Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 155


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The whole manor was destroyed by the Naiya’s bombing. The food placed on the table was turned into waste before anyone could enjoy it!

The hardest part of being hit was probably Meyer! The sharp lance was aimed at him, and there was no place for Meyer to dodge it! He was like a tiny mouse running around. It didn’t fit his usual fighting style!

Shouldn’t the battle of the strongest be a face-to-face fight? What kind of strongest man is fleeing around like this?

Meyer’s body suddenly stalled in the sky. At this moment, a lance aimed at Meyer’s heart pierced the obstruction of the air rushed violently towards him. He didn’t continue to hide!

Dark red lightning exploded from inside Meyer’s body! The sound of thunder, more violent than ever, gathered in Meyer’s hands!

It was like a move between Raikiri or Chidori.

Lighting gathered in the heart of Meyer was too large, so that he couldn’t control it. Even Meyer’s hands were charred and turned black by the lightning. 

The lightning and dark clouds in the sky became denser and denser. Meyer felt his hands can’t harness the power. He looked at the black knight standing on the ground above.

‘Let’s fight it out!’

His pupils shrunk. The dark Longma tattoo on his back came to life again. The sound of thunder seemed to be mixed with the low roar of the ferocious beast!

At this moment, Meyer opened the level 6 skill. The sky, ground, and his own body could trigger the dark red thunder gathered in the palm of his hand. He ignored the lance that came towards him. Then his figure disappeared into the sky!

Noticing the danger, Naiya also pulled out the Arondight. Just at the moment, she pulled out the purple-black giant sword, Naiya’s body suddenly stiffened. How fast is the speed of lightning? Naiya didn’t know, she couldn’t see it!

Knight of Owner armour suddenly shattered open. A subtle lightning flash appeared beneath the strongest knight’s armour. The thunderclap was like a chain reaction. It immediately detonated the ground centred on her body!

The earth began to shatter and was crushed bit by bit under the thunder snake’s ravages! The explosion that could be seen from the entire Capital suddenly appeared in the middle of the manor.

Powerful wind pressure attracted all small objects close to the centre of destruction!

Like a black hole swallowing everything around it!

The ember illuminated the vast night sky, accompanied by the incomparable sound of thunder and lightning. Meyer’s blow hit her exactly in the chest. She didn’t even have time to react before everything started to collapse.

This terrifying view didn’t spread too far! With those golden knights as the dividing line, the manor of this Ball was protected with an invisible barrier.

The air in the transparent boundary was unusually sticky. The heat melted all the food around. The air also occasionally flashed a bolt of dark black lightning that told the crowd the person who caused all of this!

Amidst the ravaged scenery like the doomsday, Meyer stood alone…

He stood on the crumbling ground. He covered his arm that had been burned to dark red by his own lightning and looked at the fire field that represented the destruction. He stood alone there as the reward.


In the boundary outside, the onlooker’s nobles were looking at the destruction of the scenery. They looked at Meyer in flames and the tattoo on his back as if it was alive. The eyes of the onlookers were fixed at the tattoo.

The result of victory and defeat seemed clear.

On top of the battlefield, only those who stand and live are the ultimate victor!

Many of the patriarchs of great families who were watching let out a sigh. Turns out the Crowell family would continue to press on their heads after all.

Just when the victory was already decided, a sudden change occurred.


Meyer’s upper body was exposed, followed by a violent spurt of scarlet blood. His body fell to his knees. His eyes incredulously looked at the crumbling ground. His blood flowed down profusely.

It was his own blood!

The squeezing pain in his chest reminded Meyer that he was injured!

How did he get hurt? When?

Meyer looked at the broken centre in disbelief. The fire still continued and burned every corner of the manor. The heatwave made Meyer’s vision distorted. But in flames came out of a pitch-black figure. A dream-like demon pitch-black figure.

The scene was once again silent. Everyone was watching the black knight who came out of the flames.

She walked step by step. The body of the black armour shattered. First from the shoulder and then spread to the whole arm. She came towards the kneeling Meyer. When she was walking in front of him, the body of the knight armour completely cracked and disappeared, revealing a cold face of the Royal Empress.

