Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 123


Buried Gold City, Sky Harbor.

The alchemical airship is one of this world’s most important transportation. Apart from the magic train, the only way to travel quickly between two cities is with this carrier aircraft class airship with a sci-fi appearance. 

Fluorite was the most important energy in this world. The airship was painted with gray paint; in the metal links, a faint blue light shone from time to time.

Lucius wasn’t clear on how fast the airship could travel, but presumably, it at least had a similar speed with aircraft on Earth. And the number of people it could carry at one go is very large. 

Sky Harbor is the most important place in every city.

On normal days, the Sky Harbor in Buried Gold City is usually full of people coming and going. 

Today, it’s unexpectedly quiet. 

Because a hero had sacrificed himself. 

Kensel Dodran, the Knight Commander of the Empire’s Order of Knight, had fallen in duty protecting the citizens of the Empire against the Beast’s attack. 

The silvery-white coffin was embossed with the Knight’s insignia, a roaring dragon’s head.

Four knights donned in armor lifted the coffin and walked towards an airship.

A line of knights donned in silver-whitey white armor raised their swords and paid tribute to the coffin, paying tribute to their deceased leader.

He won’t be buried in this small city. He will be buried in the Hall of Heroes in the Capital. 

The solemn funeral ceremony was thick in the air, even after the coffin was carried inside the airship.

The knights chose to stay in the city. 

They weren’t sure if the beasts would attack again as it would take some time before they could rebuild the city wall. So, the burden of protecting the city still falls on their shoulders. 

The large airship doesn’t just carry a single coffin. There were a lot of retired knights and civilians who wanted to leave the city aboard the airship. 

And Her Highness, who had saved the city, was already sitting on the top room of this airship.

This was arranged by the Divine Dragon Church. A token of favor after she protected their High Priestess from the hands of an assassin. 

At the same time, a rumor saying, “Her Highness saved the High Priestess from the Undertaker’s hands!” gradually spread. 

After this incident, Naiya, whose identity was mysterious before the incident, became the people’s favorite topic overnight. 

But this had nothing to do with Lucius.

Right now, he was standing at the Sky Harbor ticket gate, in front of a young ticket lady, who immediately froze after seeing Lucius. 

Sky Harbor was one of the most crowded places in the world. She had been working here for over a year. She naturally had seen all kinds of people.

From the Northern Tribal Men with a toughness aura, the Lordland lineage in the West who were known for their elegance… as a ticket lady, she should’ve been immune to it. 

But Lucius’s face made her mind feel numb. 

“Is… is there something wrong, Sir?”

After a moment of daze, she calmed herself down and showed a professional smile she should have. 

“The airship that will be leaving soon now has no sequence.” Lucius pointed at the display screen projected by a strange crystal.

“Can you tell me the route?”

Lucius intended to blend in with the humans. But even as a High Vampire, it was hard!

The distance between cities in this world was quite far, except for a few cities. 

This was the reason why this world’s population density was so low. There were Beast Forests separating cities from another, or an endless wilderness.

All kinds of Beast inhabited the forest. If a human invaded their territory, even if they had been peaceful for over a hundred years, they would immediately tear apart the ignorant human invaders mercilessly.

“Ah, about that. I’m so sorry for the passengers’ safety. I can’t tell you.”

If the route information was leaked, it would be easy to hijack the airship.

There was a group called air pirates, specializing in intercepting alchemical airships in the middle of the voyage. So now, there were usually exclusive escorts aboard. 

In addition, the rumor said Her Highness the Empress also aboard the airship. 

She had some difficulty controlling herself; at the same time, she was vigilant towards him.

But when she met his eyes, her body froze.

Scarlet… an endless scarlet, filled her brain.

“It’s alright, miss.”

Lucius’ voice carried a special rhythm. His slight smile was poisonous, “It’s okay. I just want to make sure. I just want to confirm what places this airship would pass along the way.”

“Yes… yes, of course. It’s entirely possible.”

Her eyes changed into a void. Her mouth repeated the words Lucius wanted to hear.

Vampires could easily control humans. Especially a woman who had fallen for his look.

Eventually, her expressionless face changed into an inexplicable frenzied smile. Her hands searched the desk below her before placing a stack of papers on the table. 

Lucius didn’t take those papers. But a drop of blood dropped on the paper. He smiled at the woman and said. “Thank you for your cooperation, beautiful lady.”

Lucius clasped a gold coin from his hand to the table. He turned around and left the hall. 

The people in line behind him also stepped forward.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”


Hearing the person’s voice, she finally awoke. Her heart beats so fast that it made her flustered. Her legs went weak like jelly; she couldn’t stand. 

Lucius felt the skill of controlling humans through a gaze is more aptly defined as charm than mind control. Life controlled by love is the easiest to compel. 

