Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 166


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Ten hours from Capital City infection.

[Virus coverage 0.00001]

The entertainment in Central City was diverse. Even though most of the elders and matriarchs of the Vernet family are in prison, the unfortunate entertainment industries were still running normally.

At this point, the sun has already set, the central city continues to run on a normal track, red and green lights gradually light up…


In the Capital city area, one of the top places for people to vent their sexual desires.

The girls dressed in revealing clothes were standing on the street searching for customers, constantly winking at various customers. Those girls were not different from the beautiful women, watching the bachelors on the street with burning desire.

But many people did not go in… for they were too poor.

A single night here is more than the average family’s daily expenses for a year.

The guests who come and go were dressed in exceptionally expensive clothing.

A figure’s appearance made those girls who were exuding their charms to the street stop their slutty behaviour, and all focused their attention on that figure.

“You’re here today, too, little brother!” as they all enthusiastically gathered around the figure…

The men around looked annoyed, but the hostile gaze was all glared back by the group of women… Many women in this group belonged to the top 30 on the Tower of the Top. Theoretically, they can blend with the knights, not a bad position, considering they were in the prostitution industry.

They think today’s their lucky day because the fat sheep has come to visit again.

Not only is he generous, but he’s so much more handsome than those thirty-something-year-old aristocrats!

“Today, you’re with me, right? How about it? I’ll give you 20% off!”

“I’ll take 50% off!”

“No way, little brother, I don’t want money tonight, how about it?”

All their enthusiasm was responded to one by one.

“Sorry, ladies, I have business to do today.”

The men who heard this started cursing and swearing. What is this “business” in the brothel?

“I’ll keep you company, little brother!”

They seem to be accustomed to this. The last time this fat sheep came here, he also said to have a business, but did he not have a girl come to his room?

Although that girl has not been back, it sounds like she has been having fun. This makes them want to be favoured by this noble gentleman.

“Thank you for your hospitality, but… I don’t like the smell of you.”

The first sentence was a gentle greeting. The next changed into a bone-chilling breeze!

Those enthusiastic ladies were stunned!

Taking advantage of this gap, the figure walked into the building…

Lucius becomes the fat sheep surrounded by this group of guys.

The smell emanating from these women makes Lucius vomit!


There was no annoying noise when he walked into this building, only the pleasant piano music flowing into Lucius’s ears. The red colour from the fire gives Lucius a feeling of elegance.

But even if it is the top brothel, it was still a brothel. 

 Lucius still can hear all kinds of moans that make it impossible to be still.

A neatly dressed person came forward to greet Lucius. But after a slight glance by Lucius’s scarlet eyes, he turned around as if he was possessed and consciously led Lucius respectfully towards the depths of this building.

The desire for mating is a desire that almost every creature has.

…And this was the place that allows human beings to let out those desires.

Here you can always find a beautiful woman who makes your heart sing! The only requirement was that you have enough money!

Lucius came here once, and for the first time, he was brought to the front of the real homeowner of Vernet, as the guest of the Vernet family.

As for the purpose of coming here… was to vent his desires.

Of course… the desire to kill!

This was a top suite. There are only a few people in the entire Capital City able to live in here.

At this time, only a few are known, such as the Emperor’s, the patriarch of the first family, the Pope of the Dragon God Church, etc. All were at the top of the status of existence.

So this was a symbol of status.

Perhaps this kind of deal also provides a ‘delivery’ services, but the atmosphere created in this room was more suitable for doing what should be done.


Right in the middle of this room was full of seductive colours and dresses.

Dressed in a white robe, an old man with a cane stood in the middle of it, looking out of place.

The other two knights wearing heavy knight plate armour are half crouched on the floor, even more out of place with this place.

“You know what the punishment for disturbing my only entertainment as an old man is, right? If this is not something important, you will not keep your position, the head of the Knights Templar.”

The Templars, who belong to the Knights of the Dragon, are ranked fifth in the Central Knights ranks.

“Your Highness, the Pope, it’s really a very important matter!” Said the head of the knight, who the people respected, while humbly lowering his forehead.

“Say quickly what it is?”

The old man known as the Pope was seventy or eighty years old in appearance and was really not fit to attend such a sexual occasion.

“The Empress… that new heir to the empire… she! She has the ability to cure those viruses that even our priests have not been able to cure, and it is through her blood….”

Perhaps sensing the Pope’s increasingly intense gaze, the knight’s forehead became filled with sweat.

“As more and more people are cured, the outside world was now pushing that Her Royal Highness is the messenger sent down by the Dragon God, and even more… some are saying… Her Royal Highness is the incarnation of the Dragon God ……”

“Ridiculous!” The Pope angrily struck his long sceptre. “How can the Dragon God become the incarnation of a mortal little girl! How stupid are they for talking like this?”

“Yes, but more and more people are believing it….”

Damn, the old thief Dodran didn’t fight him hard for more than ten years just to start put his power finger on the belief of Dragon God? I gave you an order! No matter which what kind of Empress she is, move the Dragon God statue, forge a miracle once, and turn her into a heretic!”

Hearing the word forged miracle, the knight’s head lower even more. This was a secret among secrets.


“This must also be the will of the gods! Go!”

“Orders received!”

After taking the order, the knight walked out of the room with quick steps, but just as he opened the door…

“Who is it!?” The knight bellowed, and before he could finish his sentences, his heads flew up, and blood splattered all over the door.

The Pope froze in shock at the sight, his eyes wide as he saw the smiling man standing in the doorway.

“Good night, Your Holiness. Do you remember to pray before you die?”

Lucius’s white fingers were stained with blood.

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