Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 164


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The legend has said a cat-like beast with a ferocious temperament and a vengeful nature with two tails on its back called the Nekomata. Compared to the Longma species that have appeared, the cat and this creature have a reasonable appearance in this world.

The problem is that the cat was catalyzed by Lucius with a bit of additive.

Ferocious additive!

This world’s human body contains the genes of the Dragon Lord. But Lucius was a little surprised about the genes contained in the bodies of other creatures in this world.

The blacklight virus stimulated the potential contained in the body of all living creatures. Now, the blacklight virus came to this world and turned a harmless kitty into a cat-shaped ferocious beast!

Without the cover of scaled skin, without piercing the bones, its body stabbed out…

The white cat that drank the blacklight virus turned into a monster shrouded in crimson light with a second tail extending from its back.

The blacklight virus activated the bloodline flowing in its body.

The cat’s sensitivity wasn’t diminished even though its body became huge!

The cat let out another shrill hiss. It was no longer the kind of sounds that a cat should have. It lunged at the nearest fat man who didn’t even have time to scream before the cat gave him a bite!


The crowd was in chaos. The appearance of the cat monster didn’t allow everyone to remain calm. Everyone started to rush towards the entrance of the checkpoint like a desperate man!

A light red mist spread around the cat, which anyone could guess must have something to do with the strange virus. But because the cat appeared too close to the crowd, hundreds of people were infected with the vaporized blacklight virus in an instant!

At the moment, everything drowned in chaos.

The suppression feeling that made people breathless suddenly collapsed in the place.

The strongest knight struck in.

Without drawing his sword, Don Quixote used his compelling spiritual energy to cover the area. It’s causing a gravity squeeze like effect that kept all restless beings immobile, including the cat!

Naiya wanted to make a move. But after she’s seeing Don Quixote here, she didn’t rashly move forward except with her vigilance.

Under the suppression of spiritual energy, as a result, the air became heavy, and the ground started to sink.

Don Quixote didn’t hesitate to go on. He’s pulling out the plain thin sword at his waist. He was about thirty meters away from the cat. This distance made the sword absolutely impossible to reach the bottom. Don Quixote swung his blade, then the thin sword back into the scabbard.

The huge body of the cat, a few dozen meters away, split apart as if the space around it was also cut open.

The cat fell down and was killed by Don Quixote in seconds.

Its body was lit up with purple-black flames. In a few seconds, the huge body was burned up without a trace. The cat’s appearance was too bizarre, and the corpse disappeared in this way.

He began to sweep his eyes around every corner as if he had begun to suspect that the cat’s appearance was definitely a man-made event. After all, under the Royal Intelligence Department’s investigation, the culprit of this virus proliferation was the divine potion sold by the Vernet family. It’s not any natural disaster nor any natural calamity, but a virus developed by humans.

The Vernet family’s residence was in the centre of the infected area, which was declared destroyed. And most of the older members of the family were imprisoned by the Empire for interrogation. Don Quixote wasn’t in charge of this kind of thing, but he believed that the Emperor would give the abominable group of guys the punishment they deserved.

The strongest knight had sensed the severity of this incident which could spread to a worldwide level of evil if not handled properly.

After sweeping his gaze around, Don Quixote didn’t find any suspicious figures. On the contrary, all he saw was those civilians who originally rioted and wanted to rush out. Once again, under the sweep of Don Quixote’s gaze, they became afraid to make a sound and ran to the end of the line in silence.

In any world, people with great power were to be feared.

Even if the civilians have any more grievances in their hearts, they came here to stay alive. There’s no need to challenge the majesty of the Empire. It’s such a death-defying act.

“Her Highness, please don’t keep running around! It’s dangerous here.”

“I understand, but I won’t cause trouble for everyone.”

Naiya took a look at Don Quixote, the strongest knight, and noticed something on his face. He appeared very old and took on a hint of a tired posture. Even the strongest knight had moments of fatigue. It was a blow to him that his most prized protege had lost to Naiya.

Moreover, Don Quixote knew that the source of infection of the virus this time was actually his own protege, Meyer Crowell, which was a harsh truth for him to accept.

The pursuit of power had buried the powerful knight.

While Don Quixote felt sorry, he also carried absolute anger towards those who sold these viruses.

