Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 161


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Strawberry flavour, mango flavour, and orange flavour.

Lucius hand holding three different colour candy packages. Some were tangled; to know which one is good, he would have to eat it all.

As a vampire, Lucius didn’t know what strawberry tasted like or mango. Orange was also the same.

But since the system changed its taste, it should be similar to the flavour that humans can taste.

Now Lucius was in the Royal Empress’s room. He quietly waited for the return of the Empress. He didn’t know why the air filled with the smell of blood was too thick…

This was the side effect of the Dead River. The desire to kill grows inside of him.

‘This isn’t right.’

In the end, Lucius still chose an original flavour. He was ready to tear the candy’s package when the door opened up…

The door of the room was violently pushed open. The cold-faced Naiya came in through the door.

“Her Royal Highness who completed her mission to save the people has returned? It was quite a struggle. She was saving one person after another that would turn into monsters under that group of monsters.”

Lucius threw the candy into his mouth. He crushed it and leaned against the window while looking at the cold-faced Naiya. Naiya’s body was stained with blood. She seemed to have just gone through a full-bloody battle.

Through a crow, Lucius could almost see the entire view of the Capital City at this time… Outside the Vernet family residence, three streets were isolated by the Capital Knights because the blacklight virus had broken out there. Many people had been infected and turned into monsters. 

Do notice that the human genes in this world were much stronger than the human genes on Earth.

The Earth humans infected with the Blacklight virus first will become zombies and then evolve into infected bodies. While the infected humans in this world directly deformed into a bug-like aggressive infected body.

This was also a blessing of the so-called Dragon God gene in their bodies. Because of that, the blacklight virus can instantly convert them into such a powerful infected body.

Naiya’s body had no wounds. The knight shouldn’t die because of the unarmed enemy.

The riots in the infected area should have been partially suppressed. Otherwise, this justice-filled Empress wouldn’t give up on saving the civilians and run back to her palace far away in the Capital.

It was because of her human heart. She even can fight to exhaustion for this. She won’t be a deserter. She was both kind and foolish.

So, since Naiya had returned, she must have had a purpose.

Naiya stared intently at Lucius, who was leaning against the window. She prayed that her guess was not correct and that it was just a coincidence. But with such an appalling outbreak of people turning into monsters and slaughtering their people at such a time in the Capital, she instinctively connected it with Lucius!

What Lucius wanted to do was to make herself an Empress. The purpose of being famous all over the world was not just so Naiya could have her revenge and killed a few saints.

She guessed that Lucius ultimately wanted to get something.

“What just happened, was it you?” Naiya asked carefully. She wanted to hear Lucius’s denial or surprised look.

But at this time, Lucius’s usual subdued smile in her eyes looked so horrible.

“That’s right. All of them are caused by my hands.”

Before waiting for Naiya to answer, Lucius went on to tell her the truth, “The human creature is really too interesting. It was very interesting. That kid called Meyer, I made him turn into a monster!”

“Why did you do that?” Naiya knew she was asking the wrong thing, but she kept asking anyway.

“Shut up! It’s not my fault. The one who’s at fault is you, Naiya.” Lucius smiled, “I just heard that guy’s desire was he wanted stronger power to defeat you! So, I will give him more power, and the price in exchange is just a few hundred human lives.”

“It’s my fault.”

Naiya lowered her head, trying not to meet Lucius’s eyes. She begged Lucius tremblingly. “He is dead. Then, can you make those monsters stop?”

“It seems you still don’t understand…” Lucius exhaled, “….They are driven by their own desires. They only listen to their own desires to act. The only way to make them stop is to kill them.”

Lucius told her the harsh reality.

Right now, even Lucius had nothing to control the infected body of this world. The only person who could control the virus was the genderless Yuri that was sleeping on the Earth.

Naiya wanted to ask questions, but Lucius’s next words made Naiya’s whole body tightened up.

“And why should I help them?” Lucius asked Naiya, “On what kind of consideration…?”

She froze for a moment. Her heart was in turmoil.

“Okay! Can this still count as my request? I beg… you!

Emotion had taken over Naiya’s voice. Naiya understood from the words of the person in front of her. No one could perfectly solve this horrible thing.

This time, Naiya finally touched the minefield.

She was a young vampire with a human heart. She seemed to have forgotten her inferiority. 

“Beg? What qualifications do you have?” Lucius stood up. He walked step by step towards her. His scarlet eyes reflected Naiya that began to tremble. “What qualifications do you have to ask me? There is a limit to your power, human!

Naiya once again felt the terrifying aura emanated from Lucius’s body.

The days of living with Lucius, the fear of him have slowly faded, and slowly forgotten her true relationship with Lucius!

Lucius stood in front of Naiya. She didn’t dare to look up at him. However, Lucius violently grabbed her arm. The other hand pinched her chin, forcing her to look up at him.

“You must be properly educated”.

Lucius felt if he let this girl’s kindness flood, it will definitely cause a lot of trouble!

Lucius’s strength gripped her hard, so hard that Naiya felt the pain. Those scarlet eyes were like a source of fear so that Naiya didn’t have any power to resist.

“Junior… is just a kind name for you. You’re just a small puppet of my thread, understand? Power comes with a price! Now, everything you have is mine. Every inch of skin, every drop of blood! Don’t fantasize about nonsense things or value your own existence too much. You only have to do one thing. Obey my orders! Use the last bit of your pathetic value to do what you should do!”

Lucius’s face came close to her cheek. He whispered softly in Naiya’s ear.

“So far your performance has satisfied me. As a toy, you were considered qualified. But I am an impatient person. I don’t play with things that’s boring… I’ll crush them into crumbs and discard them. It much seems like your value.”

His voice was very low. Every word was deeply embedded in Naiya’s heart. Naiya once again clearly realized what kind of relationship between her and Lucius.

Using the word master and servant to describe them was a luxury.

For Lucius, she is just a thing that can be discarded at any time.

Without Lucius, she is nothing.

She is just a humble and pathetic existence!

After Lucius finished his speaking, he let her go. The girl seemed to have lost her soul. She sat down on the ground. Her eyes were staring forward without focus.

The gentle side of this guy was nothing more than an illusion in Naiyai’s mind.

“So, be a good girl, Naiya.”

Lucius stretched out his hand to Naiya, who was sitting on the ground absent-mindedly. The suffocating look just now seemed to have never existed.

Naiya reached out her hand. But after touching Lucius’s hand, she retracted back. It felt like there’s an electric shock.

Everything was fake! If she’s a puppet, she’s not qualified to think about unnecessary things.

Naiya lowered her head. She no longer looked at Lucius’s face. After all, she had to eventually wake up from the dream one day. The days she spent with Lucius was just a fictitious scene from him.

Today’s Lucius was the real one. The relationship between them should have been like this.

Seeing that Naiya didn’t respond, Lucius didn’t say anything more.

However, Lucius suddenly remembered something, “If you want to save those civilians, then go ahead.”

A silver knife appeared in Lucius’s hand and threw it in front of Naiya.

“Your blood. With your blood, you can save those humans who are not yet fully infected. Go ahead and do what you should do as Her Royal Highness, Naiya.”


Naiya didn’t answer. She silently picked up the small silver knife on the floor, pushed the door, and left the room.

If this was a task given by Lucius, then she had no choice but to fulfil it.

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