Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 124


The underground world is filled with a gloomy smell of earth in every single place.

The deeper it gets, the smell of death becomes more apparent, and the vampire’s nose was very sensitive.

In this underground world where there was an undoubtful maze, Lucius turned into a bat.

He wandered around for a few laps before trying to find the entrance to the underground world.

The mineral spirits that were active in the underground world became so peaceful after the appearance of The Crypt Lord.

The colonies who had no brains and act only by instincts seem to have the urge to follow The Crypt Lord.

However, Lucius hasn’t felt enthusiastic about how the underground world residents communicate.

The main reason was that the Scourge has settled in the underground world for more than two days.

Now, this was the time for the army to go out again.

Of course, it was only part of the army.

The faint green light shone through the entrance of the underground world.

After Lucius flew into the resident of the Scourge and changed back to his original form.

He discovered that the underground world had been completely altered after the Scourge’s transformation.

The original black soil turned into dry grey, without any nutrients, a dead soil…

This was a land called the barren land.

The magnificent Necropolis has been built, floating in mid-air, giving people an inexplicable pressure.

Corrosion was all around.

Ghouls and some abominations walked back and forth, carrying mineral resources to the acolyte building.

Various iconic buildings of the Scourge have been established.

The remaining corpses of the mineral spirits were enough for the squandering of the Scourge, which was the reason why it can be developed so fast.

A city full of death and cold air.

As a vampire, Lucius didn’t feel uncomfortable walking in this city.

In the Scourge Legion, Lucius was not considered an outsider. And the undead with low IQ didn’t show hostility.

“The King is in the Necropolis. He permitted you to come, so you can come directly.”

The voice of the Crypt Lord came from somewhere unseen. Its huge body completely occupies a place on this empty ground.

Lucius could feel the somewhat unconvinced feeling of the Crypt Lord. After all, a stranger only could come and leave their king’s room by his will.

Lucius ignored the doubts of the Crypt Lord. He walked towards the magnificent Necropolis, the center of this gloomy tomb-style building.

The Necropolis was not that big; the area was just a huge suspended building.

Lucius smoothly walked to the entrance of the Necropolis.


At the entrance, He found a dark corridor with green flames floating in the corridor space.

Eerie, scary, cold…

If it was a human, He would have been scared by the scenery and wouldn’t dare to move. Luckily, Lucius, as a vampire, liked this atmosphere.

Lucius walked toward the depths of the corridor.

This corridor seems to lead to the depths of hell. The deeper it is, the lower the temperature and the heavier the cold air.

After all, the Lich King lives in the deepest part of the city, so it’s normal to feel this way.

She was the king of the undead.

At the end of the corridor, there was a huge door, and Lucius could feel Arthas’s aura behind the door.

Lucius didn’t knock on the door. Regardless of whether this is a lady’s room, he doesn’t care. After all, as the Lich King, Arthas was not a normal person at all.

So Lucius opened the door.

But… what he saw was entirely unexpected.

After Lucius saw the scenery in the room, he suddenly had the urge to go to the next door!

The room of the Lich King was flooded with eternal frost.

The Lich King sat on the Frozen Throne and spoke a word full of domineering as human beings stepping into his realm.

“I will let you live to witness this doomsday…”

Or something like that? Then she called on the rest of the team to assemble against the SS boss?

It was indeed an SS.

Arthas, who had not been seen for a few days, was sitting at a computer desk—wearing white bear pajamas while her long silver-grey hair slumped on the ground.

Her pale face and burgundy eyes stared at the computer screen in front of her, very seriously.

The legendary Lich King was now fighting in the Scarlet Monastery with a group of level 40 Alliance fighters!

[Team] [Luo Shui Tianyi]: Meow Jung, don’t do dead output anymore! SS will be dropped by OT!

[Team] [Don’t tease and run]: Damn, leader, where did you find the mage girl? She’s too violent, right?

[Team] [Luo Shui Tianyi]: OT it! Damn it! Really OT! The tank is on top…

Arthas looked at the computer screen expressionlessly.

A large number of Alliance humans, dwarves, and other characters were jumping around. Her slender fingers pressed the keyboard and mouse quickly.

In just a few days, Arthas has completely mastered the game.

As the gorgeous skills were thrown out, SS strode towards Arthas’ character at last. And finally, Arthas’s computer screen turned grey.

History finally repeats itself.

The descendants of the Ashbringer will ruthlessly kill the Lich King.

Although this Lich King was a weak level 40, but the person who controlled it was the real Lich King!

After seeing her character die, Arthas was not angry. She wasn’t angry at all!


Frostmourne appeared in Arthas’s hands. She wanted to slash the computer screen in two.


A soft cough was heard in the room.

She had formed several wild parties in a row, wading through the mountains and lake to come to the tribe’s territory.

As a result, it was destroyed by the Alliance group countless times. She was at her limit.


After hearing this familiar voice, Arthas shivered. The fluffy cat ears on her head suddenly stood up as well, along with her soft tail.

Frostmourne, in her hand, fell to the ground.

Arthas twisted her neck stiffly and saw Lucius standing in the doorway, not knowing how to face Arthas.


Arthas was like a child who had made a mistake. She lowered her head, not daring to look at Lucius.

“The speed of learning new knowledge is fast… Very fast…”

Lucius glanced at the room that contrasted with the deadly atmosphere outside.

There were various clothes on the big princess bed and some giant doll. There are still some unopened packages piled up in the corners. The packages are written with two big labels, “SF.”

Seeing this scenery, Lucius concluded.

Arthas, this kid has learned how to shop online!!

Fuck… in just a few days? Only two days, right?

With Lucius’s eyesight, he could see clearly. On the computer screen behind Arthas, his teammates were urging the mage girl to hurriedly go running the corpse and revived them.

He also saw Arthas’ bear pajamas, which looks very comfortable to wear.

Lucius came to a conclusion.

Our great Lich King has turned into an Otaku!

The NEET, Arthas…

Lucius suddenly felt bad.

* Author’s note

[Term explanation.]

“OT” is a term in MMORP games similar to Warcraft. The copy is SS’s sense of hatred out of control. Tanks attract SS’s hatred in the front, and crispy jobs such as mages deal damage in the back.

The reason why the team was wiped out is that the hatred can’t be controlled. “SF” Express. 

You can understand “NEET” as someone who always stays at home. Ahem, in the end, I am sorry to ruin the legendary image of the Lich King in your mind.

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