Very easy.

Lucius rubbed his brows. He had remembered all the routes of the airship voyage.

Leaving the crowded Sky Harbor, Lucius found an empty alley and walked into the shadows. His body disappeared into the darkness.

Just after he disappeared, a figure wearing a gray trench coat suddenly appeared in the same place.

“He disappeared?”

There was a hint of surprise in the rough voice.

“No!” He pulled out the dagger from his waist, but it was too late. 

The strong blood scent filled his scent of smell. The killer’s instinct for killing intent perception should’ve been able to save his life!

The dagger he held in his hand blocked something. 

A sharp blade capable of decapitating him!

“Don’t move.”

In the next moment, Lucius’ voice sneered in his ears. The Yamato Blade silently rested against the assassin’s neck. 

“Or else, you would suffer the same fate with your two colleagues.” 

Did he found out?


This was the first time he had been discovered by someone hiding in the dark!

No matter how many people he killed in the shadows, those people didn’t have the chance to see who was doing it. 

But… it was their specialty.

A vampire’s specialty as the king of the darkness!

“Who are you?”


He didn’t answer; the feeling of Yamato pressing against his neck made his consciousness that had become a little agitated, instantly calm down.

As an assassin, the moment you can’t keep your cool, then that’s the moment to meet death!

“Ah, how stupid of me. Why would I ask an organization hiding inside the sewer and doing unseemly deeds? As if you have a name. Since you won’t say it, they rest in peace.” 

Immediately after he finished his words, the figure suddenly turned into blood and disappeared in front of him. 


Lucius’s hands were stained with blood. He looked down at the familiarity and smiled.

Behind him, the blood formed the assassin’s body. The dagger in his hand shone like lightning towards Lucius’s brain. 

He did it!

He felt the blade pierced the man.

No matter how many times, he still can’t get over the thrill of killing someone. 

The young man paid the price for his arrogance!

The blade stabbed into Lucius’ brain. The assassin penetrated the sword with full force. 

A moment later, blood flowed like water as Lucius’s body fell down. Blood flowed on the ground, the wound in his head looked particularly macabre. 


He drew out the blood-soaked dagger, and at the end of it, he carved another mark with nails inlaid with steel.

It was the mark that represented death, a mark that had to be remembered with every gift of death.

He scratched his hand across the bloodstain on the dagger but found that no matter how he wiped it, there was no way for the blood to be removed.

What happened?

He used his natural ability to control blood, a power that gave him a unique foothold in this world… but it didn’t work!

The blood, usually obedient like a loyal dog, was not responding to his commands!

Because…the bloods have found their true king!


A soft laugh…

The soft laughter that sounded a bit creepy to him suddenly echoed throughout the alley, eventually becoming louder and louder.


It moved…

With wide eyes, the target that should’ve been dead moved once again, and with an inexplicably excited laugh.

“No… it can’t be! You… should ……”

He started to back away!

There was no way he could comprehend what was happening in front of him!

Shouldn’t someone die after being pierced through their brain?

This is common sense!

No man can defy common sense!

But that only applies if he was a ‘man’!

“Dead, right?”

Lucius’s body slowly rose from the ground. The corner of his mouth split into a smile.

The shark-like teeth looked terrible, but the wound on his forehead was even more terrifying!

“Ah, yes… You thought by cutting off someone’s head. They would die. But how about this? What about now? The corpse that was supposed to die stood back on its feet. In front of you. Laughing, very excitedly.” 

“Damn it!”

He gave up the assassin’s calm way and raised his dagger. Trying to control the blood around him to kill the monster in front of him!

Only the blood did not obey his orders.

“I was surprised to find a human with the power to control blood. But ah… prey can’t kill the hunter.”


He began to feel fear because his vision was engulfed in darkness!

Suddenly, thousands of scarlet eyes opened in the darkness, staring at him greedily as if they wanted to devour his body and his very soul.

No, just to swallow them whole!

“It’s perfect. I’ve been feeling very… hungry.” 

The blood flowing at his feet, the blood he used as a weapon, suddenly changed into a fierce beast. It opened its huge mouth and let out a chilling roar.

“Eat it whole, swallow it along with the bones.”


The desperate sound echoes throughout the empty alley, with no one to hear. The human scream gradually disappeared, replaced by crunching and swallowing sound. 

A minute later, a thick blood scent filled the alley’s air.

“I’ve enjoyed myself too much this time.”

Lucius waved his hands to dispel the blood scent. And the wound on his forehead instantly healed, “But… I’ve got something interesting. The Undertaker?” 

Blood converging on Lucius; body, after a moment, it dissipated. Leaving a gray trench coat enveloped his body along with the symbolic skull mask on his face.

“I’ve acquired an interesting identity.”

Like a ghost, the rough voice echoed through the alley.

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