Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 111


Scourge Legion…

They were the demons that struck fear inside the heart of Azeroth’s residents.

The most terrifying thing about the Scourge was they were a legion made of the undead!

The enemies who fight them will eventually join the Scourge!

They know no fear, no pain. They had brought the undead plague to the entire Azeroth continent. Causing living things to fear what’s coming to them. The undead…

This is the Scourge Legions! The eternal life which they gained after death…

As the leader of the Scourge, the Lich King Arthas led her legion to descend upon the world once again.

But… the Lich King’s power was limited to the dead in the previous world. She had the power to control the dead but had no way to bring them to the other would.


Arthas tried to summon the legions, but nothing happened.

The edge of this world was different from the previous one. In the previous world, she could sense Azeroth’s presence from the edge of this world.

But in this world, she was powerless.

Probably, this world is too far away from Azeroth.

After several attempts, Arthas eventually lost her will and lowered her head. Her nekomimi went limp as if bowing her head to Lucius and admitting her defeat.

Lucius had expected this to happen. 

The number of undead legions was too large. It’s certainly impossible to summon them all at once.

But it doesn’t matter. He had no intention to summon all the Scourge at once. He just needs a small part of it.

For a certain plan.

“Ar, try this…”

For LuRaemon, everything is possible.

Lucius gave her the Stargate he just used to summon her. After fiddling with the gadget that was thousands of years beyond her time, she seemed to understand the basics of its purpose.

As expected of Her Highness, The Queen of Lordaeron Kingdom. She had a keen ability to learn.

Using the Stargate, she sensed Azeroth’s presence from the gate. And looked at Lucius.

“I don’t want to attack the world right now. I need a force that people won’t realize it’s undead.” Lucius gave Arthas conditions.

As the commander of the Scourge, the Lich King had an ability to judge the battlefield situation.

She immediately understood Lucius’ plan. So this time, he wanted to summon someone to fight through the Stargate.

Someone who wasn’t a skeleton soldier, skeleton dragon, or something like that.

“As you wish, Master.”

From the Stargate’s azure light, a giant skeleton stepped out. As he stepped into the world, the ground froze in a layer of frost.

He wasn’t holding any weapon. The death wave coming from his was his strongest weapon. He was a warlock, a spellcaster, not a warrior.

This skeleton was at Level 6 lifeform, just below Xerath the Magus Ascendant.

His name was Kel’ Thuzad, the second commander of the Scourge Legion, just below the Lich King.

The existence that had fallen from a Great Human Wizard to a Wraith. The founder of the Cult of the Damned.

If Arthas’ power wasn’t limited due to her new life from the previous world, she would belong to the Level 6 Life form as well.

“Un.” Arthas looked at the skeleton, which was twice as tall as her, and nodded to greet him.

She never showed much of her inner thoughts. Her heart had been frozen for too long.

Kel’ Thuzad had long accompanied the Lich King. He knew her perfectly.

“It’s been a long time. What’s the order, Master?”

It seemed the Lich King’s often disappearance was normal in Azeroth as Kel’ Thuzad wasn’t too surprised to see Arthas.


“Let me see.” Kel’ Thuzad took a deep breath. He didn’t even have a nose, so why would he do that?

“The smell of a new world. No death, no strife. Master, do you want to unleash the Scourge upon this world?” Arthas glanced at Lucius, who was being ignored by Kel’ Thuzad.

It’s not a big problem. Lucius waved his hand. As long as Arthas followed his command, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the Scourge listened to his words or not as Arthas was their leader.

Arthas nodded.

“As you wish.” After Kel’ Thuzad slightly bowed, several figures shrouded in cloaks whose face was hidden emerged from the Stargate.

It was the Acolytes who summoned the soldiers who built the Scourge army building.

Arthas glanced at Lucius again, who spoke a silent word.

Arthas faintly spoke to Kel’ Thuzad.

“Banshees. A lot of them…”

“They have long waited.”

With a wave of Kel’  Thuzad’s arm, an ear-splitting scream rang out in the underground space.

Numerous spectral figures wearing tattered cloaks, looking like ghastly pale women, rushed out of the Stargate.

A large number of banshees surrounded Arthas, still shrieking.

Arthas waved her tail in annoyance, emanating cold air from her body, and the banshees quickly quieted down.

“Anything else?” Kel’ Thuzad dutifully did his servant job.


Arthas took another look at Lucius. The soldiers’ choices were all decided by him. They shared the same mind through the contract.

Just by looking at him, she understood what he wanted.

“Crypt Lords…”

This was the most important presence among the Scourge Legion.

“This place does suit it well.”

Kel’ Thuzad slightly glanced at Lucius, who was standing behind him. Lucius responded with a death-exuding aura and smiled at the Wraith.

After feeling Lucius’ death scent was stronger than his own, Kel’ Thuzad was surprised, but he didn’t say anything.

“Then, I will summon the Crypt Lords who were fighting on the front line to come here…”

Both the acolytes and banshees were part of the Cult of the Damned. But the Crypt Lords were not. So he couldn’t directly summon them.

“Un.” Arthas nodded.

As Kel’ Thuzad stepped through the Stargate, he took a last glance at Arthas, whose appearance was fixed at sixteen, and then at Lucius.

Sure enough, even if the King’s heart was frozen, there would be times when they would melt, right? Even though it’s partly ridiculous.

Kel’ Thuzad shook his head. He had no right to interfere with the King’s affairs. Just doing his order will do.

After the Wraith left, Lucius looked at the horrific scene that was enough to trample any horror movie ever made.

“Ar, you can develop this underground space as much as you like. Even building a Necropolis. I think you can find all the resources you need here.”

“Master…” With a swing of Arthas’ Frostmourne, a dozen rotting but still powerful ghouls appeared from the ground, which Arthas summoned through her magic as long as there were corpses nearby.

The ghouls immediately rushed towards the surrounding mineral and began their first plundering in the foreign world.

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