Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 151


‘EH… EH… EH???’

Starla swore she was a well-behaved person. But it took a lot of effort to keep herself from screaming out when she heard that Lucius’s identity was actually Naiya’s butler. She took another look at Lucius, who was standing behind her. The suit on Lucius’s body was indeed a butler’s uniform.

Starla guessed many times what Lucius’s master looked like but eventually suppressed the idea that Lucius had a master to the smallest possibility. This terrifying demon… who can even harness him? It’s almost impossible.

But now, Lucius’s master was not only not some unimaginably strong person, but surprisingly his master was just a little girl like Her Royal Highness?

Starla remembered clearly she was talking with Lucius a minute ago about how to assassinate the Empress, and now she was in front of them… and he belonged as her butler!

‘Does this count as internal affair?’

If it wasn’t for the fact that her life was held in Lucius’ hand, the Undertaker’s boss would think of him as a double spy.

But Lucius won’t do this. He simply couldn’t be loyal to the Royal Family.

“Sorry, I came here because I had a good chat with Miss Vernet.”

In front of Starla, Lucius really acted just like a loyal butler. After that, he glanced at her again, and his lips opened and closed. The saint immediately understood Lucius’s meaning…

“Is he the one that you’re looking for?”

 “Hmm.” Naiya nodded her head.

“So he’s sister Naiya’s butler. Well that’s really surprising, I’m sorry for snatching your butler.”

This demon, did he deal with someone other than her?

After all, a demon’s desire is never-ending.

Thinking about it, a strange feeling flooded Starla’s heart.

“Let me take you home and give me back my butler…” Naiya said

“I’m not trying to take away your butler.”

“Then I’ll leave you first, Miss Vernet.” Lucius put away the umbrella. The sunlight once again shone on Starla’s white skin.

After handing over the umbrella to the young girl, Lucius crossed her to go to Naiya. Suddenly, Starla reached out and grabbed Lucius’s arm.

“What’s wrong?” Lucius looked back at her.

Instead, she withdrew her hand like she was electrocuted, “No… Nothing…”

After releasing the hand, Starla lowered her head and covered her chin with the scarf. She was looking at Lucius through the gap in her hair. After Lucius stood behind Naiya and became Her Royal Highness’s butler, the strange feeling in her heart still lingered.

This feeling… Just she felt before when she was on top of a glorious stage, but no one cared. She felt melancholic and lost…

Girls were generally very delicate about their emotions.

Naiya didn’t say anything else and instead shifted the topic in another direction.

“Starla, the wound on your forehead…”

Naiya pointed to Starla’s long hair that shone with a silvery-white shade under the sunlight. The most noticeable thing was probably the area on her forehead. The original horrible and hideous wound disappeared and now turned out to be the delicate skin a young girl should have.

“Well, it’s healed.” Starla’s mature heart made her know exactly what emotions she should show now. She blossomed a relaxed smile to Naiya. “Sister Naiya’s butler is really awesome. He was helping me to heal. I guess soon, I will be able to stand on the stage and dance again. Will you come over to see me then?”

‘Lucius cured her illness?’

Naiya was a little surprised that the guy who was supposed to play a cruel murderer role would reach out to a little girl.

The little girl… Suddenly the figure in flames held by Lucius’s arms came back to Naiya’s mind.

‘Is it because of this?’

Naiya was not sure.

“I will definitely go.” But no matter what, Naiya, who sympathized with her misery, was relieved to see that she had the hope of standing up again.

Although this was only a fake phenomenon…

“Do you want me to take you back?”

“No, my family has already sent someone.”

Starla refused Naiya’s kind offer, and sure enough, a moment later, a group of people dressed as servants hurried over and took the Vernett young lady back. Naiya waved at Starla’s departure.

“What a strong kid…”

“Indeed, she’s very strong.” Lucius said casually. Without anyone watching them, he did not maintain his butler attitude. He once again changed back to the appearance that Naiya used to know.

“Are you interested in her?” Naiya asked with some uncertainty. She cautiously asked Lucius.

Lucius looked at the Empress that looked as small as a squirrel…

“Of course, I’m interested. Young body, beautiful face, innocent look. I like this kind girl the most.”

Lucius felt that the words translated from his words were ‘I am a perv!’.

By now, Lucius finally admitted his preference. But of course, this was only to fool Naiya.

“Is that so…?”

Naiya actually believed it! She also took the trouble to compare the size of her breasts and found that because her breast was flattened out for a long time with a chest binder, her breast was flat with no hint of the bulge.

A young girl’s body is certainly tempting. 

If she continues to work hard…

Naiya nodded, full of fighting spirit that her breast would bulge like other girls.

‘What is this she excited about?’

Lucius looked at the Empress in puzzlement.

“Then pick… What do we do next?”

On the surface, Lucius was Naiya’s butler. But it actually Naiya who secretly obeyed Lucius’s orders and followed Lucius’s orders.

“Take it off.”

Lucius gave Naiya another order that was incredibly familiar to her.

“Eh?” Naiya froze. Her pretty ice-cold face instantly turned into scarlet, “Take off… What do you mean? Here…?”

“If you want to spread news like Her Royal Highness, the Empress should be having a voluptuous body that excites the nation’s citizens.”

Lucius felt that Naiya’s attempts weren’t very reliable at times.

“Of course not. Go back to your room and remove your fighting armor and disguising yourself!”

“Why do I have to do that?”

To be honest, after getting used to men’s clothing, Naiya doesn’t really want to wear those troublesome skirts that would hinder her sword-swinging movement. She was the kind of woman who was born to fight, not to wear pretty women’s clothing. But Lucius said the other way around…

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