Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 154


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While the crowd was stunned by the battle intent that erupted between Naiya and Meyer, suddenly, a group of knights in golden armour came into the Ball. They looked so harmonious with the glorious Ball. Even if they were heavily dressed, it didn’t make people panic!

Obviously, this group of knights didn’t come to stop the battle between Her Highness and Meyer. Instead, they raised shields as a gesture of protection for the distinguished guests who were blocked behind.

Isolating a separate small circle for Naiya and Meyer.

As the knights retreated, the field used for the battle continued to expand. Finally, the entire Ball in the centre of the Manor became empty. Those guests who came to the Ball were somewhat helpless to stand at the very edge of the Manor. Even if the Ball turns into a martial fight, they didn’t leave. Because compared to the Ball, the first heir of the Crowell family and Her Royal Highness’s battle had aroused their interest!

The entire Manor has become a venue for their fight.

In this Manor, perhaps only Lucius’ seemingly possessed performance team was there! The tight and fast marching song with Lucius’s command spread little by little in the Manor.

After entering the Manor, he wanted to figure out what that reckless Emperor wants to do. Naiya against Meyer, sooner or later, it was in Lucius’s plan. It’s a hard feeling to be pulled down from the best position, right? It must be very hard. No one can tolerate others stepping on their heads.

Now this young man has come here to retake his place in the world!

This was the battle between the two strongest people among the younger generation in the Capital City.


At first, the scene was somewhat silent. Both Meyer and Naiya stood there staring at each other, while the pitch-black lance held in Meyer’s hand made the sound of gears turning.

Lucius lightly transformed the music. Under Lucius’s watchful eye, Meyer finally moved first.

The sky suddenly rained with pitch-black raindrops!

No, that’s not rain!

Meyer suddenly threw the lance in his hand into the sky, followed by thousands of the same lance. Just like rain falling towards the ground, it pierced any corner of the entire Ball. One after another, a pitch-black tombstone towering above the Ball. As if it had been declared that the Ball is his territory.

The trajectory of the lance’s descent was quick, but there were still a few to pierce the Naiya who was standing there. She stepped back to avoid it. But at the moment she stepped back, Meyer’s body moved! He rushed towards her. Casually took a lance that pierced into the ground and aimed at her.

First, a cold flash, then the blade out like a dragon! In Meyer’s hand, the tip of a strange pitch-black lance gathered dark black energy with a thunderous sound. Without any cover and false move, it bursts towards Naiya!

The speed was so fast that it felt like a bolt of black lightning.

With Lucius’s dynamic vision, he can clearly see Meyer’s movement with his spear.

The power of the people in this world was called spiritual energy converged on the tip of the lance, enhancing the sharpness of the weapons! It brought the properties of lightning.

Naiya raised Arondight almost at the same time as Meyer stabbed the lance!

At the moment when the sword blade and the lance strike, the sound of thunder resounded throughout the Manor. Around the ground, a dark-red electric current burst and exploded!

The purple-black sword’s handle wasn’t conductive. The story of the strongest knight of the legendary holy sword was definitely not weaker than the lance.

The person who uses the sword was likewise not weak!

After the Arondight’s blade blocked Meyer’s thunderous strike, Naiya swung the purple-black greatsword and cut through the surrounding air! The speed was so fast that it produced a popping sound all around.

This heavy greatsword in Nayo’s hand was like a flexible falcon. By using its sharpest talons, pressed down Meyer’s lance tip at the moment Meyer paused because of the stabbing strike. She used the sword against the lance, suddenly striking Meyer.

It must be said that this was absolutely a provocation for Meyer’s lance. He moved his head in the nick of time. At the cost of a few hair strands being cut off by her, Meyer surprisingly picked up another lance at his side. The shaft of the lance flung, the front end of the lance gathered a lot of purple-black lightning, cut out a round of crescent moon, and slashed her abdomen.

The move that she can’t dodge!

Meyer’s speed was too fast. Naiya stood still from the sudden stabbing action; she simply can’t retract. Even so, Naiya was still undaunted but didn’t retreat. A turn of the wrist turned the Arondight into a chopping stance straight down to Meyer’s shoulder!

How familiar this scene was!

When Naiya fought against Meyer’s mentor Don Quixote, she also used such a fast sword trajectory that was almost impossible to catch with his eyes. It made the strongest knight retreat!

So, what about Meyer, who was his disciple?

Absolutely he can’t be more excellent than his mentor!

Once Don Quixote exploded to repel Naiya’s storm of spiritual energy widely, Meyer had no way to do so!

