Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 160


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Do you know what it feels like to have your body shattered?

“Human desire…”

Naiya looked at the creature that was charging towards her. She was able to calmly deal with whatever enemy she faced, but now her hand that was holding the sword at this time was slightly trembling.

Vernet family’s escort’s combat strength also belonged to the first class, but they seemed very fragile in front of this creature’s sharp claws. They’re struggling without a room. Their limbs had been torn. If this creature had the form of a magical beast, he could easily slash it and avoid casualties. 

It’s just…

His whole body was shrouded in a pitch-black cloak. With a human form, it’s revealing only the pair of sharp claws that don’t belong to humans covered by scales.

The body of one after another knight who approached him was torn off as if it were a piece of paper.

After killing several knights who blocked his pace, no one dared to come any closer.



Naiya found that he suddenly came towards her. Naiya wanted to ask Lucius what to do next. But helplessly found that Lucius’s figure had long since disappeared at her side.

‘When did he go?’

Naiya froze, standing alone by herself.

The guy who emitted a terrifying aura slowly walked towards her.

She had to face it by herself!

‘This guy is probably just as evil as the Mourner!’

“Don’t come any closer! Who are you?” The sword blade of the Arondight was aimed at him. Naiya was ready to meet the enemy.


The creature with an ominous aura did not answer Naiya, but she could feel his eyes under his hood watching her all the time.

“Defeat you…” a voice that made Naiya feel familiar.


Naiya suddenly felt the numbness in his body spread all over her body in the blink of an eye, making Naiya unable to move!



A terrifying thunder and lightning erupted from his claws.

As soon as she was paralyzed, he moved incredibly fast. The pair of sharp claws covered with scales grabbed Naiya’s neck. He quickly slammed her body against the wall at the back!

The feeling of suffocation appeared in Naiya’s body. She barely used her strength to counteract the paralysis. The purple-black sword in her hand swung down hard at the enemy!

A sword cut down, but he didn’t dodge. His chest was completely torn apart by the sharpness of the sword. He took several steps backwards, and the hood shrouded over his head fell down.

Naiya stood on the ground after taking a few breaths of air. She raised her head to look at him. Her head was like being pierced by an ice pick. Her whole body became cold.

“Delicious… Kill… Die…”

The handsome face is now full of a hideous expression. The pitch-black eyes had changed to scarlet, and the teeth had become sharper!

After a low roar of unknown meaning words from his mouth, under the fearful gaze of Naiya, he roared again in pain. The clothes on his back squirmed, and several bone spikes made of scales pierced the dark Longma tattoo growing out behind him.


Naiya remembered the opponent who pushed her to the edge. But only as rivals! Naiya simply didn’t have any hostile thoughts, only as a very powerful opponent.

But since last night, Meyer was no longer a person anymore.

He’s not even a human!

“You… What’s wrong with you?”

An unknown fear spread in Naiya’s heart. She looked at him, who fell to her knees and struggled in pain. He let out a roar that didn’t belong to a human being. Deformed bones on his body gradually changed from a human being to a monster.

It was hideous and terrifying.

“Kill… you…”

It seemed that he no longer existed in his body!

After Meyer emitted a tyrannical aura of crimson eyes, he once again found Naiya’s figure. His sharp claws opened towards Naiya. His claws carried a thunderclap, catching her off guard.

“Calm down! What’s wrong with you?”

Knowing that the other party is a human and he’s not a bad existence, she didn’t have the ability to strike at full strength!

It was just a defensive effort.

‘Meyer’s current situation is too strange.’

She was just relying on her melee combat skills and resisting Meyer’s attack. But Naiya suddenly found Meyer’s body; the skin that belonged to the human was gradually falling off. It revealed the scarlet muscle tissue in it. Even the organs can be visible as if the sun had melted him.


The Vernet family’s escorts also rushed forward. Naiya’s current status was self-evident in the entire Capital. If anything goes wrong here, the Vernet family will lose its reputation.

“Don’t come over!”

Naiya’s combat instincts felt that the monster in front of this cloak of Meyer wanted to do something.

“So hungry…” He uttered a creepy word in a low hiss!

“So hungry… So hungry…!”

Meyer surprisingly chose to give up on attacking Naiya and rushed towards the knights who were coming at him.


As Naiya watched, the beast who was once the best existence in Capital pounced on a knight. Under that knight’s screams of despair, it opened his still-human mouth and bit the human’s neck. A large piece of blood and flesh was torn off without any hesitation as if he had tasted something delicious, eating it with a huge appetite.

Not yet satisfied with a single bite, the desperate screams of the knight who was pounced on struck the fear of everyone present as if it were a flood of bells.

‘What kind of monster is this?’

At that moment, surprisingly, none of them came to the rescue.

The view of cannibalism was laid bare in front of everyone.

The sound of bones and flesh and blood being torn told everyone that this is real!

They had never seen such a crazy scene in their lives!

Blood and entrails mixed and flowed down after the monster gnawing on the human corpse let out a hiss of satisfaction.

The body was once again deformed.

The monster was no longer Meyer. No words could describe this creature. It was simply a living monster! He had become a monster and no longer belonged to the human category!

‘How could this happen?’

Naiya could feel her hand trembled as she was holding the sword. She felt that the monster’s power was getting stronger and stronger by devouring human flesh and blood.

‘It is getting even stronger!’


The crowd in the back of the room started to flee in commotion. The scene was a mess!

Bone spikes finally spread all over its body, and it no longer had the posture of a human being on all fours, and it is more like a bug. There was a strange liquid flowing in the big bloody mouth. People fought with it with fear but were easily torn apart by it.

‘There must be some way to save him!’

There was still a glimmer of hope left in Naiya. But first, she had to save the civilians. 

Naiya swung her sword and rushed towards the monster!


“Kill… you…!” The three-meter tall monster filled with hatred and the desire to feed began to destroy the entire Vernet family indiscriminately!

Naiya looked around the destroyed landscape, as well as the human corpses and the fleeing people.

‘If we let him go on like this, the consequences would be unthinkable!’

Meyer Crowell has turned into a monster. This was an undeniable fact.

“I’m sorry ……”

A dark-coloured mist covered her. The knight armour appeared on her body.

Naiya felt the resentment of Meyer towards herself. She seemed to have taken away something important from him. But to maintain the peace of the Capital, the Valkyrie had to kill the monster!


Meanwhile, there was no shortage of powerful people among the Vernet family. They can tolerate being kicked in front of their homes!

Before long, they marched to war behind the Valkyrie’s leadership!

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