Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 13


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 13 The Hope of Mankind

“The defenses have been destroyed…”

That monster can’t be killed…”

In front of the steel walls, the crowds were disarrayed with the mutant crow’s sudden arrival. They who originally wanted to leave the city and find peace began to run frantically towards the city. They had to survive. No matter what happened next, they had to live. Humans would do anything to stay alive and run away.

The mutant crow didn’t bother chasing its delicious food that was fleeing everywhere from the steel wall. Lucius had instilled a sole command on its virus-ridden brain. Destroy the wall!


Perhaps there was some sort of connection between the infected life form. As the mutant crow let out a shuddering growl, the same growl also rang out in every direction throughout the city. They were all zombies!


“Don’t come near me!”

Guided by the mutant crow, the zombies that had been in the city began to riot. They had found the tastiest meat!

“Go to hell…die!”

A human soldier stood at the collapsed wall. The mutant crow’s gigantic body stood in front of him. He pulled the trigger of the assault rifle in his hand desperately. The bullets were unleashed on the body of the mutant crow in front of him. But what could an ordinary bullet do against the tenacity of the scarlet flesh? The reckless shooting only made the creature notice the tiny human. The mutant crow lowered its head, six pairs of insect-like compound eyes gazed at its prey.

“Uh… hh…” The soldiers who were howling suddenly stuttered. His body stiffened, whereas fear instilled on his face. He stumbled on the ground, unable to move. The gun in his hand was the only thing he could rely on. But…


The last bullet in the magazine was wasted in order to vent the fear in his heart. He had nothing to rely on. He couldn’t defeat the…monster!

It’s impossible to kill it! He was in complete despair.


He drew a pistol he kept at his waist, not to resist. As the bullets had no effect on the creature at all. Humans were doomed! We’re all being eaten! He pointed the muzzle of the gun at his forehead. His hand rested on the trigger. Rather than being eaten by this monster, it would be better to take his own life…at least…there would be…less pain!

“Shriek!” The mutant crow also opened its beak at the same time, preparing to attack its prey.

Darkness enveloped the soldier, his heart was already shrouded in darkness. But the next moment… A brilliant fire illuminates this endless darkness! Scorching flames burst in front of the soldier’s body.

“Shriek!!!!” The mutant crow’s head was engulfed by the searing flame. It let out a pained roar as its huge body retreated backward.

“Live…” A low voice instantly snapped the desperate soldier back into his senses.

“Eh?” He stared wide-eyed. His movement froze. Just a few seconds ago, he was ready to end his own life. Looking hesitantly at the man who had suddenly appeared in front of him.


His jet-black uniform fluttered with the wind. His expression was cold, but his hands were burning with a blazing flame, banishing all the darkness around him! A silver and white-winged eagle emblem on his chest! That represents the rank of Major of the New Federation of China! And the flame in his hand…

“Su… Major… Su Lei!” The soldier obviously knew the man, and his despair was suddenly shattered by his presence! One of the strongest Esper in the New Federation of China! Su Lei!

“If you wish to avenge your comrades.” Su Lei looked at the fallen soldier with an oppressive gaze, “Please live.”

The dead can’t do anything. Maybe they will be released from the pain. But after their death, everything would still remain the same. The wall had been breached by the mutant crow, hundreds of human corpses scattered around them… Their comrade’s death had broken the soldier’s spirit. Humans were fragile, very weak against these monsters. But…

“Yes sir, Major Su Lei, sir!”

“It really is Major Su Lei.”

“Quick! Reload your magazines and get ready to fight!”

Humans were weak. They sought someone who could protect them. When a stronger person watched over them, they could fight again. The surviving soldiers raised their guns once more, as long as that man stood there with them, they weren’t afraid. Because they believed he could do everything!


Having your head blaster by flames wasn’t a pleasant experience. The mutant crow spread its wings to soar high in the air.

Su Lei stood on top of the walls. Looking down at the crowd below, that had become chaotic as they were hunted by the zombies. Death happened everywhere. And the source of it all was that lone raven monster in the sky!

The night was dark. The darkness made it hard to see clearly. But after the night passed by, the daylight would come.

