Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 158


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The Capital, the underground casino.

This was the dark side of this prosperous city. The environment here wasn’t looking dirty; instead, it appeared to be very well organized. Even if it was the dark side… there was a ruler of the dark side.

This was an exclusive casino. If this casino were to be moved to Earth. It would undoubtedly be built in the middle of a city like Macau or Las Vegas!

The fluorite crystal lights on the ceiling reflected a gorgeous light. Gorgeously dressed men and women passed by. The rules of the game here were similar to those on Earth. They’re playing the same poker and using the same chips.

The only gambling table was surrounded by many people. Only two people were sitting in front of this gambling table; others gathered here only wanted to watch the game.

The rules of this two-person game are the same as those of pokers. 

The 72 Ranked Vice Commander of the Knight’s Order, Caroll, sat on aside. After returning from a mission, he vented the daily pressure here. He was sitting next to a woman whispering in his ear. His eyes glanced at the man sitting in front of him from time to time, his only opponent.

This should have been a common sight in the casino. But why did so many people come and watch?

The reason why so many people came to watch was the opponent of the Vice Knight Commander… The appearance of the opponent was very young. While pressing cards in his hand, his mouth was biting a candy while he looked at Caroll.

This guy’s aura was weaker to Caroll, who was holding a cigar.

“How many innings is this? How much did that guy lose?”

“10 million gold coins! Look, he’s running out of chips again.”

The dealer dealt another card to that young man. The card he spread on the surface was an Ace of Hearts with a King of Hearts and a Queen of Hearts. After turning over a card thrown over by the dealer, it was clearly a Jack of Hearts!

Undoubtedly, the card he had spread on the surface was the biggest flush sequence in the game. As long as there were another ten of hearts, no matter what the opponent’s hand was, he would be the only one to win!

He took a look at the corner of his cards as if he was sure of victory. He actually pushed out the chips that were piled into a small mountain around him.

Carroll gave him a gloomy look and similarly pushed out all the chips. The dealer wisely dealt another shot in the Vice Commander’s direction.

A large number of chips were piled up on the table. If converted into gold coins, it was visually estimated to be around ten million.

This is estimated to be the most betting table since the opening of the night.

Carroll exhaled a smoke ring and looked at the young man in front of him, “What’s your name, kid?”


Lucius’s scarlet eyes narrowed slightly, and he smiled. The women around him, dressed in revealing and flirtatious clothes, couldn’t help but look at the young man eagerly.

“Strange name, but don’t you want to win back all the chips you lost tonight!?” Caroll stared at him and said one word at a time.

In the last game, Carroll lifted his bottom card. It was a spade flush that was just a level higher than the first level of the heart flush.

He bet on this young man not having that 10 of hearts at all!

And he won!

This young man chewed the candy in his mouth and spread the bottom card he was pressing, which was just an ordinary Ace of Clubs.


Carroll, who was nervous inside, laughed out and looked at the ignorant young man with contempt. “You’ve lost 15 million gold coins! I don’t know which grand duke family you are, but you’re a loser inside. You better hurry up and go back. This is not a place for you to eat candy over the house.”

“Lost again…”

Lucius didn’t seem to care much about the taunts around him.

So far, Lucius had never won once.

This kind of gaming thing, for Lucius, seemed like a curse. From the beginning, luck had never been kind to him. As long as there’s something related to gaming, he will never win!

This was the result of Lucius entrusting himself to fate.

“Don’t rush, one more game!”

Lucius raised his hand to stop the Vice Commander, who was planning to hold his chips and raise his head to leave.

“Kid, how much money do you have with you? Leave some money to go home and buy milk to drink!”

Carroll obviously didn’t believe how much money Lucius still had on him.

“This… Is it enough as a bargaining chip?” Lucius took out a glass vial with a dark red liquid from his pocket.

When the bottle of liquid appeared on the table, almost everyone’s breath hitched.

“Divinity Potion! This… guy has a bottle of divinity potion!”

The people around boiled over as they recognized exactly what the bottle of liquid was. Carroll’s body, which had stood up, sat back down in its original position, “Kid, where did you get this bottle of the potion?”

“Don’t worry! No one will come after you if you take it away. So, can we have another round?”

Lucius pushed the bottle of dark red liquid towards him. Caroll’s breath became so fast. The dealer of this casino, the Verner family, recently auctioned this bottle of potion! Those who drink it can increase their power almost exponentially and awaken the bloodline of Lord Dragon flowing in their body. That’s why it’s called a Divinity Potion. It is a potion that awakens the divinity in the body.

This was how amazing the potions were for the world where strength depends on each human’s status.

It was a big hit!

But there were only a dozen bottles for the price was far beyond the market. So expensive, even tripling the chips on the table is not enough to buy a bottle.

“Of course I will!”

At this point, the atmosphere around began to become different. All eyes were gathered on the potion bottle with a beautiful colour placed on the table without any disguise. The young man was smiling for some reason.

Carroll impatiently urged the dealer to deal the cards. If he won the potion, he would be able to take off his hat as Vice Commander and soar to the top! A great future and great power. Just win one more game from this unlucky kid. He will be able to obtain it. Why should he give up?

But just when Carroll met Lucius’s eyes again, his original excited expression suddenly stiffened.

His body also stiffened.

A few cards that shouldn’t be on the table at this time floated down from the sleeves of Carroll’s clothes.

Then, a scene that terrified everyone happened. Carroll’s face appeared frenzied with the morbid smile. He fiercely opened his mouth and bit down hard on his tongue!

