Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 109


Naiya passed out in his arms. It wasn’t because of blood loss. It’s because it’s her first time embracing a man, and it made her unable to withstand the excitement. Thus making her pass out.

In fact, being bitten by a vampire was something that felt both pleasing and painful. But the pain won’t cause her death.

At least Lucius made sure the only human he considered as food would live.

Probably, the pleasure was too much that she fainted.

“What a pain in the ass…”

Not long after Lucius let go of his bite on Naiya’s neck, a six-pointed scarlet insignia appeared near the wound.

The same mark he had on the back of his hand. It seemed to have some sort of connection with his family crest.

“After this, she will turn into a vampire and drink human blood.”

Wiping the blood off his mouth, Lucius lifted up Naiya’s fainted body up and held her against the wall. Watching her as the blood dripping from the hole in her chest.

She had accepted Lucius’ first embrace, becoming a member of Lucius’ servant, or underlings of the Alucard family.

But if she wanted to truly own the Dead River, then she would have to fill it first, with the blood of other lives she sucked up.

Naiya’s complexion gradually turned pale like Lucius. But her regenerative speed was much slower than his. So, he had to bandage her.

She gave her heart to Lucius, only to get her heart pierced by Yamato Blade…

The fresh blood on the ground slowly moved as if it was alive. Lucius controlled the blood and made it wrap the white bandage around her breast. Just like a chest binder.

If the bandage was too thin, it would show her womanly figure by the bumps in her chest.

But if she had too much fat mass on her chest, her movement while swinging a sword would be difficult. She could fall down because of her imbalance.

It’s not just a joke.

From Arthas’ memory, she was raised to be a Queen who would lead an army to the battlefield.

And she had deliberately wear a chest binder and did numerous things to restrict her breast growth. From then on, she became the warrior princess, the pride of her army.

But as fate already decided, she ended up destroying everything she had with her own hands.

The same way goes for Lucius.

That’s why body posture is essential in the fighting.

But speaking of memories… Lucius had not yet received Naiya’s memories after he drank her blood. It was the first time such a thing happened.

Before, he always had access to all the memories from the blood of the person he drank.

But it’s different now. Is it because the DNA of the humans in this world is different? Or because Naiya’s vampire power blocking him?

When Lucius thought about it, Naiya made a weak movement. Her lashes fluttered before she opened her eyes.

“How does it feel to gain a new life, half-breed?” Lucius still teased her with the same sarcastic tone. But he choked on his words as he saw her eyes.

Damn it!


Lucius stepped backward and covered his forehead, trying to avert his gaze from Naiya’s.

This feeling… it’s déjà vu…

Naiya’s scarlet eyes and long dark hair that fell down on her back after her skin turned pale.

…They really

looked alike…

Especially with that confused expression.

“I…” Naiya tried to speak, but her tears wouldn’t stop streaming down her eyes. There was an inexplicable sadness in her heart.

“Put on your clothes.” Lucius redeemed black clothes. This time, it wasn’t a woman’s clothes, but men’s, and threw them at her feet.


Naiya felt a new power rose within her. She understood that Lucius had kept his promise by granting her the power she wanted.

But she felt his voice a bit colder. When they talked before, Lucius always teased her with a sarcastic tone.

Even if he didn’t really mean it. But now, there’s an inexplicable coldness in his words.

Naiya wiped the tears that made her vision blurry. But as she reached her hands to pick the clothes on the floor…

‘DON’T DIE!!!”

A scene flashed in her mind like she was burning in fire.

What’s going on? Naiya crouched on the floor, covering her forehead.

The scorching flames engulfed her vision. A burning cross rose high. On it, a young maiden was bound to the cross.

She had the same long black hair like her, but her eyes were a war vermillion red, instead of the scarlet she had. The maiden smiled as if she was looking at Naiya.


After hearing the word, grief surged into her heart. She couldn’t stop the overflowing tears from her face, dripping to the ground.

What did the hell happen? Naiya couldn’t understand.

“I don’t care why you’re crying like this…” Lucius’ voice was ice cold. “But, you’re really a coward.”


Naiya suddenly understood where this memory came from.

…It was his memory.

She had no idea how his memory appeared in her mind.

Naiya raised her head to stare blankly at Lucius. But Lucius stared back at her, unhappy.

“Half-breed.” A black ribbon appeared in his hand, and he threw it in front of Naiya. “Long hair will affect your sword swing. So if you don’t want the enemy to have the chance to grab your hair, cut it off! Or tie it up! Follow me when you’re done.”

Without looking back, Lucius turned around and walked deeper into the cave.

Naiya silently dressed in the black men outfit, looking at the ribbon in her hand, stroking her long hair that touched her waist.

Was it really because it would affect her sword swing?

Naiya had no idea because that man never spoke the truth to anyone.

He himself was a coward.

After using the black ribbon to tie her hair into a long ponytail, Naiya stood up. Getting used to her new body, and followed Lucius into the depth of darkness.

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