Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 165


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Six hours from Capital City infection, Virus coverage area 1.

Humans did many things to survive that normal people wouldn’t dare to imagine.

Fear was their motivation. Survival was also their motivation.

No longer caring about Don Quixote on the sidelines, they began to rush in great strides towards the priest of the Divine Dragon Church. Because in their perception, in this world, the people who can fight against the disease are the priests who believe in the Dragon Lord!

Everyone wanted to cross the encirclement of the knights and ask for help from the priest standing at the front of the group.

“Let me get out of here! If we stay, we are just waiting for death!”

“Dragon Lord… Let me see Dragon Lord!”

“I’m a third-class Duke of the Empire. Why don’t you let me leave….?”

“You bunch of cold-blooded guys!”

The situation became complete chaos.

Those with high status stepped on those with low status. Those who were strong stepped on those who were weak and surged forward.

This time of life and death made the humans remember what their original faith was.

A madness seemed to start spreading!

“Lord Priest, please save me first!”

“Get out of my way, little bastard! Lord Priest…”

If it wasn’t for the bodies of the knights forming the last wall, those few priests might have been pounced on by this swarming group of humans.

 It’s almost like a zombie who smells something that can make them live.

Lucius hid in the darkest corner. He’s looking at the square that became chaotic. Begging words slowly came from the people, including some that weren’t a good person. But the knight’s blades began to control the chaos.

“I’m going to die anyway! If we are infected by this virus in less than three minutes, we will definitely turn into those damn things! Get the hell out of here!”

The voice was so loud that it reached everyone’s heart. Once again, it’s stimulating their desire to leave and ask for treatment.

No one wants to become a monster, right? No one wanted to turn into a monster and be killed either. After learning that they only had a few minutes to live, this group of people could only put their last hope on the God they believed in.

Towards the nebulous Dragon Lord.


The knights were unable to resist the fury of so many people. The power of the crowd was too great. Only the power of Don Quixote was able to dampen the group’s madness, even for just a little!

These knights didn’t swing their swords to hurt the crowd but only used their bodies to resist their steps.

They know that if they draw their swords to hurt anyone, these civilians will turn into a mob!

Naiya was stunned when she looked at this view. People were fleeing in fear. This was the first time she saw it so close that kind of madness spread to the heart of every person.

‘Is that you, Lucius?’

Naiya guessed that the appearance of the cat must be related to Lucius.

Perhaps, letting this group of civilians escape so letting the virus carry spread throughout the Capital City was the view that Lucius wanted to see.

But for some reason, Naiya didn’t want to see this view.

The little girl in her arms who was familiar with the crowd had been awakened by the crowd’s curses and shout. She’s hiding in Naija’s arms and timidly looking at those crazy people.

Naiya let go of her body from the little girl’s embrace. She’s stroking her forehead after comforting her.

Looking at the crowd of riot, her eyes became as sharp as a falcon. A few of them were drawing their swords in a short fight with the Knights and became the target of Naiya!

Quietly unsheathed her sword out of the sheath, Naiya’s body disappeared.

Before those thugs could react, they were kicked to the ground by Naiya!

They instinctively wanted to open their mouths to curse, but with the sharp sword blade under their chin, everyone shut their mouths!

The screams of these people and the dark figure of Naiya became the focus of attention.

“EVERYONE, CALM DOWN!” Naiya said in a loud voice.

Her word was unquestionable.

Perhaps it was Her Royal Highness or the curiosity of the people towards the Empress that played a role; the rioting crowd gradually calmed down and stared at Naiya.

This kind of gaze makes her numb. She hates the feeling of being watched by the crowd. If Lucius is around, he will help her to block these gazes.

Naiya shook her head. At this time, she still thinks of relying on Lucius.

‘I must solve this on my own.’

The next thing Naiya wanted to do was not considered a violation of the orders given by Lucius.

“I have a method that can cure the virus infection!”

The moment Naiya’s words came out, everyone brought a questioning look at her.

Humph! The Empire is also the best at deceiving the people! The only one who can cure us is Dragon Lord!”

The mob that was knocked to the ground by Naiya said restlessly. After being glared at by Naiya, he felt that his life wouldn’t survive today and became even bolder!

“Don’t think I don’t know! What the Royal Daughter and the Empire did was always exploiting us! All they know is bullshit! They trapped us here because they’re afraid we’ll turn into those monsters, right? Damn hypocrites!”

“I’m going to the Dragon Lord! Heaven’s punishment is waiting for you. You guys who didn’t save us will be punished by heaven!”

The Dragon Lord was the highest level of existence among almost everyone’s heart, even higher than the Emperor’s status. People only use one knee to kneel down when they see the Emperor but before the statue of the Dragon Lord. They not only have to kneel down with both knees but even worship down!

All the diseases in the world can only be cured by the priests approved by the Dragon Lord. This is something that was known by everyone!

