Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 168


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Eleven hours from the infection.

Virus coverage rate 0.000001%

The central capital was not well known for being the residence of the Knights of Tower City.

In yesterday’s sudden power surge, the Knights commander has defeated Carrol, the current leader of the Knights.

His corpse fell on the floor…

Because there was no tongue, so he could not even make a sound to call for help, the wound on the corpse’s neck on the floor was hideous. From visual inspection, the wound is caused by a sharp dagger, clean and neat!

And at the side of the corpse’s astonished face stood a man…

His body was shrouded in black leather armour. Even in the brightest light, this figure also appears to be hidden.

The dagger he pinned to his waist was the murder weapon.

After confirming Carrol’s death, he took out a small worn book, flipped it open, and using the blood of his enemies. He drew a big red cross on the side with Carrol’s picture on it.

On the same side of the book, quite a few people are listed above Carrol, and Carrol was the last poor soul marked with a red cross representing death.

He was not an ordinary assassin but an organized one…

He wore a dark black crest in the shape of a dragon pupil on his chest, which was a part of some knightly order he was a part of.

To have worn a dragon crest and have the supreme Dragon God to symbolize the Order. The Knights have to belong directly to the Empire.

“The Dark Dragon”

Just like the darkness hidden beneath the prosperous and gorgeous veneer of the central city.

In the imperial family, there was also such a shadow force.

They do not belong to any department of the state, nor do they obey the orders of any nobleman or officials of the state! They only listen to the orders given by the Emperor himself.

Very few people know of their existence, forever hiding in the shadow of the glory of the Empire, silent but exceptionally deadly!

If there was no such organization as The Mourners, they might have taken the Mourners’ place and become the ghosts that everyone in the Empire talks about, the ghosts that will claim their lives!

Today, those who do not know the rules have angered the Emperor and made him release these ghosts to kill everyone who violated the Empire’s laws.

Today, his mission was still one goal short of being completed.

Seventy-two unstable elements, which are divine agents under the Vernet family, had been assassinated by his hands!

The last one, and the most dangerous one.

He turned the pamphlet in his hand to the last page. Exactly at this time, Lucius was in the middle of the underground casino, clapping his hand and biting a candy in his mouth, just like a child.

He had no idea by whom this scene was recorded with the image magic stone.

He was hanging in the lady’s bedside to enjoy it.

Lucius looked like a harmless young man.

It was only as a task of assassination, but he knows all the details of Lucius.

He knew that the divine agent possessed by the dead body lying at his feet in front of him was given to by Lucius!

So, no matter what, Lucius absolutely cannot stay!

He used blood to draw a big red circle on Lucius’s picture, and he had planned to put the portrait away and leave the place.

The instinct from wandering between death all year round has transmitted a message frantically to his mind.


He subconsciously turned his head sideways.

The cold sword blade with murderous intent slashed through his face, piercing the veil covering his face and revealing the face of a cold, slim, middle-aged man!

Dodging this certain death blow, and as fast as lightning, he pulled out the dagger pinned to his waist and violently stabbed the black shadow.

‘Who the hell is it?’

His expression was calm, but he was very shocked inside! As a stalker, he was able to approach anybody without them even noticing…

This was simply impossible.

Just reality gave him an answer. The grey figure shifted slightly and stabbed in with another sword.

This time he saw it. It was a silvery-white with a hint of ghostly green longsword!

This is a blade coated with poison!

An assassin’s life and death was frequently just a matter of thought, and a failed strike would immediately make him disappear a thousand miles away.

Obviously, the opponent does not have such common sense. He raised his hand, easily defusing the assassin rookie attack. He put the blade down to block, while the dagger in his hand followed to stab the opponent in the face!

But instead of the sound of a dagger entering flesh, there was the sound of steel colliding with steel!

The grey and white figure was knocked back a few steps by his tremendous force.

Now he finally got a good look at who his attacker was!

The mask of steel fell to the ground, and under the grey and white hood was a young face …


He repeatedly compares with the memories in his head, that striking appearance, and scarlet eyes, absolutely no mistake!

The number one wanted criminal currently wanted in the Central City… The butler of the imperial court, Lucius!

But he also noticed the attire on the other party.

‘This attire…’

His head was baffled as a huge amount of information flooded into his brain…

‘A mourner?’

The butler of the Empress was a mourner…

And the divine agents…

All the clues connected, and as shadows loyal to the Empire, they had to be good at handling such sordid cases.

After thinking, he gradually figured out the truth. He found it even more impossible to let this guy get away!

Although he was not willing to do, since the opponent was a mourner, it was only natural that their sneaking ability was better than his own, and as for close combat, he was superior to the mourner!

‘Catch him!’

