Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 12


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 12 Please Close Your Eyes When It’s Dark

The Black Light virus sample had once again fallen into Lucius’ hands. Since there was no newbie discount this time, the exchange value was 10.000 despair points. In other words, the lives of 10.000 people. Lucius felt it was worth it. The effectiveness of the virus was extremely high. The current batch of Black Light virus had already brought him close to 100.000 despair points, and it would accumulate overtime if he could break through that wall.

The crow resting on Lucius’ finger tilted his head and looked at his master with red glowing eyes, wondering what he was up to.

The vial in Lucius’s hand came with an injection function. Without any hesitation, he stabbed the needle longer than the raven’s body into the raven’s body. Nearly 400ml of liquid pure Black Light virus was pushed into the raven’s body.

For the virus to turn a living being into an infected life form, it first had to kill the host. The crow fell to the ground after the virus was injected into its body, dead. But then, something unexpected happened…

[Level 3 infected lifeform evolution detected in a ten-meter radius around. Proceed to enter the creation interface menu?]

“What? Creation interface?” Lucius had expected the raven to turn into some terrifying biochemical monster to topple the walls. Still, the raven just landed on the ground with its stiff body and didn’t react at all.

[Technically, it is a genetic modification interface. The host’s choice is a virus extinction. This is one of the many auxiliary functions provided to the host by the system, which allows the host to define the evolutionary direction of the infected life form that is about to evolve within a ten-meter radius.]

In other words, customizing what kind of monster this crow will turn into? Can you offer modifications in both combat and advantage? This system has brought more and more surprises to Lucius and is surprisingly interesting. The last hunter had evolved that way because Lucius wasn’t within ten meters of it, so it directly followed the randomness of the virus.

But now, he could customize the monster. He will make an unbeatable monster! Lucius half crouched down and looked at the fallen crow, twitching in pain. Soon… you’ll become stronger in my hands!

“Enter the genetic modification interface.”

At Lucius’s command, Lucius’ scarlet eyes flashed with a stream of data. Everything turned red in his sight except for the crow.

A holographic projection interface emerged from some part of the crow’s body tissues, wings, beak, claws, feathers, and most of the internal organs.

In the crow’s brain, a set of genetic chains appeared in front of Lucius. This was the crow’s DNA, besides it, there was a large number of reddish spider-like structures entrenched next to it. Those were the Black Light virus gene. These rabid genes would reorganize the crow’s genes at Lucius’ will.

[Currently possessed genes: muscle strengthening, virus parasitism, and blood infection.] [The host can customize the creature’s wings, feathers, claws, and beak.] [Basic strengthening will make this creature a hundred times larger. The final calculation will result in this creature’s strength rising by 1.000 times, and speed will be doubled.]

The most obvious symbol of the Black Light Virus evolved infected life form was its size. Which of the high-level infected lifeform from the original game* wasn’t physically huge? Brawling Hunter, Juggernaut, or even the most threatening infected life form, Goliath, had the size of a tall building.

“Can’t they get smaller?”

Lucius sighed with disappointment. As a vampire, he didn’t like things that’s exposed to sunlight. His favorite way to torture people was from the shadow. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to spread the infection. After all, as long as the virus got out, the wall would lose its original purpose.

“In other words, you still have some features, right? How do I get it? By exchange?”

The versatility of the virus ensures that evolution isn’t monolithic. The infected life form has a wide array of advantages and could take some different tasks.

[No memory of the genetic recombination method was detected in the host’s brain, so it cannot be redeemed.]


Well, Lucius had never studied genetics, so he couldn’t redeem it.

“So, how do I get it?”

[Method Unknown.]

There’s something that the system actually didn’t know? Anyway, he should continue. He wanted to see what the crow injected with a full dose of the virus sample can do.

“Let’s have fun tonight, monster.”

Lucius threw the twitching carcass of the crow off the building. Just before the crow was about to hit the ground, scarlet tentacle-like muscle tissues surrounded the crow’s body. Red light emanated from within its blood, flowing through the muscle tissue. The muscle from the Black Light virus completely turned the raven into a monster.

Lucius, who was standing on the hospital rooftop, looked at the raven creature with the height of a two-story building below.

