Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 112


Under Arthas’ command, the acolytes and ghouls began to create the foundation for the Scourge Legion.

The carcasses of the mineral spirits piling up the underground space that was washed away by Lucius’ Dear River release was enough to summon a lot of undead.

The most terrifying thing about this race was they only need corpses to reproduce.

That’s the most worthless thing in a war? It’s life…

These most worthless things had a great use for the undead.

That’s the reason why they were invincible across the continent of Azeroth.

It only took a while to develop the Scourge Legion to develop in this world. Right now, Lucius no longer had the patience to wait.

Death wasn’t the thing Lucius wanted to bring. It was despair that he wanted…

Sometimes, people die without feeling despair.

Right now, Lucius was looking for it. A way to make all the people in this world fall into despair and die.

Now, it’s his first experiment.

“This is the Crypt Lord…”

Lucius had played games before. Such as Warcraft, Prototype, and other games. There’s a lot of fictional characters he had in mind. Unfortunately, the Extermination System can’t exchange for a life.

If he compared the system to other systems he read in novels whose main character was OP, then Lucius’ system is the God of death who wields the scythe in his hands.

The despair points required to create life were enormous. Even a small thing was sold for more than 10.000 despair points.

Of course, the price to resurrect a life was even heavier.

But Lucius will get it… the price to resurrect a life…

Just a few moments ago, a giant insectoid creature suddenly emerged from the Stargate. Because of its huge size, it was stuck at the gate.

Lucius went through the trouble to pull the creature out of Stargate as a whole.

“Master, Crypt Lord at your service.”

The Crypt Lord’s voice was different from the Wraith, Kel’ Thuzad. Its voice was both dull and harsh.

It sounds nothing like a human, and the fact that it could speak human words was already amazing.

Its tall body stood in the underground space. Arthas looked like a tiny ant in comparison.

But the Crypt Lord didn’t dare to move. This small, fragile-looking girl was it’s superior. The giant body squeezed in excitement, probably because it liked the dark underground space.

All the presence that needed to be summoned was here.

What to do next, it’s all up to Lucius…

Arthas was just his servant, while he was the mastermind.

However, the commanders of the Scourge Legion just below the Lich King, such as Dreadlord Barnazzar, Kel’ Thuzad the Lich, Crypt Lord Anub’rekhan, they all only bowed to the Lich King’s order.

If they knew Arthas had become someone else’s servant, they would never approve.

They would only serve one king. Anyone dared to step on their king’s head is an offender!

Even if the king didn’t mind, there would be someone in the court that won’t be happy about it.

Directing Arthas’ underlings from the shadows… Lucius had no intention to be open about it.

So it’s only possible to continue lip-syncing the words to Arthas so she could relay them to the Crypt Lord.


But Arthas was poor at expressing her inner thought, so she simplified all of Lucius’ words.

“Grab some…” She paused, looking over her shoulder to Lucius, and finally, as she understood something, “Small animals…”

Beast! It’s a beast! Not small animals!

Lucius slapped his forehead to show that Arthas got it wrong. From the Lich King’s point of view, there were no real differences between beasts and small animals like cats and dogs. The only difference was their size after being frozen by the Frostmourne.

“Hmm?” Arthas tilted her head and blinked in confusion.

“What’s wrong, Master? Is there anything else you want?”

Thankfully, the Crypt Lord was huge and usually moved underground. Humans were only ants.

It could crush with a single stomp. He didn’t notice Lucius behind it, but instead, it was puzzled by Arthas’ strange behavior.

“Well…” Arthas’ nekomimi shivered, and she stretched her hands. Gesturing a size similar to her height. “Small animal this big…”

Can’t you just replace ‘small animals’ with beasts?!

It was the first time Lucius felt difficulties in communicating with Arthas. Probably her brain worked differently from the ordinary girls.

But it wasn’t the first time he had difficulties with Arthas’ actions.

But thankfully, the Crypt Lord understood her meaning. Probably because it’s an insect?

“Did the Master want to bring the beasts above the earth’s surface here?”

“Un.” Arthas nodded again.