But Lucius went backwards. His body suddenly broke the window, over the roof of a building, and began to run away!


Lucius derisively glanced at the shadow running out after himself behind him.

“The fifth dragon pupil is here! The first ranked most wanted person, Lucius, was found! Right now, he’s on the seventh street in the back of the Knights’ garrison area! He’s now fleeing towards the front commercial area! The target is one of the Mourners, repeat he is one of the Mourners! The real goal of the Mourners is to assassinate the Emperor!”

Lucius heard what the Dark Dragon Pupil member said to the other members through the communication crystal.

What kind of brain could think that the goal of the mourner was to assassinate the Emperor?

But this is also in line with common sense. The best way approach to assassinate the Emperor was to become the butler of the new Empress.

Since they were already determined, Lucius has nothing to say.

Gray and white cloak fluttered behind Lucius, just like a pair of grey and white wings.

Lucius’s figure jumped above building after building, running towards the busiest business district with the moonlight at his back!

The shadows behind him pursued.

Just when Lucius crossed the gap between two buildings and just stood on the ground, he found a crossbow shot at him!

Lucius dodged. He welcomed the face of another dark-coloured figure.

“The first dragon pupil is on its way!”

“The second dragon pupil has arrived!”

“Target is being intercepted…..”

“Target fleeing, I repeat, target fleeing!”

There was no command centre and no commander, everyone in this Order of the Dark Dragon Knights is the command centre, and everyone was the head of the knight!

They quickly exchanged their respective intelligence and captured Lucius’s trail. In a flash, ten pitch-black shadows passed through the moonlight, crossed building after building, and quickly rushed towards Lucius!


In front of Lu Qiu, a tall bell tower that can almost overlook the city sent out the midnight bell sound.

At the same time, Lucius stepped into the most prosperous location of the central capital…

The business district!

The clock tower blocked Lucius’s way. The group of shadows surrounded him from all sides without a gap except for the clock tower behind him. Lucius had nowhere to run!

He climbed!

Lucius turned around and stepped on the white stone wall of the bell tower. He did not use the power of the blood, only using his own strength. He climbed using parts of the bell tower’s years of decay through the wind and rain, using the dented and protruding parts. Using his hand and foot, he quickly climbs up.


The sound of breaking wind came.

With Lucius’s keen perception, he immediately once again felt a crossbow shot from the side, almost grazed the skin of Lucius’s left hand. It was shot from the left-hand side of the clock tower wall!

The shadows carrying the crossbow below aim at Lucius, shooting him one after another.

The rest of them came upwards with speed not much slower than Lucius’s!

The vampire species’ perception and physical quality had reached the peak by the time midnight came. Lucius was able to dodge, merely at the exact moment of each crossbow reach him! Simultaneously, using the arrows shot into the wall as a fulcrum, he quickly climbed towards the top of the clock tower!

Now Lucius was like a trapped beast with no way to escape.

And Lucius just happens to be playing this role.

Finally, Lucius climbed to the top and looked at the city’s prosperity at night from the top of the clock tower.

The most striking thing was that the theatre in the east is like the Colosseum!

Even at midnight, the lights are still on!

It was a day of panic and frenzy for the people of the capital!

Not only was Her Royal Highness the possible spokesperson for the Dragon God, but the world’s number one singer, Starla Vernet, was there to calm the people. In order to appease the nation, Vernet has come back to the number one opera house in the Empire and has held a super concert! Her Royal Highness will also make an appearance….

The virus area containment efforts were almost completed after Naiya’s blood was confirmed could cure the virus. Starla invited Naiya for this, which she gladly accepts.

It was presumed that those two little girls were now talking very happily inside the backstage dressing room.

The night of the end is a sleepless night.

For anyone, including Lucius!


Lucius looked down at the shadows that were rapidly approaching him…

At this nearly hundreds of meters high altitude, Lucius seems to have nowhere to escape?

No… of course not…

Lucius stood at the edge of the bell tower, looking down at the crowd, turned around, and opened his hands. He feels the wind blowing from the high altitude… his grey-white cloak fluttering up.

“You’re under arrest!” Finally, someone climbed up, he shouted… but everything was too late.

Lucius turned around and just jumped down from the bell tower with a height of over a hundred meters!

A skill that all assassins must learn!

Leap of Faith!

What’s more, there was no straw under the clock tower that could withstand the weight of Lucius.

No straw at all!

Lucius adjusted his body in the sky, dodging several crossbow shots, his body landed heavily on the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust, and the ground beneath his feet gave a tragic sound and cracked irregularly!

There was no time to stay here. The group of shadows in the rear has been tightly bitten.

Lucius looked in the direction and began to run fast towards the infected area of the central capital!

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