coming blade. Instead, she showed her inhumanly sharp fangs and bit down on the blade! Her fangs and blade clashed and stopped mid-air.

“What?!” The knight looked at Naiya’s scarlet eyes and the blade that was bitten by her.

He didn’t even know what to do. He never faced this kind of monster before! In his moment of hesitation, he felt a sharp pain in his leg. 

Naiya kicked the knight’s leg with a sickening bone-cracking sound! 

The knight rolled over to cover his feet, but Naiya didn’t give him a chance and stomped on his chest.

He crushed his muscles and bones and made his head banged against the floor. 

The last thing he saw before his vision was blurry was a pair of glowing scarlet eyes and a blade. Naiya stabbed the knight lying on the ground with his own sword. 

The knight’s armor cracked loudly as blood splashed on Naiya’s tiny body and face. 

“Arghhh!!” The knight let out a pained howl as the blade ran through his chest. He thought he’d die soon, but he realized he was too naive. His enemy wasn’t human!

“Hahahaha…” The young girl’s cheerful laugh echoed in the silent room. But what accompanying the sweet laughter was…

Naiya drew the blade that had pierced the knight’s chest and stabbed it again at the knight’s arm.


The knight growled. 

It’s just the beginning!

The blade was drawn again, this time at the shoulder!

The sharp blade ran through his shoulder. His blood flowed on the ground, splattered scarlet blossoms bloomed on Naiya’s body.

Still going, the girl let out a cheerful laugh and stabbed again and again. Draw the sword and swab it again! 

The sound of the blade piercing the knight’s flesh was a symphony to her ears.


Naiya finally remembered this moment. The feeling she had suppressed for long, the bloodthirsty pleasure of tearing human flesh apart. Her mind was filled with a sweet sensation. 

Amidst the wailing human and the girl’s cheerful laughter, Lucius’ Blood Clone stood in the doorway. Observing the situation. 

“Feed your bloodthirsty monster side! Abandon the ridiculous mercy. All humans are just food.” Lucius put his hand on his chest. The scarlet six-pointed insignia on the back of his hand gleamed with a demonic light. “This is a vampire!” 

Not enough… more… blood. 

Naiya looked at the dead human at her feet and tossed the blood-stained sword aside. 

“It’s feeding time.” Lucius’ blood clone turned into a blood puddle and disappeared before her. “The village is your hunting ground, but don’t let me down.” 


The rain was still pouring heavily.

Lucius had been sitting on the roof since the beginning. Drenched, he gazed silently at the dark of the night.

The silent night was broken by a glass-shattering sound. 

In Lucius’ vision, a scarlet figure tore through the darkness and rushed into the rain.

The villagers who were still kneeling before the fire had no idea they had become the monster’s prey.

Want more…. Pleasure…

Naiya stepped on the still water on the ground and charged into the crowd. Her fingers tore through the heart of the nearest human. Crushing him and breaking his neck!

With a scream, the body fell to the ground. The soaked ground bloomed with a scarlet hue. 

 “What is it?”

“The monster…”

“Quick! Runaway!”

The villagers were shocked by the brutal scene. 

Naiya’s scarlet eyes stood out in the dark rain. Her blood-stained face was smiling, and her laughter sounded extraordinarily beautiful and heartfeltly frightening at the same time.

“Retreat! Do not be afraid!” The Order raised their vigilance as soon as the monster appeared.

Acting the righteous and bold figure of protecting other people that they should have. 

But it’s because they had power. They had the power and foundation that gave them the courage to fight the monster. 

But what if that power is gone?

Her vampire blood dominated her sanity. The caged monster finally got out of the cage after being restricted for a long time and had to satisfy its bloody desire.

The knights raised their swords high against the evil monster. 

But Naiya’s bloody hands quickly broke through those ‘Awakened’ that had gone through the Empire’s Trial! Their steel armor was like a sheet of paper in the hand of the little girl. Naiya easily ran them through, leaving their blood staining the rain with a red hue. 

“What’s going on? My power….” 


They found themselves weak; some of them didn’t even have the strength to stand up! 

Finally, they noticed a faint blood mist had filled the air at some point. 

Lucius stood atop of the church’s roof, looking down on the brutal massacre below.

Stretching his hand, blood dripped down from Lucius’ arms into the curtain of rain. Turning into a blood mist that invaded the air. 

Blood Plague. 

A variation of the Blood Control skill. 

Turning blood into a highly poisonous mist…could only be activated on rainy days. 

The ability to change rainwater into blood!

Hiding in the shadows, driving humans to their death when they didn’t notice… It’s what vampires loved to do. 

The first step in pushing this world into despair begins. 

“A bloody opening. This is for you… kill them, and eat them…”

Lucius looked at the village engulfed in flames, the humans’ screams, and the young girl below indulged in the thrill of the hunt.

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