The sound of a sword blade entering flesh!

Almost at the same time, blood splashed in the air. There was a gush of scarlet blood on Naiya’s abdomen and Meyer’s shoulder.

‘She is very strong!’

At this moment, Meyer regretted underestimating Naiya because of her young age and her being a girl. He became more cautious. So, the two backed up at the same time. They didn’t continue to attack!

Naiya slightly gasped. She covered the abdomen cut by the lance wound, which oozed not only scarlet blood but also a feeling of paralysis.

Meyer threw down the two lances in his hand. Inspected carefully, the tip of the two lances was no longer sharp. Above there were faint traces of cracks. Meyer lost the durability of the weapon of fighting. So he only uses this method! He once again pulled out a lance that was pierced into the ground beside him and aimed it at Naiya.

Dark black static electricity still emerged from time to time around his body. This was the way Meyer fought.

This paralysis wasn’t a big deal to Naiya. But Meyer was different. He glanced at the wound on the shoulder. His luxurious suit has been stained with scarlet blood! He didn’t say anything. Surprisingly, Naiya directly tore his upper bodysuit to shreds, revealing the slightly refined upper body. Meyer’s tanned skin was exposed. His torn upper part of the body made the young girl among the onlookers screamed. 

So this was how the former strongest man in the Empire looked like. 

However, Lucius was more interested in his back. There was a black tattoo, large enough to cover his back skin!

It so happens that Lucius knew the creature was drawn on it. It didn’t belong to the Western European world setting! It was a fierce beastꟷits body was shaped like a horse, clad in scaly armour. Its head has dragon horns and eyes like a ghost.

This was a Longma tattoo!

It belonged to Chinese mythical divine beasts! 

The background of the Longma tattoo wasn’t an ordinary tattoo. This Longma was surrounded by lightning. Proudly prancing forward as if it would tear everything in front of it. The Longma tattoo behind his back emanated with a tyrannical and destructive breath. 

The black lightning surrounded Meyer became more violent. Lightning has been flowing back and forth in his lance tip and body. Lucius calculated the power of the lightning. It was no more or less than 10.000 volts!

After Meyer exposed the dark Longma tattoo, the surrounding air seemed to have brought electricity. Those onlookers were not fools. Of course, they knew that this tattoo had ghost screamed and calmed down. Because Meyer now emitted the breath, and the tattoo behind him was no different.

The once the most outstanding youth in the Capital now showed his strongest side. He took on the Royal Highness with his strongest stance. The first thing he needed to do was to get his hands dirty.

‘Naiya, proves yourself. Prove that you’re better than anyone else.’

Meyer had been different from just now. Frankly, even releasing the True Vampire blood won’t be able to help. There is no way to win him.

‘This guy is not just a human! He has a part of the residual bloodline in his body, not belonging to humans nor to those dirty bugs, but to the dark-colored fierce beast tattooed on his back.’

That’s why he’s so good.

Lucius wanted Naiya to win. She must win, have to win!

‘You are the strongest knight, Naiya! Tonight, let you become the strongest knight!’

Lucius thought the long-lost Extermination System began to work. The purple ring which was worn on her finger once again gave off a lavender glow. It was the ring he gave to Naiyaꟷthe one button dressing with all kinds of convenient functions. Usually, the Arondight was stored in it. 

Naiya held her purple-black sword, looking at this humanoid beast in front of her. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do because the lightning that surrounds him is enough to make ordinary people die.

To get close with a flesh body is extremely irrational behaviour!

“Then it’s better to go into battle fully armed!” Lucius’s voice abruptly echoed in Naiya’s heart.

‘Fear doesn’t belong to you and the sword that you hold in your hands! The sword you hold in your hand, the former owner is the knight who created the strongest name! Inherit this sword and at the same time inherit the glory that this sword’s owner once had. You are the best, Naiya!’

Inherit the sword?

The blade of the Arondight moved slightly. Her face was reflected on the blade. The actual black fog suddenly enveloped her whole body. The power that she couldn’t describe began to fill every corner of her body…

The last thing Naiya saw when the Arondight reflected her face was a knight wearing pitch-black armour!

Meyer looked at Naiya, who was suddenly enveloped by a strange mist. With a grave look and without waiting any longer, he directly raised the lance in his hand… The sound of thunder rang out incessantly like a thunderbolt pierced through the obstruction of air and stabbed Naiya in it!

Did he hit her? Absolutely hit her!

But what Meyer felt was the feeling of steel clashing together!

‘What’s going on?’