Blood splattered everywhere.

Screams of horror rang out at the moment.

“That’s the real W HAND.”

Lucius grabbed the card dealt by the dealer and threw it on the table. It was a card that didn’t belong in this game…

A ghost card.

A clown with a sword stabbed into his body in his hand, half with a brilliant smile. Behind the brilliant smile was a hideous face of fear.

This face and Carroll’s current expression was somehow similar.

After throwing down this ghost card, Lucius didn’t take a single thing with him and left this underground casino through the crowd that had fallen into shock.

Then, it became chaotic as people began to fight for the potion that was placed on the table that no longer belonged to its owner.

The potion that can make them stronger…

In addition to being built underground, the rest of the underground casino was even darker in the atmosphere. Just after walking out of that exquisite building, he’s walking into the eerie alley. He walked straight towards the deepest alley, where fewer people looked where to go, and the dirty and wet alley finally came to an end.

Lucius looked at the sky covered by the surrounding buildings and felt the sound of footsteps coming from behind him.

“You all have been following so long, still not counting out the little rats?”

Lucius turned around. His scarlet eyes could see clearly in the darkness of the alley. As a vampire, he was able to clearly see every corner of the alley. About seventeen or eighteen people held all kinds of weapons in their hands, stained with dark red blood. At first glance, they were murder weapons that had killed people.

Their dress didn’t belong to the casino but to this dirty alley. Likewise, they’re doing the same dirty work as this alley.

“Kid, hand over the divinity potion! You can be considered to spare your life!”

This group of guys was organized temporarily for one purpose, and Lucius didn’t know who their employer was. But no matter what, their purpose is simply to kill people to cross the border.

Lucius’s appearance was too easy to bully. A slender body, pale, sickly skin, coupled with a face that will almost all noble young women ravaged a lot. The combat power was not more than five.

The group of people in front of him at least had passed the 40th floor of the Top Tower, which qualified for Capital’s Guard and other jobs. But they chose the dark side. Falling into the darkness will only comply with the rules of the dark side to living.

“This is really scary.”

Lucius took out candy without haste and tore open the package. The sound of the package tearing sounded like a taunt in their ears.

“If you don’t have one, you’ll have to die!”

Human life wasn’t worth as much as a gold coin in their hands.

This group of people aggressively walked towards him. Only when Lucius took out a glass vial filled with dark red liquid, they stopped as if they were possessed and stared intently at the shaking vial of liquid in Lucius’s hand.

“Divinity potion? Let yourself have more power of the Dragon Lord and become more powerful. Looks like that little guy did a good job of promoting it.” Lucius said to himself.

‘Those people saw that I had this bottle of potion and their brains boiled over, their IQ continued to drop.’

“Yes kid, that’s the one, hand it over to me, you can be spared from death!”

“No, give it to me!”

These few people scrambled and ran towards him. They wanted to hold the bottle of potion that represents power in their hands.

The corners of Lucius’s mouth were slightly hooked. His hand was slightly tossed upward, and the vial of magic potion flew into the sky. It’s falling toward the ground behind the group.

One of the people was standing relatively at the back. After seeing the glass vial about to fall to the ground, he immediately lunged to the ground. He laughed maniacally as he caught the vial.

“Got it!”

He held in his hand the vial that can give him a strong power. But suddenly, a sword penetrated his body! Blood gushed out from his body.

“Damn, this is mine!”

Another person, who should have been his companion, didn’t hesitate to pull out his sword at the guy. After killing him without a trace of mercy, he violently grabbed the potion and saved it tightly in his hand.

They have forgotten what companion was.

Now, they only want their own power and begin to kill!

The desire to become stronger made them put down a lot of things that belonged to humans.

“Get the hell out of my way!”

“You’re looking for death!”

In the middle of the alley, chaos reigned. Lucius leaned at the end of the alley. His scarlet eyes were flickering. He looked at the group of people who were killing each other with pitiful eyes.

Between Lucius’s five fingers, scarlet threads were connected.

The guy who initially wanted to fight for the potion had long ago become his puppet. His words and actions completely triggered the desire of these humans! Death and morality are irrelevant. By becoming stronger, they will have more money, beauty, and status. This is something that all humans will pursue. They wielded the butcher’s knife at their kind for this!

In just a few moments, the battle was nearing its end.

“My power… My power…”

Only two survivors have fallen to the ground covered in blood. The emitting of a beautiful colour potion right in front of him made him stretch out his hand. By using his body’s last ounce of strength, he wanted to hold it in his hands.

But the strongest one among this group of guys, after all, survived the fight.


The guy stepped on the hand of the man who fell on the ground, knife him up and down. His head rolled down.

The alley was already stained with blood. The final victor picked up the beautiful vial of liquid and laughed. Under Lucius’s pitiful eyes, the human drank the power he earned from slaining dozens of his kind!

He did feel a destructive power filling his whole body! There was incredible power, but something in his body seemed to be rushing out…

The demon that had been hiding inside him burst out of his body at this moment!


He let out a low roar that wasn’t human. The next second, his body began to deform, going from human to more like a bug!

After being born in this world, this ugly creature hungrily gnawed on the corpses of humans around him.

“This is a gift given to you by your gods.” Lucius finally bit into the candy in his mouth. His figure disappeared into this alley. “Be thankful for it.”

In the central Capital, from now on, the same scenery will keep on playing. The order of this world will eventually be overwhelmed by human desire. After all, desire is the most powerful force of human beings.

“The collapse… it starts now.”

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