The little girl saved in Naiya’s arms had fallen into a deep sleep in her arms because of the prolonged exertion and stimulation. Don Quixote didn’t ask much about the girl’s origin. After confirming that she wasn’t infected with the virus, he didn’t bother about her again.


Naiya stood next to Don Quixote and hesitated for a while but finally asked the question in her mind.

“May I ask, what is the Emperor’s treatment of the Vernet family?”

The reason why Naiya suddenly appeared in the infected area was that Naiya killed the Vernet family’s companion among the infected bodies. But when she came there again, she found that it had turned into a mess. Except for the destroyed buildings, there was only blood and human corpses that were gnawed beyond recognition.

The reason why Naiya did this was to care for her only friend, the Vernet family’s second young lady, Starla.

After Meyer set off the virus frenzy. Several strong members of the Vernet family gather to suppress it. Naiya somehow got separated from Starla.

But she searched the entire family residence without finding Starla.

She was a little afraid that the delicate young girl might have lost her life because of this incident. If that’s really the case, then Naiya couldn’t forgive herself no matter what.

“Those guys who broke the laws of the Empire will all be beheaded in a few days!” Don Quixote replied to Naiya with a hint of cold tone.

Beheaded and displayed to the public? Naiya was shocked, so even if Starla can escape from here, she would still be sent to the executor?

Perhaps Don Quixote sensed what Naiya was worried about.

“The Emperor seems a little unreliable, but his capability of handling public affairs has always been very wise. Don’t worry, the one sentenced to death would be the top of the Vernet family. As for the heir, Miss Starla, she is now in the Divine Dragon Church to receive treatment.”

Hearing Don Quixote’s words, Naiya felt relieved at last. But somehow, a faint uneasiness still existed in her heart.

Among the long line, one person suddenly collapsed on the ground.

“What’s happening?”

The crowd began to move again. A knight stepped forward and half-crouched down to check the old man who had suddenly fallen unconscious on the ground.

“It’s early summertime, he must have been standing under the sun for too long. That’s why he got heatstroke.”

Everyone relieved themselves with this. But seeing this scene, the sense of danger jumped to Naiya’s heart.

Just when that knight called another man who brought the medicine to give first aid.

“Get out of here!” Naiya shouted.

The fragile body of the unknown little girl held in her arms gave her a sign for Naiya to stop what was about to happen.


Perhaps it was an illusion. The familiar cold laugh sounded in Naiya’s ears.

It was Lucius’s voice!

Sure enough, in the next second, the wrinkled hand of the old man who had fallen unconscious on the ground suddenly grabbed the young knight’s body!

For a moment, a seemingly very powerful knight had no way to break away from the strength of this old man!

A frightening scene appeared.

The old man’s eyes glowed white. His pupils had disappeared. He opened a mouth without any teeth and bit down violently on the knight!

The infection of the virus was beginning here.

Although the old man didn’t turn into those monsters, his behaviour and those monsters weren’t different at all! Everyone coincidentally remembered the cat who was killed in seconds by the strongest knight. It’s surrounded by crimson gas!

It was not something else. It was a virus!

That form was the existence of the blacklight virus. Its symptoms of infection appeared very slowly. The resistance of the weaker old man was the first to be defeated by the virus.

Even so, he didn’t turn into a monster, but only into the lowest level of zombies.

The blacklight virus has welcomed the first zombie in this world’s order for a long time!

But this wasn’t something for humans to celebrate!

The knight was fortunate to have heavy plate armour protection. The zombie’s teeth were knocked out and couldn’t penetrate the knight’s armour. The knight kicked the zombie’s body to the side.

The zombie was crawling on the ground, moving very slowly, and anyone who drew his sword could easily decapitate it. But the fear that this zombie brought to those present was no less than those monsters.

What does it represent? It represents that the humans who inhaled the crimson gas just now will become monsters in no time!

The people couldn’t predict whether they had inhaled the gas or not, so an invisible fear exploded inside them.

Fear is the best thing that drives humans, and eventually, the line couldn’t be maintained.

People madly rushed towards the checkpoint to live. Even if the strongest knight pressed further, there was no way to restrain the crowd’s footsteps.

‘What should you do, Naiya?’

Lucius was in a secluded corner, peering at Naiya’s figure standing in the crowd.

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