Suddenly the fog spread out in all directions. He stared at the scene of events in which his lance was gripped by a hand shrouded by a pitch-black coloured armour!

In the above gap of knight’s helmet emanating a dark red lustre with an ominous aura.

Meyer almost subconsciously surrendered his lance. Retreat!

The lance was surprisingly given a high lift by the pitch-black knight.

Meyer’s weapon seemed to have undergone some kind of change. It was coiled with crimson patterns on top of the lance blade. He aimed at the retreating Meyer and hurled it violently!

The sound of thunder burst again. The whole hall floor of the Ball was instantly filled with dark red thunder. Meyer’s body also made a slight sideways turn between retreating and dodging the lance’s thrust!

Meyer’s feet just stood yoke in the ground.


A power his lance shouldn’t have had! 


At this time, the champagne fountain was blown because the lance hit it. Champagne rain dripped down. 

‘It was dangerous.’

Meyer’s whole body tensed up. He almost subconsciously drew out a lance pierce into the ground raised against his body.

Another pitch-black with crimson patterns on top of the tip of the lance burst shot to him. Meyer barely had a clear view of his weapon and the figure shrouded in the black mist before he tried his best to dodge the next.

Blade storm! Or rather the bullet screen!

Ever seen the sight of hundreds of patriot missiles fired in unison?

Today… It happened!

The lance that pierced into the ground just like a tombstone was thrown at Meyer after being pulled out non-stop at this point!

The original black lance turned into a piece of patriot missiles in the black figure’s hands. Red-red patterns surrounded the tip of the black-coloured lance and threw it at him by blocking every inch of his reach!

The dark red lightning flowing through Meyer’s body allowed him to gain speed and reflexes a hundred times stronger than before. In an instant, he dodged through the dense rain of projectiles.

Perhaps Meyer dodged, but the Manor behind him suffered.

The sound of an explosion almost deafened anyone’s ears!

Under several consecutive lance penetrations, the gorgeous giant Manor turned into a ruin with dust spreading from it!

Finally, this terrifying rain of bullets stopped down. Meyer stood there, his heart palpitated hard. He looked behind the Manor that was penetrated by hundreds of lances.

There was no longer the original appearance of the Manor. The entire building was demolished by force!

He finally saw clearly the figure in the black smoke. All covered by the pitch-black knight armour, the figure was emitting an ominous aura… More like a strange monster than a human, but it was impossible to detect the figure among the mist.

“Knight of Owner: A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands.”

Naiya’s voice came out of the pitch-black armoured knight. It seemed a little dull, but it told the crowd that Her Royal Highness was fighting Meyer, not a pitch-black monster. 

“The power that holds all things in its hands, the power that the strongest knight Lancelot possesses.”

The black knight in the guise of Naiya, what she held in her hand, was not the purple-black sword of the Arondight but rather those lances that look like tombstones.

But these black lances were wrapped with crimson patterns on their bodies.

The original black shining stone lances, which should have been very ordinary, now took on a different air.

It became even sharper.

This was the power of this armour.

Now, even if Naiya was holding a small wooden stick, it could compare to the sharpness of a supreme divine weapon!

After seeing Naiya’s figure clearly and confirming that the person in front of him was indeed Naiya, Meyer didn’t say anything more, nor did he show anything. He once again pulled out a lance pierced into the ground. The dark Longma tattoo behind him was like alive. It vaguely issued a high roar.

The original moonlit and starry sky began to gather dark clouds. The dark red lightning streaked across the sky, and the sound of thunder rolled through the clouds.

There was no difference, Meyer’s lance will never go soft on anyone!

‘Once an opponent is an opponent, no matter how powerful, just defeat her!’

‘Defeat her and prove that you are the best!’

These intentions drove Meyer. The fierce beast, once again harnessing his thunder to launch a stunning attack on Naiya.

Knight of Owner, the legendary armour donned by Naiya transformed her into the strongest knight.

Sword in her left hand, lance in her right!

Arondight and that Black Flare Stone Lance cooperated to welcome Meyer’s attack.

At the moment when the two sides of swords clash, the thunder in the sky bursts violently. Dark red lightning along with Meyer’s lance surprisingly struck Her Royal Highness.

Heavenly thunder strokes, and the ground of the Ball was blasted to shatter. And the two standing in it were unharmed.

This guy was more powerful than Lucius imagined.

The Knight of Owner protected Naiya, and the scarlet lustre escaped. 

True Vampire’s blood had made this little Vampire into a mighty hunter. The strange power of Naiya violently knocked Meyer’s body away. At the same time, she aimed at Meyer and threw the lance in her hands.

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