Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 163


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Five hours from the infection of the virus in Capital.

Lucius was on the outside of the infected area, leaning against the wall of a still intact house. Lucius wasn’t alone here. Around him were sitting or standing some civilians dressed in different kinds of clothes. They were anxiously waiting to be checked to leave this damned place after proving that they were healthy.

There were many checkpoints established, probably about five or six places.

Each checkpoint dispatched a “Commander Knight” whose rank was at least 50 floors or above at the Top Tower.

For example, this checkpoint was the most important checkpoint commanded by Don Quixote, the strongest knight in Capital.

Although Don Quixote is the strongest knight in command, he does not have a Knight Order. The Emperor mobilized other members of the Knight Order to form a temporary army here. Don Quixote was relying on these teammates who were unfamiliar to him to manage the place. He also relied partly on Don Quixote’s prestige and ability.

There were not many people in the infected area. Those who are currently lining up to receive a body check from the priests sent by the Divine Dragon Church were only about a hundred.

Lucius didn’t go to the queue. He was so inconspicuous that even Don Quixote didn’t recognize him as an acquaintance among the crowd. 

The first thing you need to do is to conceal your figure. It was a must for every vampire.

Don Quixote stood beside the team and didn’t emit any aura. He was like an ordinary person. His deep black eyes drowned in deep concern while was listening to the scouting team report. It seemed that Her Royal Highness took command in the infected area.

Don Quixote wanted to go out to look for it. But after hearing that Her Royal Highness was heading there, he chose to hold down the fort.

The atmosphere was tense now. Without Don Quixote’s command of the fort, the civilians should have lost control. There were those nobles who wanted to cut in line but wisely chose to be silent after being swept by Don Quixote. 

As time went on, the crowd began to become more and more impatient. The scene was somewhat depressing and silent.

But a voice that was keeping with the atmosphere suddenly rang out at this time.


It was a weak, low chirp.

Lucius subconsciously looked up and found a small white cat covered with dirt was trembling walking between the queues of people. Probably because its long hunger made it follow the smell of food.

It walked up toward a young boy dressed in fancy clothes with a bloated body. He looked like an aristocrat who was drinking milk. Perhaps he did it to vent the displeasure of having to be with this group of civilians at this time. The milk flowed down through his chin and dripped onto the ground.

This little white cat just wanted to rub some milk to drink, but the man looked at the wild cat that was wandering at his feet. His inner displeasure burst out. Violently, he kicked the cat with his foot.

Its fragile body was kicked out with great force.

The white cat’s body hit the wall behind Lucius. After it fell to the ground and struggled a few times, it’s seemingly unable to get up.


He glared at the cat and threw the bottle in his hand violently in the direction of the wall. But his accuracy wasn’t good, and it smashed on top of the wall. It shattered the bottle into pieces and fell to the ground. After that, he didn’t continue it… Because if he left the line, he would have to wait in the line again.

This white cat, perhaps better described as a flowered cat. Its body was full of filth. It looked like a stray cat that no owner wants. Or maybe its owner has left it in this infection.

Who knows?

Anyway, its survival instinct made it want to live. It shakily supported itself and tried several times to stand up. The smell of food encouraged it. The broken glass crumbs with some drinkable milk still left forced it to stand up, or it would starve to death here.


“How pathetic.”

It smelled so good. It lifted its head to see clearly where the scent was coming from.

It was a human. Even with a cat’s mind, it felt a hint of tenderness in this human’s expression, just like its master.

Its body had strength for some reason when it stood up tremblingly and slowly walked towards the human who seemed to be getting along well.

“Want a drink?” Lucius looked at the kitten. He took out a bottle of pure white milk in his hand. He took out a bowl and poured the milky liquid slowly into it.


Surely a good person!

The instinct to find food made the white cat less wary of humans and ran to the edge of the bowl. It’s sticking out its pink tongue and starting to lick the delicious food.

It was even better than the milk its owner usually fed it. At the same time, the white cat felt its dirty fur being smoothed once again. A comfortable feeling came over its back which made the white cat squint its eyes in enjoyment.

The feeling of stroking was also more comfortable than its owner’s.

Lucius half squatted down and gently stroked the kitty’s dirty back. Its not-so-soft fur was smoothed out by him little by little.

The injuries on its body should have been recovered. He slightly relieved the wounds on its body through the blood. The wounds were caused by humans.

“So humans are a very horrible existence, right?” Lucius looked at the small white cat’s dirty body as if remembering his past. “There is no reason to beat or trample you, just because you are a cat. The one who did it doesn’t deserve to be a human being.”


The white cat seemed to understand the meaning of Lucius’s words and answered him.

“Drink it and lick your wounds slightly. You can’t live in this world if you don’t learn this.”


It stopped feeding. It licked its paws, then tilted its head and looked at Lucius.

“Clever Cat! Then the decision is yours.” His hand gently stroked its head. It also rubbed the hand of Lucius.

After that, the cat continued to eat the hard-won dinner. Although it was afternoon, it was time to eat dinner.

This was the last dinner for this cat.

The smile on Lucius’s face remained the same. He took out a bottle of crimson liquid that followed the milk drip. It slowly fell into the white cat’s bowl.

This white cat didn’t stop eating. Because of how Lucius treated it, it didn’t have any doubt to drink the liquid.

“Good boy! Good boy!” Lucius continued to stroke its furry back.


Finally, at that moment, the most conspicuous of them all was the young girl who was holding a little girl in her arms!

Don Quixote was relieved to see her appearance.

And after the civilians got a good look at the visitor, the restless atmosphere was becoming silent.

Naiya finally arrived at this checkpoint, the safest place in the infected area.

But, is it really like that?

The roar that doesn’t belong to a human being suddenly broke next to the line of civilians at the moment the Empress arrived!

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