Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 150


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A large number of Royal Knight Guards surrounded the Top Tower. It can be said that the speed of the Capital Guard was really first-class. One minute the situation occurred, the next minute, they came collectively to guard the place…

Indeed the undertakers were too bold to actually tried assassinating the future Empress in front of the Emperor.

The old men who know the terror of the Undertakers thought this wasn’t something they can easily disregard.

Others have the credentials!

In a world filled with orders where the Empire unify the world, war was almost impossible because the Court of the Gods suspended in the sky will give sanctions to any party that provokes a war.

The light beam called Divine Punishment exists so that no one in the world dares to resist the rule of the Empire.

On the surface, they don’t dare, but secretly there are so some shadows who walked outside the law. This group of ghosts always leaves a pool of blood and dead bodies after the massacre. No one can stop them. Some people in the world can indeed refuse the Undertaker’s gift of death, but no one can solve them. Because they are shadows, ghosts, residual in the darkness, ordinary people simply cannot touch them, let alone stopping them.

These ghosts were shadows that made everyone in the Empire restless.

Today… they’re back.

This time, they blatantly provoked the Emperor’s authority.

All of them secretly glanced at Dodran the Great. His face had neither joy nor sorrow. He was looking at the Top Tower entrance, at the destruction from Naiya’s spiritual energy storm.

Dodran the Great suddenly spoke, “I think there must be someone present who was aware that this event will happen today, right?”


The heads of the various families looked at each other and didn’t dare to speak.

“How much is the Empress’s life worth?” He asked in a soft voice.

“100 million? 200 million? Or 10 billion?”

The tone gradually hardened.

“I think the life of the Royah Highness can’t be measured in money now. But! All of you… no, perhaps one of you! Listen to me carefully! The shadows that are peering from nowhere! The one named Undertaker!”

Dodran the Great spoke loudly to everyone, his voice carried by the wind.

“These Undertakers… The Empire can’t catch their shadows for ten years. I admit the Empire can’t trance you, since you’re ghosts who people pay money for one’s life. Listen up! The guy who paid for the life of the Empress! How much did you pay?! Our Empire will pay ten times as much for his life! Whether it’s 10 billion, or 100 billion! This is the Emperor’s promise in front of the hundreds of millions people in the Capital!” 

Dodran the Great raised his hand to the sky.

“In the name of order, in the name of the Court of the Gods, in the order of the Emperor, those who kill will be killed! You will give me the head of that treacherous fellow. I promise you will never make a move even a single inch!”

Almost everyone in this world follows the order of the civilians, Empire follows the order of the Emperor, and the Undertakers follow the orders of the money. ꟷThey sell lives for money. This was something everyone aware of. As long as they had enough money, they can even be commissioned to assassinate the Emperor!

But even the Crowell family can’t afford the price even if they spent their entire fortune. 

The ruler of the Empire was the Dodran family. The royal family’s blood was definitely not weak. This seemed ridiculous, a little cowardly even. It can almost be seen as the Empire’s blatant confession and compromised to the Undertakers. But no one dared to underestimate him.

The usually laid-back Emperor was enraged. An Emperor’s wrath could cost millions of corpses, the sea of blood that flows for thousands of miles…

The Undertaker was hired. And the reason they assassinate the Empress was because someone could afford it. This person might be one of the family heads behind Dodran the Great.

The Emperor was wise. He only looked for the culprit.

Ten times the price of the assassination of the Empress… even the mourners will be moved, right?

Borrow other’s blade and return it to him…

After a few moments of proclamation, the colored flags and confetti seemed to start floating once again. The original solemnity gradually disappeared. Dodran the Great once again changed to his usual appearance. As if the Emperor, who had just made people’s hearts beat fast, hadn’t existed. He squinted his eyes slightly and found that Naiya, who was standing in front of the door of the Top Tower, had disappeared. He also relaxed a lot after Don Quixote gave the Emperor an ‘all-right’ gesture in the distance.