The Royal Empress said that she had a cure for this horrible virus that was not only challenging people’s common sense but provoking people’s faith in the Dragon Lord.

“Right! Let me out of here!!! Let me see the Dragon Lord!”

“A man who is not even qualified to be a sacrifice to Dragon Lord is not qualified to treat us at all!”

Some people also began to incite anger, all roared, and some were even throwing stones at her.

She didn’t resist nor dodge it.

She’s allowing those stones to smash on the Knight of Owner. It’s emitting a loud sound that contains anger.

When the helmet was removed, Naiya’s expression didn’t change.

Don Quixote wanted to come to help. The safety of the Royal Daughter above these civilians was indisputable!

But Naiya didn’t retreat. She suppressed her inner fear, raised her head, the majesty belonging to the Her Royal Highness. Every person swept by her gaze didn’t dare to look at her directly!

“My blood…” Naiya took a deep breath and slowly said, “… can cure these viruses!”

A very clear and cold voice. Everyone can hear it clearly.

But the emotion that answered Naiya was not any shock, not even anger.



The sneering laughter rose and fell.

“Is this Empress an idiot? How dare she say that her blood can cure diseases!”

“Do you think you’re the Dragon Lord? Damn it! So the Crown Prince of the Empire is an idiot. The Empire is hopeless. Let me out!”

At the same time, the mocking words were incessant, Naiya’s words were greatly stimulating the common sense of the group.

They didn’t believe it and couldn’t possibly believe it. It’s something that had long been ingrained in their minds.

Now, what Naiya said just now, in their opinion, was just to delay them.

To delay them from becoming monsters. Then this group of knights can kill them openly and honestly.

No one would be so stupid. As long as they haven’t turned into a monster, they still have a trace of luck in their hearts.

The Almighty Dragon Lord can cure them!

Their anger began to turn into disdain for Naiya. The Empire’s trust in this group has reached the lowest point!

The moment before they were about to make a riot again, she moved. She raised her Arondight. She swung her blade. It made everyone shrank their necks.

Damn it! Do you want to kill people after your plan has been revealed? Damn hypocrites!”

The fear began that Naiya would swing his sword at them out of anger! However, some people who had long put life and death on the line had no fear and continued to mock her with unpleasant words at the top of their lungs.

The purple-black sword wasn’t aimed at anyone but pierced into the ground!

Naiya walked forward with a special feeling. All eyes were gathered on her. The armour she was wearing gradually dissipated, revealing the clothes Naiya normally wears.

She walked up to the old woman who was struggling on the ground and hadn’t yet died of turning into a zombie.

‘Is it possible…?’

It was too late for Don Quixote to make a move!

The zombie saw that there was fresh flesh and blood in front of it. It immediately opened its fishy mouth and bit down on Naiya’s wrist!

Blood… splashed…

The zombie’s bite was so deep that it ripped a piece of flesh off Naiya’s wrist. The pain made her eyebrows furrow, but she didn’t cry out in pain.

Finally, Naiya stood up and raised her bitten wrist high. She’s sweeping her gaze at anyone present. Those who were hurling curses closed their mouths that were full of disdain and made a hideous face. All of them showed a dumbfounded expression.

Naiya’s thin and delicate body, as well as the splash of scarlet on her wrist, became a focus in everyone’s eyes.

The noisy sound became incomparably silent!

Everyone was staring at her.

This Royal Highness could bring hope to them.


A minute passed…

Naiya’s posture remained so heroic, and the expressionless face couldn’t change.

Two minutes passed…

Some people began to fall to their knees on the ground. Even tears spilt out of their eyes. Some people hugged together and sobbed.

Three minutes passed in a flash…

Because of blood loss, now she’s beginning to stand unstably.

Those knights finally reacted. They quickly ran forward to give Naiya looking for bandages to cover Naiya’s wounds. The blood loss made her head dizzy. Kind of fainting or an uncomfortable feeling, but she barely stood their own body.



The overwhelming cheers with respect swept across the sky. Naiya opened her dazed vision and found that all those people had fallen to their knees. The cheers were mixed with tiny whimpers.

“Miracle… A real miracle! Thank you Dragon Lord!”

Some people even burst into tears of excitement.

Naiya inwardly sighed with relief. This happy atmosphere was something Naiya had never felt before. No matter where she went, she could only be met with cold eyes or be feared…

But now it’s different!

Now is not the time to think about it. She immediately ordered those knights to distribute her blood. While people kneeling on the ground were not willing to stand up. Finally, after three persuasions, some people touched the ground to touch their forehead and stand up.

In short, everything was developing like a good place.

However, the truth will be the truth.


Lucius leaned against one of the walls on the side of the checkpoint, using a silk thread that made the blood connected with his five fingers.

At the same time, Lucius’s other hand held a bottle of golden liquid. He tossed it up and down.


He groaned quietly, and his body disappeared. 

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