While you’re at it, try and get rid of all the mineral spirits in this cave! Let them know who the Crypt Lord is!

Lucius understood why humans didn’t dare to venture deep in the cave despite the valuable ores. It was because the number of mineral spirits was too many.

But the good news is, once the Crypt Lord’s aura descended, the mineral spirits obeyed and stopped marching into this area.

“Obey your superior!”

As expected from the Crypt Lord, after accepting a mission, it’s huge body quickly burrowed underground and disappeared.

Lucius could feel its movement underground, like a fish swimming in the water, rushing towards the surface.

At the same time, the scarabs that were parasitic in its body split apart.

Up above was the giant forest that had breathed in countless ferocious beasts, and the trees reached up to the sky, and even the size of the creatures in this forest had grown larger.

“Ar, tell those banshees who are playing mahjong to get ready.” Lucius glanced at the banshees across space, sitting at a table who already started opening a strange chessboard.

With their middle-aged lady appearances, it seems like the Lich King’s Scourge Legion was slightly unreliable.

“Have them prepare to create an army of beasts. In three days, I want to see the view of the beast army descending on the human city!”

A tentative attack. Lucius wants to know how the inhabitants of this world react to a disaster!

Will they die in despair like the humans on Earth, or will they rise up and die heroically.

Lucius thought the latter would likely happen since they had a unified faith!

The humans on Earth’s beliefs were scattered… but the humans in this world only believed in one God, the supreme Dragon God.

They would sacrifice everything for the sake of their beliefs.

This was what had been troubling Lucius. He could kill them, but they won’t die in despair.

The acolytes had begun to build up the necropolis. A dark city appeared in the underground space.

Lucius believed Arthas would soon complete her mission. As the Lich King, her efficiency is absolutely reliable.

“You sit here and develop your Legion. Always be prepared for what will happen next.”

The Underground World was just a foundation he planted here.

The surface was the place where Lucius needed to focus.

Stay… here.

Arthas had glanced at Lucius full of expectation after all she had done, and her wagging tail immediately stopped.

“That’s an order, Ar.”

There were still a lot of things underground they haven’t explored yet. As the king of the Scourge Legion, she alone could allow the Scourge to develop bigger.

Zombies aren’t suitable for this world, and Lucius didn’t want them to know who the real enemy was and stir up their resistance.

The only way to ensure the humans in this world will die in despair was by letting the Scourge Legions trampled all over the territory.

By then, there won’t be a lot of humans remaining.

Lucius needed an addictive poison and let these people drink voluntarily and perish.

The feeling of shattered hope is the easiest way to despair.

Right now, Lucius was looking for such hope and crushed it.

“Un…” Arthas looked at Lucius.

“You can always go back to Earth if you’re bored.”

Lucius waved his hand, and a computer-like thing appeared.

“Go and see what the humans in the other world think of you.”

It’s something he recently discovered from the system. The item exchanged could be connected to any world as long as the despair points were sufficient.

The computer screen was lit, and the picture on the screen showed the game World of Warcraft, which was popular in many countries on Earth.

It just happened to be the version with the Lich King’s face on the cover.  Apparently, Arthas was attracted by the game’s graphics.

Her superb learning skill immediately picks up the pace and the game. She immediately built an alliance with a human mage character and wandered at Stormwind.

The legendary Lich King sitting in front of a computer, playing World of Warcraft… why does she feel delighted by it?

Arthas was attracted by the game, or rather, the things within the game. Stormwind City, the place from her homeland… right now, she couldn’t set foot in that city. But now, she was able to walk freely in the virtual world.

Lucius saw Arthas turned into an Otaku girl who sits in front of her computer all day.

With that solved, Lucius’ next step was to check on the young vampire who was challenging the mineral spirit king and see if she succeeded.

After Lucius set the time for the beast attack, he headed out.

There was a lingering blood scent in the cave. A part of it was from the mineral spirits, part of it humans and vampires.

There were humans here?

Lucius’ eyes flickered. It’s definitely not Naiya’s scent.

The closer he got to the border, the clearer the sword clashing sound, and the mineral spirit’s scream became.

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