Now, Naiya was worthy of the feared Empress who will seize power high above!

The fire behind seemed to be the opening of the Empress’s performance. The knight armour has been shattered, but the purple-black sword remains in her hand—the golden sword of the promised victory of the Arondight. 

The long black hair fluttered behind her. She raised the Arondight against Meyer’s neck.

Now, Meyer looked at her with trembling eyes. 

“That’s all?” She coldly asked him.

Even the surrounding hot air can’t suppress the bone-deep cold voice.

The end? No, it’s not over! The dark clouds gathered in the sky suddenly became more violent. The dark black loud thunder incessantly. He clenched his hands and gritted his teeth.

“Enough, Meyer! You’ve lost!”

The stern voice made everything around disappeared.

Everything disappeared in a flash, whether it’s the flames or the scorching air and the electricity running through the air. Only the destroyed Ball venue records what just happened… There was barely an inch of intact land around.

Lissner and Dodran the Great finally arrived late with Don Quixote.

Don Quixote was the one who eliminated everything around him. He stood behind Dodran the Great and looked at Naiya and Meyer with a complicated look.

“Father I…”

Meyer still wanted to argue something, but he immediately lowered his head. He didn’t continue to argue after seeing Don Quixote. He held his hand very tight.

“I am sorry that my son has caused trouble for Your Royal Highness.” Lissner said with an apology to Dodran the Great.

“No problem. Young people have vitality. It is always good to let them exercise more, right? But you see, these broken flowers and plants, The Crowell family will pay for all of them.”

“Should we have another one tomorrow? Today’s is too messy. Tomorrow we can officially set up a ring tournament or something like that. The world’s first martial arts conference…”

Although he tried to hide it, Dodran the Great can’t hide the smile on the corners of his mouth.

“As you wish, My Emperor.” Lissner no longer wanted to stay. He took Meyer and left in a hurry.

But when the Dodran the Great looked at Naiya, who was standing there like a statue…

“Someone, take the Empress to rest!”

The Emperor seemed to see what happened and immediately made a command.

This saved Lucius a lot of trouble.

After Lucius threw down the baton and the performance team that had been burnt to a crisp, he walked over to Naiya’s side.

“Gasp…” Naiya grabbed Lucius’s arm, completely leaning on his body.

Now, Lucius realized that this little bat was only one step away from becoming a charcoal-grilled little bat.

After Lucius used the power of blood to warm up Naiya’s body to give her a little strength to walk, “Then I will take Her Royal Highness to leave first.”

Lucius glanced at the Emperor, who also glanced deeply at Lucius before nodding his head in acquiescence. Lucius didn’t pay any more attention to the result of this Ball. He just helped Naiya cross the Capital’s path and walked straight to Her Royal Highness’ room.


There was no one around.

After Lucius pushed open the room’s door and helped Naiya into the room, she almost leaned her body. She wrapped her arms around Lucius’s neck, gasping for air. Her consciousness also gradually began a little blurred.

The moonlight spilt into the room through the window. The ambience was silent because only Lucius and Naiya were alone in here. Lucius directly threw Naiya’s powerless body onto the bed. He ripped open her shirt and revealed her upper body wrapped in a white chest binder.

“I can smell the meat.” Lucius sniffed the smell that permeated the air, the very delicious scent of bat meat.


In the absence of other people, Naiya completely removed herself as a cold Royal Daughter. She fell on the bed without any lady-like grace left with her mouth wide open. Her eyes are also a little lost. Her temperature was so high that it could almost be used to steam eggs.

There was no way Naiya could walk out of the battle unharmed. The Knight of Owner couldn’t defend Meyer’s final blow.

At the last moment, Meyer struck her chest. At the same time, Lucius was surprised that Naiya still had the ability to strike right towards Meyer’s chest smoothly. The Knight of Owner did protect her from major injuries. But the feeling of hundreds of thousands of volts that flowed through her body wasn’t something that anyone could bear. 

“Really, you’re too troublesome.” 

Lucius stretched out his hand and tore through Naiya’s chest binder… completely exposed Naiya’s upper body in front of his own eyes.

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