[Added a new Level 3 Bird Mutants/]

“Go and have a wonderful scarlet feast.”

Lucius’ laughter echoed through the night as the monster roared sharply.


In the cold night, a veteran soldier with an automatic rifle in his hand stood on the city’s steel walls with a cigarette in his mouth, looking down at the city below shrouded in darkness. He loaded the bullets into the magazine one by one, ready to be fully loaded at all times in the coming battle.

Civilians gathered below the walls, lights illuminated the panicked civilians in case some infected person got mixed in. The civilians would be able to leave this hell if they passed a checkpoint to ensure they weren’t carrying the virus. So the scene somewhat looked perfect for a while.

Obviously, this city was incredibly normal yesterday, and everyone was living peacefully…but today, everything had changed.

The senior soldier had never gone deeper into the city, and the order from above was to stay on guard on the walls. He didn’t know what kind of monsters were in the city that would make everyone so afraid, or even crazy.

A zombie? He had seen the Resident Evil movies. He exhaled a smoke ring. Did they really look like the zombies from that movie? He tightened the grip on his hand and glanced around. Several turrets had been erected on top of the city walls.

They were nothing more than corpses that could move. The army’s firepower around this city was fully capable of intercepting the corpses that were moving incredibly slowly. The so-called zombies were nothing more than moving targets, and a single bullet to their skulls would kill them. Not to mention the fact that the higher-ups seemed to have sent someone strong.

He harbored no fear. His love for the Resident Evil franchise made him want to take a closer look into the city to see the zombies. But…

In the next second, the surroundings of the walled security checkpoint, which had been illuminated by bright lights as if they were under the daylight, were suddenly shrouded in darkness. The lights… went out? No, the intense lights never went out.

So… why did it suddenly become so dark?

He dropped the cigarette but from his mouth when he looked up at the sky.

What the fuck was that?!!! This is what they called a slow-moving zombie?! When did the zombies in Resident Evil get this big?! And worse, they can fly?!!

The creature was heading towards the towering walls. The veteran soldier saw the raven beast descend to the ground.


Sharp shrieks echoed in the night sky. The people in the crowd screamed in fear, the scene suddenly became chaotic. Their fear made them lose their wit and intelligence.

In the sky, a monster with a wingspan close to thirty meters away rushed towards the city wall. Its body was covered with disgusting muscle tissue, reddish glowing blood vessels flowed on its surface.  Six pairs of eyes on top of this monster’s forehead emitted a berserk light.

“Shoot! Shoot! Take aim! Now! Hurry!”

The sergeant in command issued the order instinctively even though his voice was already shaking from the monster’s sudden attack. The six turrets erected on top of the city walls were aimed at the monster in the sky. With the sound of machinery spinning, a metallic storm swept up onto that monster in the sky.

That was the mutant crow!

“What the hell are these monsters?!”

“Shut up! Just pull your trigger!”

Soldiers stationed on or around the walls all pulled their triggers at the sky. For a moment, the entire barracks was filled with the sound of guns venting out their bullets!

“It doesn’t work at all!”

“It’s rushing over! Hey, hey…that monster is coming at us!”


The bullets couldn’t seem to penetrate the skin of the mutant crow’s scarlet muscle tissue. It swooped towards the wall with a sharp shriek.

The soldiers no longer care about orders. Saving their own lives comes first! Most of them started fleeing.

Is it working?



The mutant crow’s claws violently hit the city wall, causing a dent on the steel wall.


Another sharp shriek. Its front wings were strengthened and sharpened by the virus. The moment it waved its wings, the fleeing humans were dismembered into large meat chunks. Easily sliced off the human bodies.

Amidst the horror of the screaming crowd, a man’s voice was heard. He had lost his sanity, no longer feared death.


Near the mutant crow’s landing site, a make-shift turret was erected. The soldier controlling the turret locked his target at the monster and began firing without hesitation.

Blood splattered all over the wall as the crow waved its wings once more. Cleanly sliced off the turret along with its controller. Human lives were so fragile in front of the monster!

In a few seconds, the creature’s arrival turned the relatively safe area on the city perimeter into a hell on earth.

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