Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 157


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The night was late.

The Central Capital City had been partying all day and began to become quiet at night. Lucius sat on the edge of the bed while the Empress lay on the bed.

The food that she had eaten was at the tableside. 

The young girl lying on the bed let out her breath and peacefully drowned in her dream. Her hand exposed from the sheet was clasped with Lucius’s hand. Naiya, who had a long day, reassured herself this way. He looked at her sleeping face for a while. He kept gazing at her sleeping face and the long dark hair scattered on the bed. 

The midnight clock rang out. 

Lucius slightly loosened his soft and cold hand, “Well done, so far you fill my satisfaction, Naiya.”

Lucius stroked her forehead. She seemed to notice it even in her dream. She was smiling.

“Where should I go? What should I do next?”

Lucius stood up from the bedside. His figure gradually turned into a bat and disappeared under the moonlight.

“Tomorrow, you will be the pillar of the Capital City. The Empress had a lot of admirers, but remember. The darkness always follows you like a shadow.”


The Crowell family residence.

At the martial arts arena, the sound of thunder shredded the silent night. One by one, the lance’s blade left a deep mark on the ground with a burst of thunder and lightning. 

The figure sat down on the ground.

This kind of venting destruction could only intensify his pain!

Meyer’s left hand was not bandaged up. His skin that was burned by the lightning brought a piercing pain deep into his heart.

This defeat he couldn’t accept! Not only was he defeated but also defeated by a woman who was no older than him!

“Damn!!! If it wasn’t for that armor…”

Meyer swung his fist and pounded the ground to vent his emotions.

If it wasn’t because of that damned black armour, he was sure could have won and easily defeated her! But whether lose or win, the reality has been laid out in front of him… He had lost for the first time in his life to an opponent that was younger than him. That most excellent glory no longer belonged to Meyer but to the Empress who had appeared from nowhere!

No one could look at him in that downward posture before this! No one can, even his own father or his own mentor. Meyer believes that as long as there is enough time. One day he will surpass his mentor and father!

Because his power is the strongest.

Meyer will not allow anyone to look at him in that posture!

Obviously, he was only a little bit weaker before being able to defeat her.

Reluctance and resentment filled his heart.

‘Just become stronger… Become stronger, and then…’

“Then we can defeat her, can’t we?” A clear and cold voice suddenly and suddenly appeared in this empty martial arts arena.

“Who is it?” Meyer stood up. His movement made the dark black lightning around him spread out on the ground again. The current Meyer was in a state of violent rage, just like the ferocious beast behind him.

“You are excellent. You think you should be better than anyone else because you were born with a talent that is different from theirs! No one can beat you! No one can defeat you! Even your mentor and your father are just another stepping stone on your road to invincibility. One day, you will trample them underfoot, won’t you?’

“Who are you?” Meyer widened his eyes, searching every corner of the martial arts arena, but he couldn’t find out where the voice came from! It feels like a voice inside him.

There was someone inside his head that was saying these words to himself!

“But what about the final result? The strongest man defeated by a little girl that was younger than you. Then here you are like a bereaved dog, helplessly lamenting and licking your wounds? How pathetic you are.”

“SHUT UP!!!”

The pain in his heart was once again ruthlessly stimulated. Meyer roared loudly in anger. The dark red lightning produced by him swept across every corner of the martial arts arena and destroyed every corner!

Every inch of the martial arts arena had been crushed into slag.

He sat down on the ground to gasp for breath.

‘Who the hell is that???’ 

Meyer scanned around and still didn’t find anyone.

“Is this your strongest look?”

Suddenly, Meyer lifted his head. Fear flooded his heart! A pair of eyes, scarlet eyes, appeared above Meyer at some point with a pitch-black mist floating around it. Just like that guy!

This pair of eyes looked at Meyer with pity.

Just like a sharp spike, he viciously stabbed into the bleeding wound of this fierce beast.


Meyer ignored his injured left hand. A powerful electric current slashed through his left arm and exploded at his fingertips. It was through the ceiling above the martial arts arena at the same time, crushing and breaking the pitch-black fog.

“The wailing of a mourning dog won’t do any good.”


Meyer wanted to reject this strange voice with thunder again. But suddenly, it grabbed his head. He had no time to react; his face came into close contact with the ground. His head was pressed against the ground with a heavy thud. He struggled. His anger made him want to tear the guy who did this to pieces.

But he found that no matter how he struggled, there was no way to break free from this.

Meyer fell to his knees, almost in the position of lying on the ground. The corner of his eyes can vaguely see the figure of a man crouching in front of himself.

“Is this your power? So disappointing, the strongest one.”

“BASTARD! I WILL KILL YOU!” Meyer gritted his teeth. The dark red thunder rattled around his body. But it couldn’t hurt the man in the slightest. His hair was grabbed with a bare hand. His face was held against the ground.

He was powerless to resist.

“Are you hating something? Is it hatred of your defeat, or hatred of yourself for being too weak? Or is your enemy too strong? There’s always an excuse to cover up your weakness, the strongest one.”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Meyer questioned in a loud voice.

“Me? I’m what you expected.”

Now he really can’t stand it. He intended to push the last trace of power in his body. Even if he’s injured, he’s not willing to endure this humiliating position. Dark red liquid suddenly flowed over his face. This strange liquid emitted a delicious taste.

Meyer’s eyes contracted slightly. He was able to feel the drops of liquid that fell to the ground.

“The power you want…”

“The feeling of being defeated is hard? Weakness also feels hard, right? Then, do you want to take back your place again? I can give you that power. The power to be above anyone, even your father, your mentor. You can easily have the power. Think back, the feeling of trampling everyone underfoot. How wonderful is it!”

The voice was filled with magic in Meyer’s ears. His heart was pounding. He forgot about the anger and was attracted by the wonderful power in the eyes.

‘Become stronger…’

“Decide it! You want to tear apart all the people who are in your way, right?”

The glass vial quietly fell in front of Meyer, which contains the liquid called power. It slowly flowed out from the bottle to the ground.

When Meyer came back to his senses again, he found that the power inhibited on his body suddenly disappeared. Without any hesitation, Meyer grabbed the glass bottle that fell to the ground. If he’s not fast enough, the power inside will be flowing out.

Meyer didn’t understand what the liquid represents. He only knew that this thing can make him stronger and defeat all enemies!

He drank the bottle of liquid.

The dark figure in front of the door of the martial arts arena turned his face sideways, and his scarlet eyes flickered at the defiant human.

“Drink your victory, the strongest one…”

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