“A soldier’s duty is to protect the people.”

Su Lei’s hands burned with a scorching flame once again as he gazed at the monster hovering in the sky.

“Perform that duty!”


The mutant crow swooped down towards Su Lei, who stood on the wall, opening its beak, displaying an array of sharp teeth. The size of a human looked so insignificant before the huge monster. It could just devour him whole in one bite! However, there were some differences among humans. In order to survive, they have to get stronger!

“Crash it down.” Su Lei’s flame-burning hand snapped a finger.

Then a dazzling sun appeared in the silent night sky! Before his eyes, the dark-colored behemoth was suddenly engulfed in a blazing fire.

The flames greedily sucked the surrounding air, making the blaze bigger. The scorching flames set the mutant crow ablaze.


Its body was on fire, causing the crow to let out a rabid roar. Just when the burning crow tried to strike at Su Lei, he gripped the crow as tightly as possible. At this moment, the crow whose body was engulfed in flames suddenly exploded.

Fiery bits fell to the ground, accompanied by a rain of blown up flesh and dust. A splendid firework brought the attack to an end.

It’s over.

The monster is dead.

Su Lei wanted to descend to help the crowd below.

“It’s not over yet.”


A strange sound in his ears made Su Lei raise his head abruptly.


All that’s left from the crow was its head, that’s now relentlessly rushing towards Su Lei. Once again, he closed his palm, and there was another violent explosion.

But this time, a mass of raven feathers spilled out in every direction!

No, it’s not feathers! Su Lei’s cold expression recognized something. With a wave of his hand, a flame shield appeared in front of his body. While the oncoming ‘feathers’ were incinerated by his flames.

But the unguarded civilians were not as lucky as he was. The ‘feathers’ pierced into their bodies and suddenly began to twist like a parasite that extended its tentacles and dug into their bodies. The humans immediately began to twitch, and turned into monsters no different from the zombies!

The soldiers on the high wall didn’t notice the horrific scene. All they saw was the scene of Su Lei easily defeating this terrifying monster.

That’s right. So what if these monsters were terrifying? With Major Su Lei at their side, they had nothing to fear.

“Hurry up and save those civilians! Clean up the battlefield!” Su Lei gave the order at once.

The surviving soldiers, along with the support team that followed, raised their guns and immediately burst into the battlefield’s chaos. They shot all the zombies to death. They were fragile, humans would be able to kill them with a single bullet through their skull. So, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Su Lei stood on the wall, representing the mark of mankind’s invincibility. A majestic and overpowering gesture that gave all humans hope to live! But none of them noticed that Su Lei was covering his left hand. Blood dripped from his jet-black uniform. The powerful Esper was injured! The wound’s source was a ‘feather’ that had been incinerated under Su Lei’s feet.


“Tch…” Lucius sat on the hospital rooftop. Looking at the flames that exploded in the distance. “What a beautiful firework.”

He had just created a Level-3 infected life form, only to get killed immediately. But he wasn’t angered by it. After all, that crow did its best. But the enemy was too strong, there’s no helping it.

Also, the crow’s death presented Lucius with a very important piece of information.

“One of the strongest Esper in the New Federation of China, Su Lei? Humans sure are scary…”

Lucius casually stretched his body. Looks strikingly contrast with the doomsday with the background. Because if he couldn’t breach the walls, this like human extinction would be his mere fantasy. Su Lei just killed Lucius’s strongest pawn, the Level 3 evolved infected life form by the Black Light Virus. Killed without resistance.

“I would be sad if that Major killed my little pet without any consequences.”

The plan to break through the wall by relying on the crow was a complete failure. But it was worth it.

Why? Because…

[Detected Level 5 genetic code: Fire Manipulation.] [20.000 Despair Points added as a bonus, as well as a copy of ‘Unfinished Black Light Virus’ as a reward for successfully infecting a Level 5 life form.]

“As a human, you’ve evolved to this point.” Lucius turned around, no longer looking in the direction of the city wall. Instead, he walked towards the lower floor of the hospital, merging into the darkness. Only his scarlet pupils glowed in the dark, “Are you interested in evolving into a creature even more powerful than a human, Major Su Lei?”

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