Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 169


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It’s been a long time since Lucius has so openly run between the streets and the people.

If Lucius was not mistaken, the last time he had to run like this was years ago at night. Lucius had to escape from the punks in the street corner that he accidentally angered. While holding his sister’s thin body…

This time, Lucius was no longer the little child who has no power to fight. And those who are chasing Lucius were not dirty punks who were dying on the corner of the street.

This time, Lucius was the strongest among all in this world.

The Emperor hides the sharpest dagger in the dark, enjoying the assassin organization second only to the mourner, the pupil of the Dark Dragon!

According to the assassins’ virtues, they were not allowed to be discovered by civilians when they escape. So usually, they leap on the roof to escape.

But Lucius was not an assassin…

Lucius’s ability to escape was purely learned by evading the police and the chasers of the Earth Casino when he was a child.

Anyway, according to a vampire hunter’s summary, eventually, this skill has coalesced into a word…



“My fruit stands!”

“Don’t push me!”

“Walk with your eyes open!”

Amid the dense crowd, Lucius’s figure deftly weaves in and out, not from the dexterity of the vampire’s body but entirely from the skills Lucius practised when he was young in order to survive!

Live on, no matter what it takes!

On the contrary, those assassination masters whose names were perhaps erased from birth and who spent their lives practising the way of assassination in order to serve the royal family looked surprisingly wretched amid this dense crowd!

The Dark Dragon do not kill civilians!

This was the code of this organization. They will not lay their hands on innocent civilians.

Today, this group of guys lurking in the shadows of darkness, doing unspeakable hookups, finally felt the difficulties of being a family man!

‘Why are you such an unreasonable person!’

This was a relatively backward commercial area. Most of them are rather poor civilians. Most of them set up open-air stalls to sell things.

This was also considered a characteristic of the cities.

They were far from Lucius’s experience of walking in this kind of mundane world and entirely relied on brute force to push away the people in front of them, desperately locking onto Lucius’s looming figure.

But their rude behaviour finally angered the people around, only to see an older woman pulling the hand of an assassination master. The force was strong enough to drag this assassination master out.

‘Aunties are powerful…’

Lucius sighed. His eyes kept sweeping around…

“The sixth dragon pupil! The plan is hindered. Is it really impossible to lock the mission target on the roof?”

“No! The crowd is too dense, and the way the target moves is too bizarre.”

These guys didn’t have any experience with this kind of mission.

“Get out of my way! The Royal Knights are enforcing the law!”

Finally, someone couldn’t help himself and chose to reveal his identity! Sure enough, when the medal representing the royal family was lit up, the group of commoners all cowered and made way.

“Chase after him!”

The man leading the group gave the order just a moment later.



They heard the voice of the target!

He turned his head to see that instead of running outside, Lucius was standing there, but the next second…

A pitch-black-coloured object was thrown towards him.

He easily dodged it, but before he could move, several more black shadows smashed over!

‘What is this guy thinking?’

The Pupils of the Dark Dragon members were known for their speed, Lucius’s body was less than two hundred meters away from them, and within a second, they could catch Lucius.

If only all these people were far away from here, there would be no obstruction.

But… is this possible?

“Everyone! Tonight is my treat!”

When Lucius spread his hands, they instantly realized that something was wrong. They lowered their heads and found that the things Lucius threw over were leather bags, and all of them contained a golden coin!

Shiny orange and yellow, scattered on the ground.

The next second, these master assassins felt a surge of chills. In the past, no matter who their assassination target, they never have felt chills.

Today… they all felt an aura that made them fearful.

The surrounding commoners’ eyes looked at them with a light like a beast, causing a chill to run through this group of master assassin’s entire bodies.


No one knows who shouted out first, then the people around the assassins were like a pack of wolves, tearing towards them!

The crowd surrounded them… there was not a single gap.

All they could hear was Lucius’s final teasing laughter!

“Damn it! Sixth dragon pupil! Seventh Dragon Pupil, the target is starting to flee. Snipe him from the roof!”

“Understood, locking on the target’s trail!”

The entire business district became chaotic as the crowd surged towards the gold coins on the ground.

‘Just grab one!’

‘One coin is enough to make a day’s worth of money!’

Money can make people crazy, and desire can drive people mad.

Only a few dark Dragon pupil members broke away from the frantic civilians and continued to chase after Lucius’s trail towards the already slightly empty street.

Lucius ran fast, and they chased quickly!

Every now and then, a few crossbow shots came towards Lucius, all of which were easily dodged by him.

Rooftops, alleys, streets!

Everywhere was blocked by these shadows!

They have predicted the route of Lucius’s escape…

At the end of this commercial street, six members of the Dark Dragon’s Pupil, wearing black robes, had their crossbows aimed at Lucius, who was running towards them!

It’s good to play with the rabbit.


The speed of a crossbow was still too slow when compared to a bullet shot from a pistol!

When their distance was less than a hundred meters or so, the crossbow was fired! The moment the arrow was shot, Lucius lifted the grey and white cloak he was wearing…

The arrow shot through the cloak…but not Lucius.

The raised cloak blocked the sight of those crossbowmen.

In the next moment, Lucius’s figure disappeared in front of them.


All the members of the Dark Dragon’s Pupil froze.

Because none of them saw how exactly Lucius had disappeared.

“Dragon pupil number seven, target lost….”

“Eighth Dragon Pupil, target lost ……”

“Target lost…”

Even the shadows that chased just behind Lucius did not find his trace.

“The first dragon pupil found the target! He is on the roof continuing to move towards the infected area!”

After hearing that the other side had found Lucius, the shadows standing on the street wanted to leap onto the building’s roof. They tried to jump, but they do not know that a thick layer of oil was coating the ground.

Moreover, it is a very high-quality lubricant used to lubricate mechanical gears!

As a result, this group of master assassins all fell…..


Ah, the fall seems to be very painful.” Lucius stepped over the roof in the dark and ran towards the vague and ruined area in the distance.

Lucius didn’t know how many years he hasn’t had this feeling of escape… This may be a human emotion called improvisation, but Lucius has no time to play with this group of guys. 

Next, it’s time to get down to business.

However, after several teases from Lucius, this group of master assassins finally got angry. They wrung their greasy assassin robes. The first dragon pupil gave orders to everyone.

“Disarm restrictions! Change from capture target alive to kill target! Allow the use of weapons of mass destruction!”


No one knows how many people waited for these words…

In an instant, sharp blades popped out from under the pitch-black robes of this group of assassins! The ground, which was covered with lubricant, was pierced with dagger after dagger. The pitch-black shadows, stepping on the ends of the daggers, leapt onto the roof of the building!

Led by the first dragon pupil, the twelve pupils of the Dark Dragon were like spreading black wings in the dark night!

The sound of mechanical gears turning and the ghostly blue light appeared in the pupil’s hands.

This is the most powerful apparatus of war in this world…

Not much less powerful than the Earth’s firearms.


Lucius already had a distance of a thousand meters with them. One person was half-kneeling on the ground, with the hand emitting the ghostly blue firearms aimed at the blurry black shadow in the distance.


The blue-coloured beam of light cut through the night, and the dark-coloured figure suddenly fell from the roof into the ground.

“The target is hit, and it is predicted that the target will fall into the infected area! Shoot to kill is the first command. If the target continues to resist, permission to kill is allowed!”

The cold command tone swept through the black wings.

Today’s night became even longer.

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