Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 108


Naiya was half breed. A part of her was human. Her skin gleamed with pinkish blood veins, unlike a vampire’s pale, bloodless skin.

In fact, Naiya was quite tall among women of her age. Probably slightly taller than Arthas, but she wasn’t as docile as her.

Her loyalty wasn’t a problem for Lucius. As long as she became his servant, she had to obey him. 

Just now, he had already confirmed she was a virgin. 

“How long have you survived in this world?” Lucius looked at Naiya, who was covering her breast and her lower abdomen with both hands. She looked over her shoulder, clearly uncomfortable being naked in front of a male. 

“I… I don’t know. I have no memory of my past…”

Naiya didn’t know why he asked this. She had no past memories. 

“Probably 15 years…” Naiya still had a trace of her adolescent years, somewhere between a loli and a young woman. 

After a few moments, Naiya was certain that Lucius had no sexual interest in her. Then, why did he tell her to strip her clothes?

“Next.” Lucius threw on clean white clothes. After catching it, Naiya stroked the bandage-like white clothes and covered her chest again. 


For vampires, developing their own servant was very important. Just as important as breeding a child.

Although some vampires preferred to live alone, the next generations of vampires created with Lucius’ bloodline would definitely become exceptionally strong. 

Having a strong combat force loyal to him wasn’t a bad idea. 

More importantly, Naiya belonged to a specific plan in Lucius’ plan to push this world into despair.

Because she was a human from this world, she had the same blood flowing inside her.

In a world where bloodline was extremely valued, it’s safer to use the humans of this world as his spokesperson.

“I have the power to make you stronger. But are you willing to give up your everything for revenge?”

When she heard Lucius’ words, Naiya raised her head insistently. “I… have nothing to lose.”

Nothing left to lose…

That’s right. A person who has nothing to lose is the scariest because nothing holds them back anymore. 

Lucius is this kind of person. 

But what about the girl in front of him?

Lucius didn’t believe she could do what she said. But even if her determination was one in ten thousand, it’s not good enough!

What he needs is for her to accept her death, and Lucius will do the rest. 

A good puppet should have a good puppeteer. 

“Then… are you ready?” Lucius’ fangs grew sharper, his golden eyes turned scarlet. 

The temperature in the cave dropped, a chilly wind blew, and Naiya shivered.

What would happen? Fear coiled around her. But she had already accepted her fate. She nodded her head. 

“Haha… you will be forgotten by the world. Your soul will belong to me, your body will be the darkness’ subordinate, but you will live forever! An eternal Blood River running through it!” He pulled out the Yamato Blade from its sheath, and Naiya found herself in complete darkness.

What’s going on? Naiya took a step backward with fear. The coldness instilled inside her bones. 

Endless darkness surrounded her. She had never been able to understand what kind of creature a vampire was. But now, she finally understood! 

“Devour my blood, receive your body…”

A pair of scarlet eyes with vertical pupils emerged from the pitch black. Then, pairs of it emerged, followed by thousands of scarlet eyes, lustered in the dark, gazing through her soul. 

What is this? Naiya was even tempted to run away. 

“Embrace your newborn self, half-breed!” 

The magical voice whispered. 

An azure luster cut through the darkness. Naiya’s eyes widened and found Lucius aimed his weapon towards her. 

It’s a lie… right?

Naiya paused for a moment and felt a tearing pain in her heart. 

“Cough!” Blood spilled from her mouth. She stared at the blade that ran through her heart with disbelief. The Yamato Blade pierced her beating heart, crushing it. 

Naiya, who had lost her blood supply, fell weakly to the ground. 

It’s a lie… right?

A large amount of blood flowed from her chest, flowing down her body all the way to the ground. Feeling her life fading away, Naiya heard it clearly… 

“The sun will eventually fade, and night will come…”

That man… 

In Naiya’s blurred vision, Lucius’ eyes, soaked in blood, came closer and closer. 

Did he trick her from the beginning? Just to kill her now?

He trampled on the blood she shed. 

Naiya felt his hand caressing her cheek, and then he lifted her body. 

Wetness spread across her neck like something was licking her neck. The tingling sensation in her neck made her fading consciousness snap back again.

What the hell… is he doing?

Naiya stared at his eyes with blurry eyes from overflowing tears and looked away. 

She felt her blood being sucked. 

The swallowing sound was crystal clear in her eyes. The blood spilled from her neck was being licked clean with no trace left. 

Lucius greedily sucked all the blood from her neck. 

“Mm… ahh…” Naiya whimpered. 

Lucius held Naiya’s dying body and kept sucking the blood from her body. It’s been too long since he had last had his dinner.

This time, he wasn’t going to let himself remain hungry. Her vampire blood tasted very faint… 

As Lucius inhaled, he felt a slight tremor from the body in his arms.

It’s normal… she was aroused.

Being preyed on by vampires wasn’t painful. The pleasure that the prey felt was equally pleasing as the vampire who sucked their blood.

Apparently, the electrifying sensation felt by the maiden that has never held a boy’s hand in her life caught her off guard. 


Clearly, there wasn’t much blood left in her body. But her face was blushing red, she panting heavily and moaned louder. 

Finally, Naiya held Lucius’ neck tight, her whole body twitching.


The forbidden pleasure reached its peak and burst out, causing Naiya to lose her strength. 

But it wasn’t over yet. 

Lucius closed his eyes and began to do the thing that made the prey turn into a hunter…

He is making his own servant. 

Lucius infused his own blood into her body. She was weak and paralyzed in his arms.

But as soon as Lucius’ blood began to flow inside her, a large amount of blood suddenly rushed to her pierced heart.

The blood constructed an even stronger heart in her chest and imprinted her with Lucius’ insignia.

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