At least today, the Empress was recognized by the people, right? It was a day of celebration for the Empire. After that, the Emperor began to give instructions on how to arrange for her.

The first thing that must be done was to let Her Royal Highness get acquainted with the group of old and grand dukes or the heads of the great noble families in the Empire.

Dodran the Great began to order one after another, while those nobles who came to watch also bid their farewell.

What happened today will affect the future direction of the entire Capital and even the whole world. They must hurry home to seize this opportunity.

After the wave of exit set off, the exit passage was somewhat crowded for a while. Among them were the youngest lady of the Vernett family and the butler who had been pushing her wheelchair… Lucius.

“Really, the remuneration that the old guy said really made me feel a little moved.” Starla looked for a more remote exit route and left the stand together with Lucius.

“Is that so? As a undertaker builder, you saw those commissions that can almost compare to one-tenth of your family’s property and felt some impatience?”

Lucius slowly pushed the wheelchair with one hand. The other hand held an umbrella for both of them to shade from the early summer’s annoying sunlight. With Lucius’s attire, it really has a kind feeling of a butler who accompanies his master. 

Before they knew it, the two came to a stone pathway that no one had walked. It lead to a small park next to the inner city. Probably because everyone came to watch the Empress, no one was here.

“Money? If it was me back then, I would probably be fascinated by this thing.” Starla said and stroked the small portion of her shiny, soft white skin exposed between her short skirt and black stockings, which now had a very healthy sheen.

“But now I’m not the sword maker of the Undertaker anymore, am I?” Starla looked back at Lucius behind him, “Just a lapdog under Mr. Evil Demon.”

“Correct, sister Starla.”

“That … You actually don’t want to kill the Empress, right?”

 Starla didn’t know why she suddenly asked such a thing.


Lucius wasn’t surprised that Starla knew about this matter because the person who played the mortician in front of the Top Tower to fight with Naiya was Lucius.

Although Starla didn’t know how strong Lucius was, she could be sure that he could do it instantly if he really wanted to kill Naiya. Lucius had almost hundreds of ways to abuse and kill that poor Empress easily.

But he didn’t…

He obviously said to hire an undertaker to kill that Empress in the most critical time but wait…

What did this guy want to do?

“Why?” Although Starla understood that this is a question she shouldn’t ask, but young girls were curious creatures.

 “Why? Hmm…”

After Lucius pinched his chin and pondered, the edge of the umbrella was suddenly raised, allowing Starla’s vision to see clearly ahead.

The dark-colored figure suddenly entered her sightline.

Naiya stood in the middle of the road with a cold face. She’s looking at Starla and a man behind her who was holding the umbrella to cover the young girl from the sun.

‘Eh? Why is she here? Shouldn’t she be undergoing the coronation ceremony of the Empress now?’

Starla noticed Naiya’s somewhat rapidly rising and falling chest, which indicated that she was running here.

‘Why? To find her?’

In any case, Starla changed into a surprised expression.

“Sister Naiya, I went to see you. I can’t imagine that you are so powerful…” She said in a childish voice. 

But the Her Royal Highness didn’t answer her words. She walked quickly in front of Starla…

The icy cold temperament made Starla a little surprised. This was the first time since they met that Naiya showed this icy cold expression. Usually, she was like an amiable big sister. What happened today?

Naiya reached out to Starla.

‘Eh? What?’

Starla couldn’t understand what Naiya wanted to do.

“Give it back to me…” Naiya carried a tone of voice that can’t be denied. Just like a child who lost her beloved toy, stubbornly asking adults for the replacement.

“Sister Naiya… What do you want from me?”

The aura around Naiya was too terrifying. Starla’s neck shivered from the chill.

“Give it back to me…”

Naiya wasn’t good at expressing her thoughts. She once again repeated a sentence. She looked straight with her scarlet eyes staring at the other scarlet eyes behind Starla.

‘Could it be…’

Starla looked back and found that Lucius was narrowing his eyes and smiling.

“Give me back my butler!”

For the first time, the Empress gave an order to her subject that no disobedience was allowed.

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